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Taming Val The Romanovsky Brothers #1When 28 year old Valentin Romanovsky discovers that he will be infertile by the time he hits his 30s he goes into an all out panic Young rich and notoriously single Val was sure he had all the time in the world to drink party and enjoy the beautiful women who were constantly at his disposal Best known as the Romanovsky brother who thrived on living in the fast lane he always partied hard with the distant dream of having a wife and a family one day If that dream had any chance of New author Trevion Burns has a brilliant way with words and humor in Taming Val This is Valentin Val Romanovsky and Zoey Black's story The Romanovsky family took poor teenager Zoey in after her parents were killed in NYC by a hit and run driver She loves Bette Tony and their four sons Gary Leo and the twins Roman and Valentin They are all different but Zoey loves them all with a few reservations with Val because he was always there for her yet distant even when she was a teenager but he was the one brother who held her when she cried at night about her parent's loss Also Val is the one who always made it known to Zoey that I am not your brother and each time it hurts her You will see how much of a contradiction Val really is when it comes to Zoey Strangely enough it takes one of Val's loose women to tell him about his passionate use of Zoey's name when they were having sex together and she acknowledges her jealousy of the heroine and makes a recommendation when Val been told by his doctor that his swimmers are low and he needs to start planning to have children by age 30 or he won't be able to have them at all But Val's uh should we say whorish lifestyle leaves no one to be desired to honestly consider having his child with except the one woman he knew he could never have Zoey or so he thinks????You have got to read this IR romance You will laugh cry and see why no one in the family is honest enough to tell Zoey of her terrible lasagna lol I love it and there are 3 brothers as mentioned above all different with a strong love for family

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S their own Ten years later the Romanovskys were still apart of her life as far as Zoey was concerned they were her family The parents called her “daughter” and the four brothers called her “sister” Well not all four Val Romanovsky never called her sister and as secrets lies and betrayals are revealed Zoey would finally understand why Interracial erotic romance Strong sexual content strong language TAMING VAL is the first novella in The Romanovsky Brothers four part seri Good StartAfter the death of her parents at the young age of 14 Zoey Black is taken in by her fathers best friend Tonywho has a wife and four sons of his own Tony and his wife treat Zoey like a daughter and the boys treat he like a sisterwell all except one Val Romanovsky has loved Zoey since she 1st came to live with his family and thinks of her as anything but a sister so he keeps her at arms length When Val is given devastating newsZoey steps in to help but neither of them could have predicted how that decision will not only change their lives but the lives of his family as wellReally good I loved Val and Zoey they were so hot And those brothers of hisWhew So hot The only reason I gave it 4 stars was b c the romance to me took a back seat to the little bit of mysterywhat really happened to Zoeys parents? What is going on with that clinic and who really fathered one of his brothers? Loved it Good Read

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PDF ✓ BOOK Taming Val The Romanovsky Brothers #1 á TREVION BURNS á ➨ Taming Val The Romanovsky Brothers #1 Ebook ➮ Author Trevion Burns – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk When 28 year old Valentin Romanovsky discovers that he will be infertile by the time he hits his 30s he goes into an all outComing true he knew he had no choice but to settle down and fast But with who? Late night trysts and one night stands were his calling card There wasn't a single woman in his life who he could picture being the mother of his child Except the one woman he knew he could never have Zoey Black would always have deep love in her heart for the Romanovsky family They'd taken her in at fourteen when she’d been at the lowest point in her life with no place else to go and treated her a I'm always conflicted on how to rate a book in which I LOVED the storyline but other factors in place causes it to go from a love to a like Taming Val is a prime example of this So here's the goodI absolutlely adored the characters Val Zoey and the rest of the Romanovsky clan and honestly I look forward to reading the other books hopefully the author will invest in a content editor before releasing any new books They were a close knit group with plenty of secrets and an unbreakable bond Without giving too much of the story away when you find out they were raised as siblings you tend to think it's a little taboo for Val and Zoey to pursue a relationship But oh no the author finds a way to work the relationship so your only choice is to root for themHere were my issues there were so many discrepancies in the book that it changed the feel of it For instance Daddy Romanovsky retired from the police force after 50 years of service but was only almost 60 in age of course this is impossible All of the kids ages were 24 28 and 29 but they were all in HS together another over sight Again the book and story line were really good but these inconsistencies take away from the enjoyment of the storyThe author really seems to have a gift my hope is that she revisits these issues before issuing the next book I'm wiling to give her another chance Besides the Romanovsky's are interesting enough for me to want to know