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PDF Ð BOOK A Single Stone FREE ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL ↠ ❮EPUB❯ ✼ A Single Stone Author Meg McKinlay – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Every girl dreams of being part of the line—the chosen seven who tunnel deep into the mountain to find the harvest No work is importantJena is the leader of the line—strong Second bowl of stew Or A Single eBook #197 a firstBut what happens when one tiny discovery makes Jena uestion the world she knows What happens when moving a single stone changes everythi Meg McKinley A Single Stone 2015So interesting to see how a group of people can be over protected and controlled Not unlike a cult Jena is an important girl bred to be slim so she can work in the mines The whole community relies on her but she discovers a horrifying secretBeautifully written; some may call it a slow burner but events do unfold and we grow to love the charactersI enjoyed the flashbacks in different font which gave Jena’s backstory Also the introduction of a mystery character – it doesn’t matter that we know who it is as we wonder how it will finally resolve I also enjoyed the writing style ‘She didn’t reply Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth her voice a shifty thing unreliable’ p 200‘It felt like she was unravelling Things she had thought long forgotten were all of a sudden right ‘there’ bright fibres of memory unspooling And she had seen how this worked how it began with one frayed corner a single loose thread’ p 104Innovative Marketed as children's yet is of a crossover into the lower end of YA middle school

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Every girl dreams of being part of the line the chosen seven who tunnel deep into the mountain to find the harvest No work is importantJena is the leader of the line strong respected reli Reread for spec fic talk Just as disturbingThis is deliberate clever writing which reflects the themes and the style of novel I like a book I can't slot easily into a genre or category A book that defies classification is well worth it The cool silent rocks that rule Jena's world is reflected back in every precise and deft sentence The village's survival is extremely clearly depicted through dispassionate tones It's very effectiveMcKinlay never overplays her dramatic moments allowing readers to confront some awful realities of this society through a thoughtful and measured lensReally beautiful really powerful really strong

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A Single StoneAble And as all girls must be she is small years of training have seen to that It is not always easy but it is the way of things And so a girl must wrap her limbs lie still deny herself a What first drew me to A Single Stone was the fact that this is essentially a younger version of the YA and Adult dystopian novels that I love I was so excited to see how Meg McKinlay would bring Jena's sheltered world to life and how she would address the society as a whole I won't lie I had pretty high hopes for this book Unfortunately it failed to reach uite as high as my expectations were setTo start with the positives I can say that Jena's society is fairly well laid out in this book The reader uickly understands that the mountain and the harvest are the focal point of life in this small society Status in Jena's world is based on how much one is able to contribute to the community and that means that the girls who can descend into the mountain are the elite I loved this concept and especially loved the fact that Jena's backstory didn't allow her to be too proud Her life hasn't been an easy one and so Jena takes nothing for granted Which is important in this storyWhat I missed mainly the further I got into the book was real character development Although Jena definitely learns the dark secrets that her society hides she never really grows as a person I think and this is completely my opinion that the lack of real dialogue in this book is really what sets it back We see what Jena thinks We see what she does We never see her really stand up for herself or her beliefs though It made really falling in love with her as a character and therefore with the characters around her a lot difficultIn fact I think what this book really needed was just time More pages to bring Jena into her own More opportunity for interactions with her fellow community members and especially time for adventure in the mountain The book flew by but I was left at the end feeling like something was missing I loved the concepts presented in this book but I feel like they weren't as fleshed out as they could be So I'm sitting at a three star rating