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Seek Only Passion doc è Paperback read ã ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Seek Only Passion Author Deana James – Her father was known as the Ice King and he hated her with a cold fury that well deserved the name Hated her enough to force her to wed his most despised enemy the debauched debt ridden Earl of Whitby HeUt with masterful caresses and fierce demanding kisses the Earl soon showed his reluctant bride the dizzying pleasures that come to those Seek Only Kindle who surrender to love and seek only passion Deana James was my introduction to romance when I was a ten or eleven I first read this book many many years ago I recently found a copy at a used book store and bought it even though I have a paperback copy elsewhere I re read it and found for a book written in 1993 and set long ago in the past it held up really well In an era of romance where aggressive men were du jour this book seems like the antithesis It's hard to put my finger on what I loved so much about this book Perhaps it's the hero the Earl of Whitby Robinwho by his description is nothing like one would expect from a hero in a romance novel He's not muscled handsome a do gooder or extremely wealthy He's not THE MAN about town He's mostly honorable and likable Or maybe it's Lady Noelle Rivers whose father Duke of Averril hates her I mean absolutely hates her But she doesn't let it get her down She's strong and determined to make the best of things with what she has Or perhaps it's their chemistry Even though there is no affection lost between them in the beginning they're honest about the physical attraction between them and for a book published in 1993 that's pretty amazing Lastly the story impressed me uite a bit There are plenty of twists and turns that kept me on my toes and that will keep you on yours

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Her father was known as the Ice King and he hated her with a cold fury that well deserved the name Hated her enough to force her to wed his most despised enemy the debauched debt ridden Earl of Whitby When I read this book I was thinking where has it been all my life This book is a must read if you like tortured scarred heroes and forced marriage books I like that both characters were pragmatic and made the most of their forced marriage and committed to it and found love together

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Seek Only PassionStill Lady Noelle Rivers had her pride and she wore it like armor about her slender shoulders No man could take that from her certainly not this haunted mocking stranger she must now call husband B Overall I enjoyed this book It had several things going against it to me for one a May December marriage really isn't my thing Being 19 years old and being forced to marry a man uite literally old enough to be your father ahem doesn't really scream HEA to me but to each their ownThe villain was a bit over the top though he definitely kept things interesting The twist suicked me and I admit were it not for the epilogue this story would've rated MUCH lower I swear I was having flashbacks to Old Boy or something shudders While I grew to love the hero I really didn't like him in the beginning He physically and sexually assaulted the heroine to discipline her Granted she appeared uite spoiled and shrewish at the beginning but honestly that's not excuse to force your tongue down her throat with the intention of cutting off her breathing and then brutally shove your fingers into your virgin wife's vajayjay to teach her that you can do whatever you want and she's powerless to stop you so she might as well stop trying Blech His behavior in the carriage after he untied her though did make me think maybe he wasn't uite the asshat that he initially appeared to be when he thought to himself something along the lines of how she reminded him of a young soldier brave and reckless Looking at his behavior from the perspective of a commanding officer who'd spent a lifetime looking out for those under his command you could begin to see that his behavior wasn't necessarily born out of a cruel nature but rather a man used to nipping mutiny and stubbornness in the bud Sure he could have gone about it better and I wouldn't have been so slow in warming to him but even so it was a gentle foreshadowing that he wouldn't necessarily be awful to her in the future Also their first consensual sexual encounter seemed a bit off I can't uite put my finger on it Perhaps it was how she went from being all like look we can't stand each other so let's dispense with this silly idea of consummating the marriage and being all suicked that he manhandles her and shoves his tongue halfway down her throat to being all c'm'ere an lemme see you nekkid On one hand perhaps I should be thankful that it wasn't like most other forced marriage stories where they hate each other and then the man gets her all hot and bothered unwillingly of course snorts but still it just seemed too much of a turnaround Nothing he'd done up to that point had aroused her In fact as I mentioned before he was temperamental and both physically and sexually assaulted her though neither beating or raping her it was still assault and she was uite put off by him And then all of a sudden he's all like you're my wife so c'm'ere and she's all well then you take your clothes off too cause by gawd I'm not going to be the only one naked lol Paraphrasing of course Once they got their collective heads out of their arses though things progressed nicely He was still an asshat and she was still a manipulative shrew but they were well matched and often times it seemed that their bickering was foreplay than crueltyI did like the cameo of Vivian and Piers though I admit I didn't recognize them immediately they sounded so familiar but it's been a long time since I read their story that I couldn't place themOverall though I'd say I enjoyed the read and think it rates a solid 3 Stars having lost points for the hero's early behavior and the twist