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The Secret Life of CeeCee WilkesIn 1977 pregnant Genevieve Russell disappeared Twenty years later her remains are discovered and Timothy Gleason is charged with murder But there is no sign of the unborn childCeeCee Wilkes kn A solid gripping story heartfelt and beautifully written and good physcholical thriller that kept me turning the pagesThis is also know as The Secret Life of CeeCee WilkesEvery now and then I enjoy a Diane chamberlain novel and this one really did hold my interest There are uite a few novels on the market in the last couple of years where with the premise of missing childre and while this seems to be a popular topic for authors not all of them are well done but I think the Lost Daughter by Diane Chamberlain seems is one of the better ones and a favourite of mine as many of the other novels with this plot line are way too far fetched or just over doneThe Lost Daughter's complex and flawed characters make this book easy to identify with the story is believable with just enough twists and turns to make this a suspenseful and entertaining read Would you live a lie to keep your child? In 1977 pregnant Genevieve Russell disappeared Twenty years later her remains are discovered and Timothy Gleason is charged with murder But there is no sign of the unborn child CeeCee Wilkes knows how Genevieve died because she was there

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Ows how Genevieve Russell died because she was there And she knows what happened to her missing infant because two decades ago she made the devastating choice to raise the baby as her own Now The worst sort of crossover novel the only reason I am glad I read it as an ebook is that some trees were spared It is to literature what Cheez Whiz in a can is to a triple cream brie This is not a book for reading; this is a book for avoidingThat's right I didn't like itWhat is it that makes this book so painful to read? Is it the utter unbelievability of the plot? The flatness of the characters? The awkward and embarrassing writing and the gratuitous and entirely off putting romance? Could it be that the mix of all of these is what makes the whole so toxic?The book starts with the late afternoon lovemaking of the presumably agoraphobic Corinne and her fiance of five years Ken Corinne wants to tell Ken her big news she drove on a freeway today But he doesn't like to be talked to before sex or afterwards either He's also not terribly happy that she's pregnant and he's not willing to set a wedding date So after an entirely unsexy sex scene and the nap Ken finds out that he's been taken off a news story for some reason that his boss doesn't explain Cory's phone is full of missed calls and unlistened to voicemails Something is going on with some other people we don't know and there's going to be a press conferenceAnd suddenly we're back in 1977 with a 16 year old diner waitress in North Carolina the titular CeeCee Wilkes She meets her soul mate a 22 year old psychology student named Tim Gleason CeeCee's mother passed away four years ago and CeeCee's only recently sprung from her series of bad foster homes and is living on her own Tim's parents are also dead but he's living in their mansion with his PTSD Vietnam vet brother Marty CeeCee thinks Marty is creepy but finds personal fulfillment in cleaning up after the Slovenly Brothers Dirty underwear draped over the edges of bureau drawers? No problem because they are Tim's dirty underwearBut there's another sibling the missing Andi who is in prison on death row for murdering a photographer who came to the house one day and raped her So the Slovenly Brothers' Brain Trust comes up with a plan to commute her sentence they will kidnap the governor's wife and hold her hostage until Andi is freed I guess? Not clear if they'd accept life without parole But they need CeeCee to be the guardWhy does she agree to do this? Because there would presumably be no book if she doesn't Oh sure there's some twoo wuv mumbo jumbo but it's not even remotely credible They Brainy Boys tell her they are part of a group called SCAPE and some of those members are going to help It's going to all work out just fine they'll get the governor to cave into their demands in about half an hour they'll all go underground and change their identities The only uestion CeeCee really wants an answer to is how will we be together after this all goes down? She never gets it But she agreesAnd at this point? I gave up I went to the library and spent about 40 minutes scanning the rest of the book And I only did that because this is for my book clubThe governor's wife is eight and a half months pregnant and prone to hemorrhaging CeeCee is left alone with no phone no way to contact the Smart Boys and of course the woman goes into labor hemorrhages and dies CeeCee delivers the baby and runs away with it This happens in about 8 hours We are then treated to tedious chapters of how CeeCee changes her name covers her tracks relies on the kindness of strangers and grows up raising the baby Corinne had you guessed it? as her ownBlah blah blah a skeleton is discovered when breaking ground for a subdivision Within seconds dental records confirm it is the governor's wife missing these 30 years Twelve hours later Tim Gleason is located in California extradited to North Carolina and now CeeCeeEve watches the proceedings on television worried that Tim will name herWhen he doesn't she does it herself setting up a mother daughter drama of betrayal and lies of a melodramatic and self indulgent sort Not only did my mom lie to me about who my real family was but she also made me OCD That bitch But Eve's got rhumatoid arthritis so she's especially pathetic in prison so that's enough to reconcile them Plus the governor is easily manipulated into giving up his uest for vengance carefully raised and nurtured all the years his wife was missing after a 45 second conversation with Cory So maybe the scheme to force him to release Andi might have worked?Everybody has a happy ending Cory gets to have TWO families that love her and want to give her money and support and yadda yadda and she finds out her fiance of the last 5 years never actually got around to divorcing his wife and she decides she doesn't need him and by the way she's over her agoraphobia without therapy or medication either But she keeps the baby and blah blah blah resolutioncakesAll this in under 250 pages and I didn't even mention that CeeCee's dead mother wrote her a bunch of letters as she lay dying for CeeCee to open at various times in her life so she could offer guidance Too bad it didn't occur to her to write a letter about not appearing in bad novels

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Download Book È The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes É 522 pages ☆ Diane chamberlain ã ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes By Diane Chamberlain ✪ – In 1977 pregnant Genevieve Russell disappeared Twenty years later her remTimothy Gleason is facing the death penalty and she has another choice to make Tell the truth and destroy her family Or let an innocent man die in order to protect a lifetime of liesback cover This was my July Pick For Me book for Goodreads’ Bibliophile Beauties Group I get really nervous when someone picks a book for me because on my to read list I have a lot of popular reads and they always select one that is extremely popular just like this book Most of the time I end up being disappointed because the hype doesn’t actually match the uality of the book BUT this book’s hype did This was an extremely good book 45 stars I rounded up to 5Now onto the bookThis was a 500 page page turner I felt so attached to this book by the end and caught my self a couple of times tearing up The sadness that CeeCee experienced as a kid and her youngness and wanting for love was heartbreaking I believe a lot of young criminals that act with older people had exactly the same experience that CeeCee had All she wanted was to be loved againThe letters of love and advice from CeeCee's mom throughout the book was really touching and it gave great knowledge to CeeCee’s motherThe love that Eve and Cory had was amazing Reading about how Cory realizes that her mother did the best that she could to raise her and she shouldn't resent her mother for that was amazing As a daughter this really opened my eyes and will stay with me for a long timeThis book also taught me that blood is one thing and that helps set the bond between people but so does being there for each other And being a part of each others’ lives You don’t have to be blood related to be a familyAll in all this book was amazing and I highly suggest it to everyone It had great strong female role models well developed characters and a lot of life lessons without making you realize itI am so glad this book was picked for me because to top it all off it is also my S book for the A Z challenge I just realized that while writing this review hehe