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Venomous Alien Warrior #1Ir lusts with her body she would become the slave of slaves Venomous One a proud warrior enslaved has given up hope of returning to his home world and finding a life mate When a female is tossed into the arena his soul demands he claim her Winning his mate by Right of Might he vows to protect Lumen and be a good provider no matter how ugly her human appearance Rescued by Venomous’ people the couple face space pirates the condemnation of an alien government galactic war and a deadlier threat from within the warrior’s own kindred Warning violence profanity and sexual situations with multiple partne. Lumen Young is taken from Earth by slave traders treated abominably and then thrown into the pit to be the prize to mightiest warrior That would be Venomous One or Venom to his friends Ok just Lumen And then a whole of action and craziness happens And romance Multiple times It’s hard to explainIn the interests of keeping this as spoiler free as possible I’m going to keep the next section under spoiler tags If you don’t want to be spoiled at all skip to the Bottom LineThe Good The Bad and Everything In Betweenview spoiler Excellent worldbuilding I was very impressed with the world that Ms Fletcher built and I was drawn into the action early on It was disorienting the first couple of chapters much like I assume it would feel for Lumen being thrown into such a horrible situation and being experimented on The struggle just to survive on the slave planet was gripping and I thought that Venom and Lumen’s relationship started in such a bad place warning there is some dubious consent but it’s handled well but really evolved to something wonderful Great action Speaking of action just let me say that ALOT happens in this book Now mind you it’s over 600 pages so you’ll need to be prepared to invest some time to it but I happen to enjoy books that you can immerse yourself in like this It takes place over several planets and contains alot of characters and lots of danger Between the slave planet the Dei San taking over the Rok ship to the final confrontation with the slavers I really thought the action kept moving and kept the tension coiled tight for the majority of the book First half played straight second half not so muchThe first part of the story that takes place on the slave planet was intense and scary for both Lumen and Venom To see them struggling really helped me get into the moment and made me root for them The second half while there’s still danger in every corner that tended to play a little less true for me The situations with Venom’s mother and Cobra’s Ra Na were a little obvious and predictable This is offset though with the lighthearted moments that are peppered through the second half I think the first half is effective and believable but ultimately I enjoyed the entire story Loved Venomous and Lumenand Fiercelyand Cobra Yep it’s a menage thing While Lumen and Venom connect first and they truly are the heart of this “nest” the additions of Fiercely and Cobra were integrated in such a way that it didn’t detract from Venom and Lumen’s relationship It builds slowly and it’s not just a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of thing There’s plenty of sex but it’s not overwhelming and each time it does advance the story to the ultimate uadrangle it becomes Cobra’s backstory in particular touched me and I felt so badly for him I like Lumen as much as the next guyyeah maybe not that much I do like Lumen but the fact that she manages to capture the attentioninterestlust of just about EVERY male in this story She even ends up BFFs with a King Beowyn whose story I'm really interested in even though she turned him down to be faithful to her mates By the end of it I really did think it was a bit much Well it’s over 600 pages As much as I enjoyed a complete story like this I think it could have been edited a bit to tighten up the narrative hide spoiler

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Psychotic mother in law Putting your alien loverlife mates’ species under the threat of annihilation because you ticked off the wrong Slave Chieftain A marauding overlord with a harem four hundred strong who is determined to make you concubine number four hundred and one My name is Lumen I am stranded in a galaxy far far away and here be huge fing aliens Lumen Young formerly of Earth lost in space Abducted from Earth and transported to a slave planet in an unknown galaxy Lumen finds herself shackled naked and put on display before an alien horde Told the males will battle for the right to slake the. Got to about 30% then skipped to the end Lost interest in this when I realised it was menage and there were three male interests for the silly heroine Much has been made of this being like Last Hour Of Gann It's not It is best labeled as Futuristic Erotica

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READ Ä Venomous Alien Warrior #1 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ★ Venomous Alien Warrior #1 ✪ Penelope Fletcher – She is mine to protect mine to shelter mine to feed and mine to cover When she is weak I shall be her strength She was stolen from her world by our captors Now her survival is my responsibility It is She is minShe is mine to protect mine to shelter mine to feed and mine to cover When she is weak I shall be her strength She was stolen from her world by our captors Now her survival is my responsibility It is her duty to endure my lust respect my nest mates and honour our union with offspring I revere this giver of life as is the way Venomous One formerly of Rök enslaved Venomous Alien Kindle gladiator Six things a woman should not have to deal with More than one barbaric alien loverlife mate Long term stay on a slave planet where you’re one female amongst thousands of 'needy' males Killer space pirates. I put some unmarked spoilers below In part because I think people considering reading this book should know what they're getting themselves into Not comfortable reading books about rape Skip This Book Venomous is a story that is about rape cover to cover Lumen the heroine spends a huge chunk of the story with the threat of rape looming large in her thoughts influencing her behavior and emotions She is raped several times by three different men throughout the book all of whom are portrayed as heroes and love interests When we get a break from those scenes the author enters scenes of other women being serially raped on the barbarous slave planet as well as on Venom's home planet I'm not opposed to books that contain rape as a major plot point Just last month I read Daughter of the Forest and rated it 5 stars Before that I read Exit Pursued by a Bear which was an amazing book When rape is acknowledged and treated as one ought to treat a violent heinous crime it can make for a deeply meaningful book But rape is the single biggest and most freuently used plot point in Venomous The uality of a book like that I thought would have to hinge on its stance towards the issue and its portrayal of the victim and the rapists oh boy was I disappointed in that regard Lumen's rapist is twisted into her primary love interest who throughout their building relationship continuously holds all the power and along with his buddy Fiercely is extremely controlling and possessive of Lumen The sexual violence he committed against her in one of the first scenes is explained away with various excuses Venom was just following his biological impulses there was a language barrier that prevented him from understanding what he was doing to her women of his race aren't supposed to enjoy sex and so on I actually did try to accept these explanations I liked the writing style though I know many people didn’t and the book has a gripping storyline in an expansive universe which is than most alien romances can claim I wanted to love the book in its entirety and I read all the way up to 80% hoping the author would take a acceptable stance on rape But in reality I was avoiding the hard truth that there are no excuses or circumstances that will ever justify rape To argue otherwise is deeply disrespectful and just plain wrong To me there can never be enough admirable ualities in a love interest that will outweigh the fact that he is a rapist So I couldn't keep reading this romanceLumen does finally confront Venom about his actions demanding an apology but Venom refuses on the grounds that the rape was the best thing to ever happen to him And Lumen by extension the author accepts this explanation because as she puts it it's not the apology she wanted but the one she neededTo be clear this is the author telling her audience that rape is justified if the rapists enjoys himself You have got to be FUCKING kidding me This scene is followed up by another rape of the heroine this time by all three of her love interests in front of hundreds of spectators This after Lumen told the men on numerous occasions that their actions would damage her irrevocably She forgives them instantly because ya know they give her orgasms so it’s all goodSo here’s my take The book could have been great but the author tried to condone rape So nope