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Now Until Tommi’s past comes back to haunt themDEAL WITH THE DEVIL Cate NobleAll Ellie McMann DeLuca wants is one night with the only man she’s ever truly loved Max DeLuca dubbed the Devil by the Italian paparazzi Max agrees on one condition they extend it to seven nights of sensual pleasure on a private island But after a whole week of fulfilling each other’s deepest desires how will they go back to the way things we. Intense drama attraction and happy endings

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Baddest Bad BoysThese are the sexy bad boys no woman in her right mind would mess with Except that they’re wickedly irresistible and will do anything to protect the woman they love even if it means risking everythingANYTIME ANYWHERE Shannon Baddest Bad Kindle McKennaFor years Robin MacNamara has been secretly in love with her big brother’s friend Jon Amendola but the sexy cop has never seen her as anything but a kid Until Robin follo. There are three great short stories in this anthology all with a common link of the HH spending time together in a secluded setting The fact that I found them all great was unusual for me because usually there's one in the bunch that's not so good Not so this time I enjoyed them all especially the one by Shannon McKenna It is actually related to the story Meltdown which is in the anthology Bad Boys Next Exit as well as the anthology All About Men While Meltdown was about sexy hotel CEO Michael Mac McNamara; Anytime Anywhere is about his younger sister Robin and longtime family friend Detective Jon Amendola Robin's had a crush on Jon since she was a pre teen and Jon was in college with her older brother Danny Now that she's a 25 year old woman she feels it's time to make her move on Jon while he's available and currently without a wife or girlfriend So she follows him up to her brother's secluded mountain cabin where Jon is getting some much needed R R What follows is some pretty hot erotic times with Jon finally opening up his eyes and seeing the real Robin and not just the kid he remembers Of course there's a wacko from one of Jon's unfinished cases who's out to cause havoc and there are a few tense moments until the wacko is caught But this story is mainly about the blossoming relationship between two people who have known each other for a very long time as friends and now as loversI loved Robin and Jon together Robin is adorable a free spirit who is actually studying to be a professional circus clown Jon starts out like the typical McKenna Hero all grim arrogant and alpha but sexy as all get out Robin puts a smile on his face and brightens his whole world I loved it when his true feelings for Robin finally dawned on him I had some tears in my eyes and a smile on my face after reading this one

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Read Baddest Bad Boys ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ➳ [Reading] ➶ Baddest Bad Boys By Shannon McKenna ➩ – These are the sexy bad boys no woman in her right mind would mess with Except that they’re wickedly irresistible and will do anything to protect the woman they loveWs him to an isolated cabin to prove she’s all grown up Unfortunately Jon’s last case isn’t uite closed and someone wants paybackAFTER THE LOVIN’ EC SheedyIn need of a place to hide Tommi Smith finds herself on the doorstep of a high school classmate’s remote fishing lodge Though Mac Fleming never trusted this knockout’s reputation for breaking hearts nothing’s going to stop him from seducing her into his bed. Just read this the 3 stories were great fiction Smoking HOT guys doing what they do best from Military to Police love triangles in the midst I laughed I fanned myself some were really hot smiled a lot