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God's Own Country eBook Ü Paperback ☆ dogsalonbristol ´ [EPUB] ✺ God's Own Country By Ross Raisin – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sam Marsdyke is a lonely young man dogged by an incident in his past and forced to work his family farm instead of attending school in his Yorkshire village He methodically fills hSam Marsdyke is a lonely young man dogged by an incident in his past and forced to work his family farm instead of attending school in his Yorkshire village He methodically fills his life w I appreciated what the author was trying to do here but I didn't necessarily enjoy reading this book To be fair I'm not sure how much my entertainment level should affect the amount of stars but I felt a certain level of ambivalence while reading the storyand I kinda detected that the author either had or struggled with that ambivalence while writing this It's saying something that I liked reading the author’s interview and an additional essay in the back of the book than the actual novel And may I add is this a new marketing ploy by publishing houses to put somewhat attractive writers' pictures on their books Because as much as I don't want to admit it it is intriguing to see a good looking author's photo especially when it's associated with a pretty creepy storyThe book is in the voice of a pretty disturbed boy who I actually liked until his actions veered into criminal territory I usually like novels that are set in hinterland areas such as rural England This book made me see that farm country in the Western world is universally similar But I don't know if making the kid mentally ill and violent was a great representation of young farmers a choice which the author comments on in his interview The writing makes you both mourn the loss of small farming as well as wish it good riddance The story seems to suggest that this kind of life with its unbridled exposure to death and other unsavory animalistic elements isn't really good for anybody I don't have that much experience with farm life—although I did spend a few years in Iowa—but I don't really buy that farm life is super brutal and emotionally unhealthy for everyone in itSo while I liked the author's voice and the subject of the book I really wish different choices had been made I think a loving but no less three dimensional approach to some of the characters would've made a poignant novel

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Ith daily routines and adheres to strict boundaries that keep him at a remove from the townspeople But one day he spies Josephine his new neighbor from London From that moment on Sam's caref This is the story of Sam Marsdyke who is a 19 year old farmer in the Yorkshire countrysideHe has come to despise the 'towns' and having been expelled from school is resigned to his life on the farm with his mum and dad and the sheepThis is an intimate look at the life Sam endures and what he desires from inside his small world It is an excellent character study which is very different from anything I've read before I got a real sense of the beautiful countryside up against the starkness and reality of actually making a life thereIf you want action and fast pace do not read this bookIf you like a slow burner that is rich in description and insight read this bookEDIT I just listened to Fool on the Hill by the Beatles and that is this book amazing

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God's Own CountryUlly constructed protections begin to crumble and what God's Own Kindle starts off as a harmless friendship between an isolated loner and a defiant teenage girl takes a most disturbing tur The blurb on the cover of this book is spot on It is both amusing and at the same time dark and disturbing There's no doubt about it the writing is superbly done How else could I have found such a disturbed individual as the main character so likeable For the largest part of the book I found myself sympathising with his viewpoint and even as it became clear there was something sinister going on I still felt that it wasn't all entirely his faultWhile reading I felt that a subtext to the story was very much the theme of cultural changes to the countryside and the effects on the agricultural community and this I thought was very well observed through the eyes of Sam the main characterIn short this was a very clever and uniue piece of writing even though the story at times made me feel than a little uncomfortable And I can't help wondering how easy it was to read for anyone unfamiliar with the North Yorkshire dialect