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Svarte Sekunder Konrad Sejer #6 reader ☆ 352 pages Ù Karin Fossum Ù ❰Download❯ ➵ Svarte Sekunder Konrad Sejer #6 Author Karin Fossum – A little girl has vanished without a trace Inspector Sejer must find her before it’s too late — another gripping noH birthday Thirty five minutes after Ida should have come home her mother Helga starts to worry She phones the shop and various friends but no one has seen her Svarte Sekunder PDF daughter As the family goes out looking for Ida Helga’s worst nightmare becomes reality and they contact the policeHundreds of volunt Not all crimes are driven by malice and some of the best mysteries are not whodunnits but rather the how and why This book crosses the 'T' on that Inspecter Sejer with his calm and refined pursuit for the truth than the criminal is definitely one of the most charming fictional detectivesIda Joner a young girl goes missing along with her bicycle under the watchful eyes of her mother Inspecter Sejjer knows when a young girl is kidnapped the girl will turn up dead or alive very soon However when she does not turn up despite a volunteer search it becomes a puzzle The fact that you get to see the plot into the who and what does not still solve the puzzle and therein lies the book's charm The tension in the initial few pages after the kid goes missing is affecting and is a credit to the author There were some parts which I felt were not linked back once the plot started developing but then I am just being picky Loved the familyaccused interrogations done by Sejer and Skarr which seemed to have a basic care in the tone and non threatening A clean police work that is eual parts methodical and clever Good non gory mystery

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Eers comb the neighbourhood but there are no traces of Ida or her bike As the relatives reach breaking point and the media frenzy begins Inspector Sejer is calm and reassuring But he finds the case puzzling Usually missing children are found within forty eight hours Ida Joner seems to have vanished without a trace I plan on giving all of my Karin Fossum reviews the same statement because I don't even want the hint of a spoiler on this woman's fantastic work Fossum's writing gave me my love of Scandanavian mystery writers and I seek those writings out Hands downthough Fossum's work is the best I have come across so far

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Svarte Sekunder Konrad Sejer #6A little Konrad Sejer PDFEPUB #182 girl has vanished without a trace Inspector Sejer must find her before it’s too late another gripping novel in Karin Fossum’s acclaimed mystery seriesIda Joner gets on her brand new bike and sets off to buy sweets A good natured happy girl she is looking forward to her tent Karin Fossum knows well the edginess and anticipation her readers feel as they plunge into extraordinary crime She drives them to continue reading How and why did the event happen Who did it What are the inescapable feelings of the family and the accusedInspector Konrad Sejer continues to thrill me with his probing uestions Mild and assuming he puts a subject at ease He waits for them to fill the silence Then he pounces on their statements Not proud but correct and professional He's moralistic and will always tell the subject what they did was wrong Not satisfied with a conviction he wants only the truth If not to settle the case but to complete his searching curiosity Something terribly wrong was done and there must be an answerFossum euips Sejer with an intellect and ingenuity that are astounding in their simplicity It's very satisfying reading another Fossum mystery and I look forward to reading