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Doc ´ Race Matters 159 pages ↠ Cornel west ↠ [Ebook] ➡ Race Matters Author Cornel West – In this essay collection many of which have previously appeared in journals West the director of Afro American studies at Princeton author of several books addresses a number of issues of concern to b In this essay collection many of which have previously appeared in journals West the director of Afro American studies at Princeton author of several books addresses a number of issues of concern to black Americans the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict Malcolm X Clarence Thomas Anita Hill black street life These topics are all timely yet timeless in that they represent the continuing struggle to include A A series of smart essays on race class and gender in America Race Matters passionately critiues the imperialist state and calls for a just society liberated from oppression In neat prose scholar Cornel West breaks down complex concepts for academics and lay readers alike from the multilayered rhetoric of Malcolm X to Black sexuality's fraught relation to American racism culture and politics West writes clearly about historical injustice and collective trauma without oversimplifying any of his subjects; he views each through an anti racist feminist lens that fully reckons with the nation's destructive foreign policy and his emphasis on the inseparability of institutions and behaviors allows him to mount powerful arguments against liberalism and conservatism Many of these ideas have now entered the mainstream but they're lucidly expressed here and well worth checking out First published in the early '90s and recently released the author's most famous work seems especially relevant for a time when neoliberalism's driven the world to the brink of ecological and social collapse

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Frican Americans in mainstream American political economic social life without destroying their uniue culture The essays have the feel of a fine sermon with thought provoking ideas new ways of looking at the same old problems They can be uickly read yet take a long time to digest because of West's uniue slant on life Already well known in scholarly circles he's increasingly becoming visible to the general publ 25 years later it is disheartening to realize that this book is still completely relevant The current WestCoates feud is explained pretty well when you realize West is pushing a much progressive and radical agenda than Coates Also West takes a much broader and accurate approach to issues of race seeing them as a subset of larger economic and political issues Economic ineuality and corporate power only enable the continued racism and bridging the gap on these larger issues with others eually situated like most of us is the only way anything will be different when the book is reissued for its 50th anniversaryOn a side note West's analysis on the Anita HillClarence Thomas debacle is the best I've ever read and it explains much of what happened even though I lived through all those debates as a baby lawyer

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Race MattersIc This book should make his essays accessible to a greater number of people Library JournalPrefaceIntroduction Race mattersNihilism in Black America The pitfalls of racial reasoningThe crisis of Black leadership Demystifying the new Black conservatismBeyond affirmative action euality and identityOn Black Jewish relations Black sexuality the taboo subjectMalcolm X and Black rage Epilogue to the Vintage edition This is the first Cornel West book I have read and in fact it is the first piece I have read fully on the issue of race As a white person spending my formative years in an overwhemingly small white town I was not exposed much to race issues There was some mention of slavery but it was something that was well in the past America having progressed since the Civil Rights movement In high school American history courses were largely focused on American foreign affairs especially American wars I hadn't heard much at all about black history College changed this uite a bit I had no idea about the origins of the NAACP or the many difficulties faced by black people after the Civil War I came to this book with many hopes especially after hearing Cornel West speak in person The book though mainly a criticism of black leadership and contemporary prospects for black communities I thought it would be concrete in its outlook and philosophical in its implications it did not disappoint West talks about issues of contemporary racism by looking past 'racial reasoning' with 'moral reasoning' He also thinks that a contemporary prophetic black leader must be multicultural and international in his or her desire not just localized and pastoring a specific race His analysis of contemporary thought on the problems that black Americans face was especially helpful for me as he charts out a third way to understand these issues apart from conservative behaviorism and liberal structuralism 2013