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The Ushuaia RabbitOnline fictionThe narrator capture. What would a short story read like if absurdist author par excellence Fernando Sorrentino from Argentina journeyed into the weird supernatural world of H P Lovecraft Answer move over ghouls move over thing on the doorstep move over Cthulhu here comes a critter beyond all boundaries and categories Ladies and gentleman take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the ultimate in weird The Ushuaia RabbitThe tale is told by one Andrés Bertoldi zoologist and specialist in extinct and endangered species Andrés relates how he made his miraculous discovery of one of these rarest of rabbits on an embankment along a railroad in Buenos Aires Fortunately the Ushuaia rabbit didn’t scamper away but remained still only shaking its silver tuft of feathers as if to challenge Slowly slowly using the shirt off his back as a kind of net the zoologist was able to gather the rabbit up feathers and all and carry it back to his apartment up on the eighth floorWith upmost care so as not to hurt or upset the creature Andrés places it in a cage but in the process a stroke of bad luck the rabbit hits his arm with its stinger If a rabbit with a tuft of feathers and a stinger sounds a tad strange please keep in mind this is no ordinary rabbit but the Ushuaia rabbitThe strangeness continues but the zoologist’s telling is straightforward and matter of fact for food he cuts up lights into small pieces and mixes the glass with milk and chickpeas Before retiring to his bedroom Andrés watches as the rabbit’s violet scales pop out a sign of its becoming docile He moves the furniture in his living room and opens the cage door as he knows his rabbit will expand at night filling the room like a thick pudding However this is anything but a problem since the Ushuaia will return to its smaller size in the morningPlease read for yourself via the link below to see what unfolds which includes some bizarreness with Anadrés’s girlfriend and the Ushuaia rabbit’s fur What I find so appealing is how this Fernando Sorrentino short snapper can be taken either as an entertaining children’s story or a tale in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe where we just might be dealing with a narrator who is completely mad What a combinationLink to The Ushuaia Rabbit by Fernando Sorrentino

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READ & DOWNLOAD í The Ushuaia Rabbit ☆ [Download] ➺ The Ushuaia Rabbit ➿ Fernando Sorrentino – Online fictionThe narrator captures a rare rabbit like creature thought to be extinct for over a century Online fictionThe narrator captures a rare rabbit like creature thought to be extinct for over a centuGht to be extinct for over a centu. Okay that was only five pages long uite absurd though Thanks Glenn

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S a rare rabbit like creature thou. The Ushuaia Rabbit is an amazing sounding creature I'm surprised I haven't heard of it beforewait a minuteyou don't think Sorrentino made it up do you Whether it is real or not the Ushuaia Rabbit would make an awesome pet to haveThe writing is simple almost childlike at times and that style works well with this story You make think that is a bad thing but being able to write a story with the imagination of a 5 year old and then still manage to draw you in is uite an achievementRight I'm off to hunt for The Ushuaia Rabbit