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Characters ê Pleiades Fate Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Read] ➳ Pleiades Fate Author John Sikalias – PLEIADES FATE BOOK II OF THE APOCRYPHON CYCLE Re edited and revised In PLEIADES FATE we see JonLuk and Nyx in a captured Combine fighter ship fleeingArtemis Hook on the search for one of the last space stations called Mandiras of the People of Chandra and information on the 'Artifacts' In one of the most mysterious parts in the galaxy they encounter the deep space pirates rumors of entities and paranormal anomalies are becoming freuent and signs as to where and what the Artifacts really are and where they might be hidden As the war escalates we introduce the fierce Fire Warriors of the Closed Empire of the Jade Impyrium the intensely isolationist people who live at the very edge of the Orion Nebula famed for their mysterious Terracotta warriors They seek to join forces with the Combine so that they can dominate their ancient enemy the Sa’ahid In the final chapters it seems that the Athanaeum are all but destroyed humanity could well be enslaved by these two factions This new alliance could take control over all of the Pleiades and Orion’s Belt There are other forces at work here.

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Seer known as the First Brother Jessik's tale is a story of divided and unexpected loyalties as he comes to learn that even in the midst of depravity the criminal’s code is not so different from his own Alexandria and Geo the two 'Jackets' mechanicsengineers have been tasked to support Captain Persephone of the Fifth War band where they and a crew of untrained undeserving and the un ready are forced to the front line in the war against the Combine They find out that their position is indefensible and that they are being thrown into harm’s way by Magister Luto – an Athanaeum Elder for political purposes In the flare of war they decide to retreat to aid the evacuation of the Athanaeum home world disobeying orders and being branded traitors Meanwhile as the planets burn and the Combine assault on half of the Pleiades looks to be unstoppable JonLuk and the priestess Nyx alongside her bodyguards Samara and Ariel flee to the mysterious.

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Pleiades FatePLEIADES FATE BOOK II OF THE APOCRYPHON CYCLE Re edited and revised In PLEIADES FATE we see JonLuk and Nyx in a captured Combine fighter ship fleeing the world of Kolchek after destroying the Ice Palace of the Secretary of the Combine Ahead of them lies the massive military fleet of the Combine as it breaks through the militarized zone known as the Line of Control heading into the heart of the Athanaeum system and assured victory Meanwhile sent on a seemingly impossible mission the young 'Ghost' or Covert op Agent called Jessik is sent to infiltrate the military prison complex known as the Taygeta Fortress to try and disable it from aiding the Combine's war efforts Here he finds that the prisoners have taken over the military and Industrial engineering station with the help of the shadowy Heliaos Corporation Jessik has to prove himself to be a 'true believer' as he comes face to face with the self proclaimed Messiah Prophet and Serial.