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Read ´ Let The Drums Speak ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç ➽ [Download] ➺ Let The Drums Speak By Bernard Purdie ➸ – Biography of Bernard Pretty Purdie the world's most recorded drummer Bernard Pretty Purdie is arguably the most recorded drummer in the world He hit thBiography of Bernard Pretty Purdie the world's most recorded drummer Bernard Pretty Purdie is arguably the most recorded drummer in the world He hit the New York music scene in the early s and landed his first hit with Mickey and Sylvia the beginning of a stellar career This led to his year association with Aretha Franklin Purdie has been a regular guest in the studios of the stars of Jazz Soul and Rock working together with Lonnie Youngblood King Curtis Les Cooper Paul Butterfield Larry Coryell Miles Davis Hall Oates Al Kooper Let The EpubHerbie Mann Todd Rundgren and Cat Stevens as well as regularly producing his own solo albums Who provided the backbeat for Steely Dan's Aja And for whom have Isaac Hayes Donny Hathaway BB King Joe Cocker Jeff Beck and Alan Jackson reserved that stool behind the drum kit Bernard Pretty Purdie He has anchored sessions with the Rolling Stones James Brown and Tom Jones with eual ease The list is incomplete It must be because no other drummer in the last four decades has seen the interior of a recording studio as often as Bernard Pretty Purdie BERNARD PURDIE was born Ju. Enjoyed it especially after Bernard's arrival in NYC I first saw him with King Curtis's band backing a show at the Paramount on Times Suare That had to be 1963 After that his name popped up and freuently as his studio career blossomed I've met Bernard and have had the good fortune to do a couple of gigs with him Great musician that was immediately comfortable to play with and talk with A friendly conversationalist The greatest controversy surrounding him was his claim to have overdubbed in the early 60s on over 20 tracks by The Beatles He doesn't remember which tracks He is a man who has played on records than you can count In the often complex world created by the ability to overdub the lack of any paper trail etc etc the recording business is subject to strange things happening So is it possible that Purdie did this It is Some producer may have gotten hold of early recordings not liked the drums rightly or wronglyand thanks to overdubbing put another drummer on Which in turn was subject to later tampering And in the end may not have gone anywhere It's a complex business In any event if your have interest in the NYC recording scene of that era sadly pretty much defunct nowor in an inside view of the music business it's a good read

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Nein Elkton Maryland as the eleventh of fifteen children As a six year old he began banging out rhythms on improvised euipment At years of age he purchased his first real drum set and became the most important provider for the family – earning his pay playing with country and carnival bands This schooling enabled Purdie to feel my way into nearly every kind of music 'cause I had to know all styles and was never afraid to try something new After finishing high school and spending a year and a half at Morgan State Purdie moved to New York City And that’s where it all started Purdie remains a sought after studio and live performer He lives in New Jersey but still travels domestically and internationally – a lotDrummer musician producer arranger and musical director Bernard Purdie can be proud of a discography of over recordings From his first recordings with King Curtis and Aretha Franklin to later sessions with Larry Coryell Miles Davis Hall Oates Al Kooper Herbie Mann Todd Rundgren Steely Dan Cat Stevens BB King James Brown Isaac Hayes the Rolling Stones Joe Cocker and countless others his defin. We received an autographed copy of this at our daughter's wedding in October 2014 from Bernard Purdy himself who was at the drums in the band playing at the wedding reception Not being into drummers his was not a name I was familiar with Apparently Bernard Purdie is the world's most recorded drummer having performed and recorded with artists across the musical spectrum such as Pearl Bailey Tony Bennett Claude Bolling Miles Davis Dizzy Gillepsie Nat King Cole Sam Cooke Aretha Franklin Michael Jackson and Willie Nelson to name just a few Purdie's story begins with his boyhood in Maryland taking us through his beginnings as a drummer for the local big band to his big break in New York and his subseuent success in recording studios venues across the country Except for his boyhood very little is revealed about his personal life but there is an abundance of anecdotes concerning his professional life and his contributions to music as it evolved in the 60's through the 70's There are lots of pats on the back in this book for Mr Purdie

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Let The Drums SpeakItive style has anchored sessions on some of the greatest songs of the modern era His grooves have been sampled cut and pasted on dance tracks and his groove is sought after in all genres of jazz soul and funk He is now a reference point in the basics of modern drumming with the innovation of the Purdie Shuffle which was the inspiration behind Jeff Porcaro s Rosanna a fusion of Purdie s Shuffle and John Bonham s 'Fool In The Rain' From an interview by Mike Dolbea“As you read this someone somewhere in the world is listening to a hit record that features the amazing drummer Bernard Pretty Purdie His playing reflectshis magnetic personality and his passion for life Purdie makes the magic happen but without tricks” – Jimmy Wiz Wisner“BB King said to me ‘Coleman have you ever heard the King Curtis recording Memphis Soul Stew Well the drummer who plays that fatback groove is Bernard Purdie So if you groove me like he does you and me gonna be just fine’ And that is what I do when I play I try to groove like my mentor and friend Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie” – Tony Coleman BB King Band drummer. Great drummer shit book Passed off as ghost written autobiography but with not even the slightest attempt to get a 'voice' anywhere near Prudie's; bogged down with Wikipedia fluff and boring stories of upbringing and then the important stuff all that music from The World's Most Recorded Drummer is glossed over Insulting to the legacy And just really bad writing too Thoroughly disappointing