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SUMMARY Ý City of Bohane ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✎ City of Bohane ☂ Kevin Barry – Die einst bedeutende Stadt Bohane an der irischen Westküste liegt darnieder Es herrschen Gewalt und Chaos die Clans sind gespalten Auch wenn noch ein wenig vom alten Glanz geblieben ist findet das ei Die einst bedeutende Stadt Bohane an derNach fünfundzwanzig Jahren zurück in der Stadt ist und seine Schergen entwickeln auf einmal ihren ganz eigenen Ehrgeiz Logans bessere Hälfte drängt ihn alles aufzugeben und sich zurückzuziehen Doch da kennt die Missus ihren Langen Lulatsch schlec. 35 rounded upKevin Barry’s City of Bohane is a novel that is probably going either to draw you compulsively in or just as compulsively put you off as its appeal lies less in plot than in language—and if you don’t give yourself over to the prose the novel will in all likelihood seem audaciously weird but not much else except perhaps grating and annoying Set in the near future in a city in west Ireland City of Bohane is another in the flood of dystopian novels that seem so popular these days understandably so right I’m writing this amidst the COVID 19 crisis along with the ongoing climate catastrophe Bohane is a city divided into segregated sections ruled over by warring gangs—and the novel follows the outbreak of a gang war and the personal relations that go awry under the pressure It’s violent gritty and in places even cartoonish in its exaggerated situations and characters mostly a motley group of scoundrels some of whom are lovable in their bumbling uirkiness There’s not a lot of subtlety in this violent world of punk and power—think maybe of A Clockwork Orange This is not to say this should be a novel of discerning delicacy as clearly this is not Barry’s intention; but it is to say don’t pick up the novel looking for itBut do pick it up if you want to be swept away by its dazzling language a wild mix of Irish street talk and elevated expression You just have to go with prose sound it out be carried along by its cascading torrent The inside front jacket front jackets are often written by the authors describes this wild witches’ brew as “three hundred fiendish pages” mixing “Celtic myth and a Caribbean beat fado and film graphic novel cool and all the ripe inheritance of Irish literature to create something hilarious strange beautiful and startingly new” That’s a pretty accurate representation of what Barry stirs up and around but the final result at least to my taste is not uite as satisfying as the statement claims Still City of Bohane is a surprising and fearless novel one that joyously revels in the magic and beauty of language


Die einst bedeutende Stadt Bohane an der irischen Westküste liegt darnieder Es herrschen Gewalt und Chaos die Clans sind gespalten Auch wenn noch ein wenig vom alten Glanz geblieben ist findet das eigentliche Leben in den Slums und verwahrlosten Wohnb. i do not know if you will like this book usually i am pretty good with the readers' advisory thing i have this innate sense that automatically provides me with a list of names of people i think would appreciate the book even if i didn't like it myself call it a giftbut this one i am genuinely at a loss i know that i liked it but i also know that i am a little bit damaged from having read it like my brain has been mooshed a little and i have had a hard time readjustingso it takes place in ireland but some future ireland that is unlike the ireland i love in fiction anyway and it is in dialect sort of not the pitch perfect dialogue of tana french's Faithful Place which made me feel wonderful but an invented dialect complete with burgess esue slang and cadence that is very jarringi mean you tell me a pack of wannabe Fancy boys fourteenish hormonal all bumfluff 'taches and suicide eyes with the wantaway croak of bravado in their breaking voices traced the hipsway of the rhythm outside the calypso joint drew circles in the air with the winkled tips of their patent booties passed along a coochie eight of 'em drawin' on it and they kept watch so shyly on the Cafe Aliados down the wayyou see the Gant's humours were in a rum condition he was about fit for a bleed of leeches his moods were too swift on the turn he was watchful of them he had a sack of tawny wine on him he untwisted its cap and took a pull on it for the spurt of life medicinal there was pikey blood in the Gant of course the name even was an old pikey handle but then there's pikey blood in most of us around this city have a sconce at the old gaatch of us the slope shouldered carry the belligerence of the stride the smoky hazel of our eyes; officer material we are not of course if you were going by the reckoning of pikey bones the Gant was old bones now for certain he was fifty years to paradiseand usually that would give me fitsbut after a while you kind of get into it and even though the book expects much from its readership understanding a ton of clans geography inbred feuds unfamiliar expressions i thought it was a great readbut it is a bludgeoning oneit's strange stripped of its vernacular the book can be reduced to two sentences people fight a marriage is testedthat is it honestly but it isn't simply emptiness masked by linguistic clevernessthe world building is phenomenal it reminded me a little of both Aurorarama and The Gone Away World but i thought it was much successful than either once you get into the rhythm of it it is incredibly rich and satisfying and with the other two i had a lot of difficulty making sense of the world but in this one i felt groundedbut there were some strange decisions why so much focus on the clothing i swear there was so much of this and always in this format ol' boy worehigh top boots expensively clicker'd with gold taps a pair of hip hugging jodhpur style pants in a faded mauve tone an amount of gold chains a heave mink coat to keep out the worst of the hardwind's assaults and a goatskin beanie hat set pavee style at the crown of his headit's a weird uirk in an already uirky book it definitely provides a strong mental image but the whole name followed by colon setup made me unhappybut there is a character named fucker burke and one named wolfie stanners so that's obviously awesome fucker woresilver high top boots drainpipe strides in a natty boy mottle a low slung dirk belt and a three uarter jacket of saffron dyed sheepskin he was tall and straggly as an invasive weed he was astonishingly sentimental and as violent again his belligerent green eyes were strange flowers indeed he was seventeen years of age and he read magical significance into occurrences of the number nine he had ambition deep inside but could hardly even name it his true love an unpredictable Alsatian bitch name of Angelinaand when i read that i thought maybe that is just this book slang for german but nope an actual dog indeedso yeah i liked this a lot but i do not know what anyone besides me will make of itread it and tell me why don't youcome to my blog

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City of BohaneLocks City of ePUB #8608 von Smoketown statt Scheinbar seit Ewigkeiten steht alles unter der Kontrolle von Logan Hartnett dem adretten Paten der Hartnett Fancy Gang Aber es liegt Ärger in der Luft Gerüchte gehen um dass Logans Erzfeind Gant Broderick. Kevin Barry is well known for his short stories He has a vivid imagination and is an excellent wordsmith crafting some lovely expressive prose City of Bohane has received high praise from some of Ireland’s literary stars such as Roddy Doyle Joseph O’Connor and Hugo Hamilton I therefore had high expectations for Barry’s first novel With the exception of the prose and some of the characterisation for me it failed to deliver For the most part the characters are difficult to identify with and I couldn’t have cared less what happened to them; they're a bunch of scoundrels hooked on vice and violence The tale has no back story We’re forty years into the future Ireland seems to have slipped backwards a couple of hundred years minus the colonial rule and we have no idea as to why this occurred or the general wider socio political landscape of Ireland or Europe Rather we’re isolated in a fictional city with the sea on one side and surrounded by bog otherwise and all we have is a nostalgia for a ‘lost time’ that’s never explained The plot is wafer thin and is largely feuding clans seeking to remain in charge of the city My sense when I got to the end was ‘yes and’ Given the literary plaudits I was expecting a lot and yet there is no great sociological political or economic unveiling no sense of philosophical or theological reflection no feeling that story served any purpose Barry does manage to create some sense of place but the city is very simply structured into five zones lacking the complexity of a real place and it’s really not clear how large a town it actually is It felt uite small town to me certainly not a large city There is also a first person narrator who drifts in very occasionally and seemingly with no purpose Barry rightly deserves the plaudits for his ability as a wordsmith and there are some very nice passages in City of Bohane but as a novel length story for me it fell short of what it could have been