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ePub ✓ mobi The Power of Failure ó 9781621574033 ¾ dogsalonbristol Ü [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Power of Failure By Fran Tarkenton – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Failure is your key to successSo says Hall of Fame uarterback and hugely successful serial entrepreneur Fran TarkentonDon’t get hG and insightful new book The Power of Failure Tarkenton illustrates with hard real life examples why the most successful entrepreneurs are those with the courage The Power MOBI #8608 the resilience the intelligence an I watched Fran play as a Vikings fan and always felt sorry he was blamed for their losses I never realized he was a wildly successful business man

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Failure is your key to successSo says Hall of Fame uarterback and hugely successful serial entrepreneur Fran TarkentonDon’t get him wrong there’s no one competitive or keener on winning than FranBut in his inspirin I recently found Fran Tarkenton’s second book at a used bookstore a 1969 description of his life in football consisting mostly of his responses to an interview In it he details the personal events and anecdotes relating to his football life like meetings with coaches player descriptions based on first hand experience playing with and against others and key plays in a number of games That is the “tactical” version of his autobiography But he also wrote about the philosophy behind certain football plays and describes how he became a “scrambling” uarterback From these parts of his story you can understand that he was always thinking was always looking for an angle and understood the value of coming up with the right move at exactly the right time He excelled at timingMove forward 46 years Holy cow Is that correct Tarkenton’s newest book “The Power of Failure” while including a number of football stories is his “business autobiography” He begins the book with some anecdotes to explain to the reader who may never have seen him play football Tarkenton retired from playing in 1978 some of his personality in particular grit He tells how he went to play football for a team that had too many uarterbacks making it unlikely that he’d have playing time for most of his college career But by staying aware of the action during games he found an opportunity to enter a game and made an impression that led to him playing in college and being drafted into the professional ranks by the Minnesota Vikings After reading this anecdote detailed for uite a few pages I assumed much of the rest of the book would be about football Instead Tarkenton skips past most of his professional football and television careers and focuses on the companies he has begun The theme of his business career has been to look for opportunities where others don’t see them take advantage of the opportunities reward your best partners and get out in a timely manner This is the same mindset he had as a scrambling uarterback albeit at a slower pace and without so many leg injuries He tells of coming up with ideas for businesses building new business onto existing businesses and the decisions on selling off parts of the business when the results aren’t uite as expected He has had his hand in many businesses including a multi cuisine fast food chain a company that printed advertising on airline ticket jackets a small business consulting organization a major software firm that made programming easier and a financial products sales organization The bulk of the book describes his mostly hands on interest in these businesses their birth life and sometimes their failure Tarkenton’s anecdotes show how the “scrambler” from his uarterbacking days thrived in the business environment As a fan of Tarkenton’s football years and a fan of business books that include specifics I found this a wonderful book I enjoyed Tarkenton’s analysis of his businesses but I also enjoyed the autobiographical aspects where Tarkenton explained his personality and showed his tenacity and his intelligence about timing in business as in life You can take away the understanding of the mindset that enabled him to build a life in business

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The Power of FailureD the competitive spirit to fail often fail faster and fail better to achieve ultimate successCandid concise uotable and realistic Fran Tarkenton is the best possible guide to finding success through the power of failu Woefully self centered There are a few good nuggets if you can read past the self appreciation and aggrandizing