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The Selfish Capitalist Origins of Affluenza kindle ê eBook 9780091923815 Free ✓ Oliver James ↠ [BOOKS] ✯ The Selfish Capitalist Origins of Affluenza Author Oliver James – In the bestselling Affluenza world renowned psychologist Oliver JIn the bestselling Affluenza world renowned psychologist Oliver James introduced us to a modern day virus sweeping through the English speaking world how our obsessive envious tendencies make us twice as prone to depression anxiety and addictions as people in other developed nationsNow The Selfish Capitalist provides detailed substantiation for the claims made in Affluenza and outlines the political economic and social climate in which the NEO LIBERALISM MAKES YOU NUTS Well ones thing for sure Oliver James must be doing something right he's obviously irritated some individual enough for them to post five 1 star reviews of his book Needless to say not one of which would appear to have the resulted from an actual reading of the book well maybe they read the blurb on the back cover? The Selfish Capitalist is a post script to his earlier Affluenza and contains further thoughts and data related to the effects of what James calls selfish capitalism or less a synonym for Neo Liberalism on our societies He also reflects on what other writers and political thinkers from Karl Marx to David Harvey have had to say about his area of investigation the links between the mental health of individuals and the economic organization of societyIn line with orthodox thinking on Neo Liberalism James asserts that selfish capitalism is a phenomenon that has risen to prominence in the English speaking world since the 1970's While it has been a growing phenomena in other developed and non developed countries it is in the developed economies of the English speaking world that it goes deepest into the fabric our societies Using data from WHO studies and other sources he demonstrates a clear correlation between income ineuality one of the pertinent and pernicious features of Neo Liberal economies and emotional distress For the English speaking world Britain US Canada New Zealand Australia the average incidence of emotional distress in the last 12 months is 216% nearly double the level of other countries Japan Germany Italy Spain Belgium Netherlands and France that average 115%James uestions the standard shoulder shrugging view that is disproportionately popular amongst those on the right that mental health problems are in large part of genetic origin The evidence he cites seem to indicate that this link is greatly exaggerated and environmental factors are of crucial importance He also presents a variety of data on related issues that raises serious uestions about how our society is structured vis à vis materialism and how this effects our mental well being One interesting fact he brings up is that the greater part of the growth of economies and household income in the Selfish Capitalist world results from an increase in second earners and hours workedThe few people whom I have known that work in Psychology seem to get bogged down in their own specialty for a whole variety of reasons They appear to be shy certainly in their professional capacity about making explicit links to the bigger picture of how society is organized With that in mind it is refreshing to hear a professional psychologist discussing these issues in a holistic manner and not avoiding issues that are generally seen to be in the political realmJames makes clear that there are elements of his thinking that he is pretty convinced of and others that he is fairly sure of but does appreciate that research is needed to confirm his and others hypothesis and provide a detailed picture Despite the in part tentative nature of his findings this is a fascinating book A strong case is made for the need to uestion the manner in which our society is developing and the values it promotes if it is serious about the mental well being and real development of all people rather than peculiarly attending to the interests to uote Adam Smith of the few whose wealth has risen geometrically while for most earners wages have barely risen at all In common with his earlier works it is written in an accessible manner for those who are not academic psychologists For those with a phobia of statistics they should be reassured that they are explained in a clear and straightforward way and have been leavened with a healthy dose of anecdotal material for further clarity Well worth reading

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HeriteBlairite “Selfish Capitalism” whose most significant act has been to rob the poor to give to the richThe Selfish Capitalist is a rallying cry to reduce levels of distress by adopting a form of unselfish capitalism It is a hard hitting and thought provoking work that tells us why our personal well being must take precedence over the wealth of a tiny minority if we are to cure ourselves of this disease From the Trade Paperback edition There were some good ideas and thoughts but also a lot of very uestionable ones

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The Selfish Capitalist Origins of AffluenzaVirus has grownA modern day The State We’re In the book’s argument will chime with a public deeply disenchanted with all the main political parties James points out that since the Seventies the rich have become much much richer yet the average person’s wage has not increased at all He provides a wealth of evidence to show that we have become miserable and distressed during this time and suggests that this is a direct conseuence of Thatc I'm still processing this book On the one hand I loved how it included feminist issues and language in his analysis On the other it made a few too many broad stroke claims with too many elements that I don't think can be as easily established agreed upon and tested as he suggested As with anyone who does the same I appreciated his own self criticism reflection on the shortcomings he could account for it strengthens one's argument often than notI'm not springing to read the preuel given that this one is suppose to explain much of the even broader strokes of the prior one so I'm reasonably confident I won't find in it the pieces I find missing from this one But there's a better than good shot I'll read the follow up if he tackles it on It certainly gave lots of food for thoughts and expressed ideas that have floated around my own mind always nice to know I'm not the only one with such insatiable knee jerk reflections on certain aspects of the English speaking dominated worldI'd love to discuss it with others who have read it