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A god making their return home all the urgent But when they are finally found in a distant land troubles only seem to get worse for Jari and the companions he's picked up along the wa Sadly didn't like this one as much as Sky Treader because not enough Loki sad face

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Dwarfs Ransom Lay of Runes #2Jari a young dwarf from an isolated kingdom is sent out to find his trouble making brothers After being saved by a stranger from being trampled by a horse Jari finds himself with a ne A dwarf goes on a mission to find his brothers before they can get themselves into troubleToo little too late Jari's brothers have already gotten themselves into a heap of trouble Judging by the synopsis this is the kind of story I would normally love That isn't the case here unfortunatelyJari encounters gods Odin and Loki who provide most of the dialogue and a small amount of humor during this short trek through the countryside There was almost no action through the entire story and what there was consisted of only a few sentences Buying ponies seemed to be as exciting as it got Jari's reaction to what he finds is believable but there is so little to his character that I couldn't really sympathize or get to know him The gods just seemed to be there for the fun of it There weren't any hidden meanings or supernatural occurrences that reuired the presence of two gods I really wanted to like this and I kept hoping something spectacular was about to happen Sadly it never didI was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review


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read Dwarfs Ransom Lay of Runes #2 epub ✓ Kindle Edition ✓ m.l. larson î [Download] ✤ Dwarfs Ransom Lay of Runes #2 ➸ M.L. Larson – Jari a young dwarf from an isolated kingdom is sent out to find his trouble making brothers After being saved by a strW companion in this strange land As they search for Jari's kin they find trouble made than either of them had anticipated Soon Jari's missing brothers are implicated in the murder of One sentence summary A confused dwarf journeys the wide world with a few Norse gods as companionsThe good The story is well edited and competently written Much of the story was hovering close to a 4 star for me until some confusing strange plot twists near the end threw me for a loop There's some intricate world building too which I probably would have appreciated if I'd had a chance to read the other books in the seriesThe bad A lot of typical elements Loki acts kind of like a run of the mill Loki and the main character dwarf is pretty much a run of the mill dwarf The first half of the story moves along at a decent pace but the tension isn't very high maybe because the goal finding lost brothers doesn't seem all that important even to the main character Toward the end there's a series of random events that I can't make heads or tails of One seems very unrealistic a thrown whetstone convinces a bunch of slaves to kill each other fighting over it? and one seems bizarre and needlessly gruesome one of the characters finds a chugs three jars of human blood These events happen in rapid seuence without much explanation as to why they're important or what they have to do with the story I was also left wondering what the answer to the main mystery was why did the brothers view spoiler murder someone and sink a ship in the first place hide spoiler