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Since being forced into retirement by the CIA Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement But he could not recreate the ultimate conflict of life or death with no rules the experience of pitting himself against the enemy with no holds barredDes. It's slightly ironic that I read this just after Claire North's 'The Gameshouse' as that book also features a main character who is on the run from a massive surveillance operation with only his wits to guide him Where that novella felt a bit underwritten 'Hopscotch' is all about the details of prematurely retired spy Miles Kendig outwits the intelligence agencies chasing him It's an entertaining read and I can understand why it won an Edgar award I have two mild uibbles The first is that we're told Kendig is independently wealthy due to a successful career as a gambler after his retirement from espionage so for most of the book if he needs a fake ID or a plane ticket or a stooge to act as a decoy for him he can easily pull some cash from his Swiss bank account to pay for it It's only fairly late in the game when he's cut off from his wealth that he's really pushed to his limits It makes sense that someone as focused and well prepared as Kendig wouldn't start a feud with the intelligence agencies of the world without the resources to pull it off but it made things feel a bit too easy for a bit too longThe second uibble is that the climax of the book is a bit of a non event when Kendig realizes the stakes of the game he's playing and what he stands to lose he decides to withdraw from it as gracefully as possible Without spoiling anything there's a central conflict that the book seems to be setting up from early on that then never really pays offEntertaining enough though and worth a look for fans of realistic spy fiction

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HopscotchThreatening to expose the espionage secrets of the major powers he set himself up as the uarry of an international manhunt Now he would either prove to himself that after twenty five years of playing the game he was still a winner or he would meet his death at the hands of younger m. The movie was much better This book is missing the fun involvement of Glenda Jackson's character

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Free read Æ Hopscotch È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ [Download] ✤ Hopscotch ➺ Brian Garfield – Since being forced into retirement by the CIA Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement But he could not recreate tPite his bitterness at being shelved by the CIA Miles was still scrupulously American so when he found himself tempted by an offer from the Russians he realized the time had come for him to put up or give upMiles has been waiting carefully planning for years and finally he's ready By. This was a great spy novel Miles Kendig a career CIA agent has reached the end of his rope The world is changing too fast for him and in his eyes so is the agency And like all of us he soon gets a boss that tends to believe that he is the end all be all of the universe and knows about Kendig's job in a few months than Kendig has for over three decades So in plan english he informs Kendig that he's too old to continue he's offered a desk jobSoKending destroys his files and uits the CIAAlong the way a cat and mouse game is played as Kendig decides to raise the stakes by writing his memoirs But instead of mailing the chapters of his book to publishers he starts mailing them to all the agency offices all over the world the British Chinese Russian East Germans and the like Deep Top Secret details about certain things everyone wants to keep in the dark Since Kending had been classified as useless to the agency he wants to make sure his knowledge was still GoodKendig does not do this to be mean Indeed he is uite loyal He does this to teach a lesson to the new guard Old dogs may not be able to learn new tricks but they're still damn good with the old onesIn the end Kendig gets his book published teaches his boss an important lesson and also gets the girl From the author of Death Wish this book was a grand read Highly recommended to any and all