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Download A Hippo Banuet Ebook õ 52 pages ½ ➥ [Epub] ➟ A Hippo Banuet By Mary Henrietta Kingsley ➯ – 'While engaged on this hunt I felt the earth uiver under my feet and heard a soft big soughing sound and looking round saw I had dropped in on a hippo banuet' Told with verve and self mockingIng elephants and fighting off a leopard with a stool Introducing Little Black Classics books for Penguin's th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics with books from around the world and across many centuries They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden o Mary Kingsley is certainly a woman to admire She was a British explorer of the 19th century who studied cultures and peoples in West Africa Back in the day it certainly wasn't a job often done by women and her development sounds like straight out of a blockbuster From an early age on she was interested in science and stories of explorers than those of romantic novelists such as Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters When her parents became ill and died soon after she was freed from the responsibility of looking after them and decided to finish a book about African culture which her father had started and decided to go and explore West Africa A Hippo Banuet is a collection of excerpts from her travel journal which are reflective observant and occasionally amusing Being the emancipated woman she wanted to be she travelled without any men to protect her but with a translator and the help of a few natives The gender based thinking of the Victorian Era shines through for she has to fight a leopard with a wooden stool as it wouldn't be ladylike to carry around a gun And yet she does it And thereby saves the dog the leopard was attacking What a woman I would recommend this to everyone interested in natural history and explorers' journalsIn 2015 Penguin introduced the Little Black Classics series to celebrate Penguin's 80th birthday Including little stories from around the world and across many centuries as the publisher describes I have been intrigued to read those for a long time before finally having started I hope to sooner or later read and review all of them

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F blossom in Japan from Tierra del Fuego to th century California and the Russian steppe Here are stories lyrical and savage poems epic and intimate essays satirical and inspirational and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions Mary Henrietta KingsleyKingsley's work is available in Penguin Classics in Travels in West Afri Read all my reviews on This was an interesting read The Hippo Banuet features travel stories by Mary Kingsley being an explorer in a time where female explorers were very rare So for that I found it interesting to read about and she actually writes uite well However her views are very Victorian obviously and I've found that I never like these travel stories very much Little Black Classics #32

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A Hippo Banuet'While engaged on this hunt I felt the earth uiver under my feet and heard a soft big soughing sound and looking round saw I had dropped in on a hippo banuet' Told with verve and self mocking wit the adventures A Hippo Kindle of doughty female Victorian explorer Mary Kingsley describe stumbling upon five hippos by night dodg Indeed the ways of Providence here are wonderful in their strange dual intention to preserve and to destroy; Mary Kingsley A Hippo BanuetVol N° 32 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set This volume contains exerpts from Kingsley's 1897 book 'Travels in West Africa' The following are the four pieces in Vol 321 A Hippo Banuet ★★★★★2 Five Gorillas ★★★3 Elephant Hunt ★★★★★4 Fight with a Leopard ★★★★★First I really enjoyed this small piece Mary Kingsley reminds me of those Victorian women you see in EM Forster novels or in various Victorian BBC dramas completely bold confident and immune to the full danger they are in It is as if this scientific suffragette just carries the confidence of the British Empire with her wherever she goes That said probably my only negative on this work and it isn't super negative given the time and place this was written was her writing might have contributed in some form or fashion to BritishEuropean colonization of Africa AND stereotyping of African tribes Maybe For me at least in these writings she is fantastically droll witty self effacing and completely delivers the scene and the smell of her experiences with Hippos Gorillas Elephants Leopards and various tribes of West Africa