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The Culture BlueprintThe Culture Blueprint is a systematic guide to building a company culture This book is abou. Picked up this book to get an inside view into what made Zappos an enterprise that was willing to pay over a billion dollars worth for Unfortunately however this is the type of management book that looks like it was run through the company HR and PR departments before publication to make sure nothing negative critical or authentic remains in the end product To outline a few of the core issues of the book1 The book is rife with the clichéd management doublespeak Decisions by management are freuently euated with organizational culture and values Of course doing so makes it easy to argue that employees who uestion them are suffering from limiting beliefs in English not being fools and should be let go in English fired Good management according to this book is supposedly when top professionals who do not buy into the values in English uestion the management at all are fired instead of the yes men who are not as capable yes this is an actual argument in the book Based on my experience companies who engage in this sort of poppycock tend to suffer from it sooner or later as has Zappos see for instance 2 The book is rife with that forced fake positivity which very few people these days buy any Some examples I have covered above but those are just few examples the book if full of it throughout3 As a result the book does not deliver what it promises It is not a guide to building the high performance workplace Instead it's PR for the company and its management Which is a shame really since Zappos' is an interesting story worthy of being told A neutral treatise would be welcome But this is not it; this is an attempt into trying to sell you snake oil Not worth the time for a neutral reader

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Experience teaching culture building to companies like Google PG and Robert Richman reveal. I really enjoyed this book great insights foundational exercises that can create a truly uniue culture

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The Culture Blueprint Free read ´ 0 É ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ The Culture Blueprint Author Robert Richman – The Culture Blueprint is a systematic guide to building a company culture This book is about fostering committed enthusiastic employees Distilling his years of experience teaching culture building to T fostering The Culture MOBI #8608 committed enthusiastic employees Distilling his years of. If you are looking for a manual to improve or fix culture on your organization this is a good start The author gives you a lot of practical tips sometimes obvious but very useful Others are things that from my point of view every business need to do to reach a healthy cultural environment for their workers