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Players gotta playHate is like a poison It contaminates everythingSo does doubtEven though I deny what I overheard even though I insist it isn’t true the seed of doubt has been planted I can’t help but be tormented with the endless what if’s that have taken. 5 #PerfectEnding StarsIn this third book Zach is finally away from them and Romeo and Rimmel just to want to be happy together without interference and obstacles in their way Romeo is now playing for the NFL and they are getting some media attention but nothing that they can’t handle and things are finally starting to look good for them Until the past comes barreling again bringing with them old ghosts and new threats to their happiness And someone decides to make a play with Rimmel in order to get to Romeo he will be the first to play the game and making sure everyone remembers why he’s such a good player If these books were an ice cream flavor I’m pretty sure they would be Ben Jerry’s Cookie Dough because they are that good And one of the best things about them is that despite all the drama and all the obstacles thrown in their way they stick together It’s them against the world And when a lot of authors would take advantage of the drama to separate them and create a lot of angst with it Cambria doesn’t do that which makes this couple a memorable one I love how protective and fierce they are with each other and how intense their feelings are After following their story for three books I’ve got to say that I’m pretty happy with how things wrapped up for them One epilogue of them in the future and everything would perfect Or even another book I’m pretty sure this author could write 30 books about this couple and I would never get tired of them One of the best NA series I’ve read and one you really shouldn’t miss Rating 5 Stars Characters Development If I already loved Romeo before I definitely loved him even after this one And the same with Rimmel she was even adorable and feisty in this one And even clumsy if possible Braeden was once again awesome and I can’t wait to read his book Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler Violence Abuse Gambling hide spoiler

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#Player By Cambria HebeOver our livesRomeo and I were happy in love The future stretched before us brighter than any star in the darkest sky Now everything is broken Literally broken Romeo’s entire career is at stake my entire future is threatened and my pastIt’s coming back to haun. 6 Happily Ever After stars WARNING Roman Romeo Anderson IS MINE HE POSESS MY WHOLE HEART Well fellas this is not the typical NAYA now I am sure of thatThese books are so MUCH MORE With every book I fell in love and with these characters Their passion love and andventures are something that will stay with me for a long time ALL I am saying is that Roman and Rimmel 's relationship is something that I want to have one day Finding someone so sweet hot adorable honest honorable smart and amazing man like Romeo is every girl's dream and reading about their marvelous relationship made want to run into the wild and find my own Romeo Anderson Now back to the story In this book Rimmel and Romeo had to deal really serious things like her father's accusations about her mother's murder and the people who are threatening to kill them After they just suffered from the unstable boy in school who tried to kill them both they are facing thearts again only much bad After flying to Florida to know the truth about Rimmle's mother murder and found out that some many secrets were been kept from her Now she is determinate to resolve the case about the death to know everything that happened and to stop the people who wants to kill her and Romeo and she was NEVER alone What I love MOST about this book was their relationship That's how every realtionship should be They fight together as a team Share everything their secrets their dreams their fears Their love is so pure honest beautiful and heart melting that in times you have to stop and think Will I ever have something that beautiful with another human being They supported each other and helped each other They were like ONE “Don’t forget this moment Don’t forget the absolute truth in the way you feel right now I love you and I’m not going to stop” Romeo le sigh I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU I NEED YOU Sincerely Your Violina One of my top favourite heroes EVER This man was everything you are asking for He was sexy cocky smart posessive sweet talented protective and AMAZING I can go on forever talking about how much I loved himIn this book he risked everything because of the love of his life He was smart about the things he should do the had a tactics about saving their lives and never stopped fighting He is kind of man who never let anyone he loves down he is a #player and he knows how to play the game He was the euivalent of the perfect man And well my thoughts about this Rimmel of course was amazing AGAIN She was fighter who always protected the man she loved She was so supportive of Romeo's achievements His biggest cheerleader and biggest support She was ashmed of her family but Romeo never let her down never doubt in her and she never doubt in the love he feels about her I loved their convos their funny moments and how they were able to talk about everythingThere was never a dull moment between them that goes to their stemy hot moments too Exploring loving that was them Their lust and passion were HOT HOT HOT But their love was the things that made everything seem so amazing sweet and sexy Their true feelings were the sexiest thing of all The ending was PERFECT for them It was so cute funny and heart warming I am sad to say goodbye to them but I am happy to see that they've been through so much and in the end they were stronger than ever Can't wait for Breaden and Ivy and their summer romance They were awesome in the books and I KNOW that their own book will be amazing as well

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FREE READ ✓ #Player By Cambria Hebert Ý [PDF] ✍ #Player Author Cambria Hebert – Players gotta playHate is like a poison It contaminates everythingSo does doubtEven though I deny what I overheard even though I insist it isn’t true the seed of doubt has been planted I can’t hel Players gotta playHate is T meTo haunt usRomeo says we’re in this together and right now the only sure thing is us But how far can a love so new be pushed The lengths we will have to go to save each other puts everything at riskRomeo is a player but how much of the game can one person pl. Because I read all the books containing Romeo and Rimmel's story back to back I decided to right one review for all the books in this series #Nerd #Hater and #Player right here and let you know what I though about the #Nerd and the #Player's love story DRimmel is the awkward girl on campus that hides behind large clothes and big hair She also is very smart and loves animalsthat's why she studies to become a vet and volunteers at the local animal shelter the only place she feels she can be herself Roman aka Romeo is the football star and a total ladies man He is forced to take tutoring in order to keep his grades up and guess who the tutor is Ohhhand did I mention almost all the girls fall at his feet and he's an insufferable flirt Why do you think they call him Romeo PAfter being dared to sleep with Rimmel in order to be accepted in a very exclusive fraternity he makes and effort to get to know her better but the jokes on him because instead of making her fall for him things go the other wayThey hit a few bumps in the road when Rimmel finds out about Romeo's plan but in the end the #Nerd and the #Player make one hell of a couple and they beat all the odds DBut this series isn't all about the love story and the romance The author gave us uite an action and mystery storyline as well When the former president of the frat house that Romeo wanted to pledge Zach is kicked out and is no longer president because Romeo helped frame him he comes back looking for revenge and starts threatening him and Rimmel On top of his new relationship and wanting a spot in NFL Romeo has to protect Rimmel from Zach because the guy has gone off the rails and starts to do than threaten his girl All is well when ends well but not before we read about kidnapping a serious attack and an injury that could cost Romeo his new spot in NFL and the big leaguesBut if you thought that the drama ends here you have another thing coming because in the middle of the shit storm Rimmel discovers that everything she knew about her mothers death was a lie and that her father is in serious trouble And of course they both get dragged into another shitty situation that involves blackmail the FBI and view spoilerRomeo getting shot hide spoiler