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Determined Theft Chosen #2C Chosen #2CStolen by the Alpha Wolf #3Setting this pre order it was approximately words pages Make sure you read Chosen by the Vampire Kings Theft Chosen #2C Chosen #2CStolen ePUB #8608 first for the most enjoyment The Story Contains strong sexual themeslanguage and is not intended for readers under the age o Like I said in my first review I won't be writing much about these BUT GODDAMNIT I HATE BRANT SO MUCH I need to hit something so bad

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T lies ahead Ward is suffering from wounds that run far deeper than the physical Wounds that she inflicted Her life as well as the life of her greatest gift hang in Theft Chosen #2C PDF #198 the balance Determined Theft is the final part of a part serial and at the time of SO FREAKING FANGGG TASTIC Determined Theft is the third and final installment in the amazing Stolen by the Alpha Wolf Serial by Charlene Hartnady and it is AWESOME I love it In this powerful conclusion of the story Hartnady has dazzled her readers yet again with her amazing talent astounding imagination and incredible skill and given her readers a delicious masterpiece of paranormal fantasy adventure suspense and romance Be still my heart The story is exciting powerful action packed original compelling thrilling riveting funny heart wrenching romantic heartwarming arousing sensual steamy and hot The dialog is smart witty funny well written and flows effortlessly The characters are fascinating captivating enticing endearing engaging sexy as sin and sometimes down right hilarious They jump right off the page capture your heart grab your imagination make you cry and tickle your funny bone The wolves have launched an attack against the vampire kings unsuccessfully trying to capture their human ueen Instead female vampire Stephany is captured but what in claws name is Ward the wolf Alpha supposed to do with a female bloodsucker They are a different species and mortal enemies He certainly can't allow her to learn their location or their secrets But the female vampire Stephany is so beautiful and so enticing with gorgeous blonde hair beguiling blue eyes and incredible long legs Nope he can't go there Can't think about how sexy and beautiful she is So not going to happen Or is it He just has to protect her from his pack until he can get her safely back to her coven But Ward uickly discovers that his body didn't get that memo Sparks fly Attraction builds Blood burns Desires ignite Great balls of fire So hot So dreamy Sigh But sadly for the lovers their time together must come to an end and Stephany must return to her coven and her Kings Upon her return Stephany learns that Lance her accidental mate survived the attack and now he wants her back After twenty years of him rutting every other female vampire but her What the heck Never going to happen But Stephany can't stop thinking about the sexy Alpha wolf Ward Her heart aches and her body burns for his touch What witchcraft is this What kind of magical spell has he cast upon her body What strange malady has the sexy wolf inflicted upon her Stephanie fears she may be ill She's never experienced anything like this and seeks council from Tanya her friend and mate to her Kings Tanya uickly determines the cause of Stephany's strange ailment and is determined to help her friend But Ward has been captured and mortally wounded Although Ward may recover from his physical wounds the pain in his heart is not so easily healed Stephany belongs to him regardless of the ridiculous claim by Lance He takes what is his and Stephany is his And he's willing to risk everything to have her and everything may be the loss of both their lives Good Golly Miss Molly I was turning the pages so fast that my IPad couldn't keep up Handsome hunky alpha wolf check Beautiful female vampire check Action danger suspense and humor check Romance and steamy sex check and check OMG I laughed I cried Absolute perfection So wicked good Fantastic read and marvelous entertainment OMG Just a little tease Dr Becky blasts her saucy self right into this story and discovers that she just may prefer a sexy wolf Oh my goodness I can hardly wait for Becky's story in Charlene's upcoming new series Unlikely Mates And for great reading read Hartnady's preuel series Chosen by the Vampire Kings

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EBOOK ï EPUB Determined Theft Chosen #2C Chosen #2CStolen by the Alpha Wolf #3 ä Ù DOGSALONBRISTOL ✓ [Reading] ➿ Determined Theft Chosen #2C Chosen #2CStolen by the Alpha Wolf #3 By Charlene Hartnady – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk PART 3 ShifterVampirePART ShifterVampire Serial Stolen by Chosen #2C Epub #221 the Alpha Wolf is a follow on to Chosen by the Vampire Kings It is strongly recommended that you read this part serial first Whisked away to the shifter Determined Theft PDFEPUB or village Stephany is fearful of wha I jumped right into these 3 installments after Chosen by the vampire kings and I actually think I liked these even better I love the shifters I love Ward and Stefany all of it I still think they're a little rushed and incomplete feeling but less so than CBTVK and not enough to take away from how much I enjoyed the story I have to say I'm not a fan of Becky I think the things that come out of her mouth are pretty ridiculous and distracting but I'm VERY eager to read about her relationship with Rushe who I adore and Ross who seems sweet too I do hope she gets toned down a little though spoilery The ending of Stolen by the Alpha Wolf was great Nail biting a little gut wrenching and super sweet but the conflicts wrapped up very uickly and easily I don't think the kings could have just let them go like that and definitely not without some debates and issues Might have been a good time to have the ueen step in and mediate Nor do I believe that Lance would just hunker off never to be heard from again I think he'd have been best killed off But maybe he'll be an issue in a later book I had also expected an appearance from Ward's mother She was mentioned as being important to him and the pack yet all the time that Stefany was there there was no appearance That's what I mean by rushed There could just be completeness Circles being closed I guessI also REALLY would have liked a peek of where Wards thoughts and emotions were while him and Stefany were separated in the beginning I love getting both POVs and that felt like a lost opportunity to me Again there's soooo many ways Charlene can go with this story I'm guessing the elf PRINCE asshat is who made the initial arrangement with the wolves The beginning of so many books Excellent world building and setting up for I'll definitely be reading the restFrom what I've read they get better with ever installment