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review Return of the Crimson Guard 103 µ [Epub] ❥ Return of the Crimson Guard By Ian C. Esslemont – The returning mercenary Crimson Guard are sworn to oppose the Empire Some elite Avowed scheme to open paths to power Ascendants ancient powerful entities seek to exploit all sides for gain Traveller a The returning mercThe returning mercenary Crimson Guard are sworn to the Crimson eBook #180 oppose the Empire Some elite Avowed scheme to open paths to power Ascendants ancient p. 35 stars rounded up because LEGENDARYEsslemont definitely writes in a direct manner than Erikson and that makes his books easier to read even though the introduction of new characters had my head spinning again for the first one third of the book Notwithstanding I really liked some of these new characters Kyle Ereko Rillish Rell after a timeThe timeline of Return of the Crimson Guard seems to run parallel to Reaper's Gale ie post events in The Bonehunters with focus on the happenings in the Malazan Empire Throughout the past 7 Erikson books we've come across mention of The Crimson Guards of Prince K'azz D'Avore and the Old Guard of the Malazan Empire and the legendary characters of these two groups They finally make an appearance in this book and that in itself made it pretty awesome There are also a few revelations peppered throughout the book which were uite game changing The mystery of Traveller for one as well as a discovery about Empress Laseen that gained newfound respect from me view spoilerI especially love that we finally get to meet Coltaine reborn hide spoiler

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Owerful entities seek to exploit all sides for gain Traveller a swordsman and his companion Ereko confront successive enemies until the last from which none hav. Unlike first novel of The Malazan Empire series which is Night of Knives Return of the Crimson Guard unfortunately cannot work as a standalone novel It is presumed that you have already traveled along and amassed a considerate amount of knowledge worth of at least six books in Malazan Book of the Fallen series written by Steven Erikson Which again sadly cripples the capability and overall reach of this pretty much average novel even For almost half of the book you’ll rely solely on your already peaked interest in certain characters characters that were briefly mentioned or had an appearance in main series and simply in it left you wanting for Also after six books perhaps you are interested in finding out of this world so probably one of the main driving forces that keeps you going on and on turning those pages will be a promise of expansion of worldbuilding and your voyage of discovery in itBut even though you have in front of you all these amazing characters and this wonderful world to explore you are bereft of enjoying themThis novel simply lacks that one of the most important pillars you need to support characters and world you are visiting And that one shaky pillar that crumbles your experience is a compelling storyNow I’m not inventing hot water when I say that you need a compelling story that will connect all these threads into a single narrative structure That’s a basic knowledgeThere are far too many events and even characters in this book which stories don’t lead anywhere significant Too often we're flipping those pages and by the end there’s no payoff for the readerAlso it doesn’t help that book feels disjointed; in one point we’re leaving characters and their stories for such a long time that even within this book itself when we get back to them your memory is a bit hazy and you need a reminder In other cases in really long chapters there’s just too many changes in point of views And this is obviously a problem because you don’t have enough of time to connect with those charactersNow that I’ve mentioned long chapters in review for previous book that I have read The Bonehunters I praised Erikson for writing a 150 pages novella inside a novel within a single chapter The story in Erikson’s 150 pages long chapter is structured in a way that yes you may feel overwhelmed while reading that but you will turn those pages the story itself will make you turn themHere however Ian decided to put us through one of his own versions of that 150 pages long chapters but the problem here was not just that the story wasn’t compelling but that a behemoth of a chapter begun not even 30 pages into a bookThe story obviously suffered because he had to introduce the characters and develop the story but given his inexperience in telling the story while shifting between myriad of characters he left me not just confused that I had to go back and forth multiple times and still felt uncertain of some things but to the point that I simply lost will to further read the novelBut enough of the doom and gloomI have spoken already about importance of reading preuels when it comes to this series Preuels in which you’ll get far bigger picture of the events that happen in the main series as well as in this parallel one where Return of the Crimson Guard belongs to But importantly in those preuels you’ll get to know some of the characters that have never been explored by Steven Erikson And by getting to know them their history and their philosophy you’ll understand them and by understanding them it’s possible that you’ll have your perspective changedIt’s possible that like in my case now instead of gleefully enjoying certain character’s demise because portrayal of that certain character in the main series deserves that glee in those characters final moments I’m sitting here and sulking how that certain character hadn’t been explored nearly enough to its full potentialOf course due to avoiding spoilers I’m not going to tell you who the character is Death of that character left me sad and upsetFor some reason I was always being intrigued by herhim before I have read the preuels and then in preuels I got to know uite a bit of hishers history I guess that I liked that characters philosophyThere are certain things that needs to be done and shehe is prepared to do it Now the uestion of competence in doing those things is another matterThere’s uite a lot of other characters that I liked Sappers will always get an approval from me in these series so having to read about formation of a company and their leadership under Sergeant Jumpy is nothing but enjoymentAlso Traveler and Ereko Which in my opinion have too much of resemblance to Icarium and Mappo and their relationship But nothing is the same in this world and it was worthwhile following them and by doing so learning about the worldBook is filled with many great action scenes which is Ian's trademark by nowOverall I have read books that Ian wrote later in his career and the progress he made in things I have complained about here is staggering I can only hope that I’ll be able to notice that progress in each next book I pick up 25 Kharkanas TrilogyForge of DarknessFall of LightPath to Ascendancy seriesDancer's LamentDeadhouse LandingMalazan Empire seriesNight Of KnivesMalazan Book of the Fallen seriesGardens of the MoonDeadhouse GatesMemories of IceMidnight TidesHouse of ChainsThe BonehuntersUltimate Malazan Chronological Reading Order

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Return of the Crimson GuardE returned Old Hands generals and mages from the previous Emperor direct civil war But Empress Laseen may Return of PDF draw out survivors for final elimination. ‘Every engagement is a gamble You make your best choices and hope you made no major mistakes’ Before anyone reads this book here are some important things to note This book isn't a Standalone like NoK it cannot be read alone like that you must have extensive knowledge of the world or else you'll be lost The events in this book happened after the Bh which is the 6th book in MBotFMoving on this book is great I enjoyed reading this book It brought back Malazan memories that I thought was over since I've finished MBotF I still think Erikson's work is better but that don't mean this is bad ‘The wise say that as vows are sworn so are they reaped I have found this to be true’ For those of us that are familiar with the series amd have read Bh this book focussed on what happened in Malazan empire after the Bh left peace didn't reign The Malazans bought Laseen's story that the Wickans are evil The Talians are rebelling and the infamous Crimson Guard are back so they have three armies to fight on different fronts The wise learn from their enemies than fools learn from their friends The world building is explicit which isn't surprising its Malazan the plot and characters are also great its only the writing style that I didn't like much The author give POVs to the weirdest characters those that are supposed to have a perspective don't That aside the dialogue and battle scenes is so Malazan Battle is for an army to win or lose; war is for civilization to win or lose Some characters that we've heard so much about are in this Characters like Skinner K'azz Cowl ShimmerGreymane Shaky all parts of the Crimson Guard and some that we've never heard of like Blues Smoky Kyle Badlands and othersWe finally meet Urko Ryllandaras the brother of trake Armand Possum Toc the elder and others that I can't rememberThe reoccurring characters are Anomander Osseric Cotilion Shadowthrone Traveller Laseen Mallick Korbolo Temper Braven Tooth Nether Nil and the Crippled godThe new characters that I actually took note of are Nait aka Sergent Jumpy Rellish and ChordKyle Rell the Segulah Hurl Ghelel the Talian and Molk her bodyguard Nait set his fists on his hips Why the little runts It's just like he was back home dealin with his swarm of younger brothers ‘OK fine You wanna come then you have to follow my orders and Abyss I don't even know all your names – what in Fanderay are your names anyway’‘Kibb’ Yes Kibb What a dumb name What's it supposed to mean‘Poot’ said one Poot Aw you poor skinny pox faced kid What were your parents thinking Maybe I'll start calling you ‘Pimple’ that'd be an improvement‘Jawl’ Jawl What kind of a name is that for a girlBlushing furiously the smallest just shook his head ‘No name at all’ He suirmed‘Stubbin’Stubbin Stubbin You poor kid Your parents really did a number on you Gods he couldn't have come up with a worse selection than their parents had managed spontaneously ‘Okay Let's go’