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mobi Î The Dogs of Littlefield ´ Suzanne Berne Eams its leafy streets and charming village centerYet no sooner has sociologist Dr Clarice Watkins arrived to study the elements of “good uality of life” than someone begins poisoning the town’s dogs Are the poisonings in protest to an off leash proposal for Baldwin Park the subject of much town debate or the sign of a far deeper disorder? Certainly these types of thin You know how often books grow on you? They start out slow or confusing or whatever and they just get better and better Well this book sort of shrunk on me I liked it a lot at first The characters and their challenges grabbed me and the sense of community in this New England town seemed so interesting I wanted to know what was going to happen to everyone But as the book went along everyone just started getting on my nerves and I didn't care as much what happened to them Granted the book has some sly humor and good commentary on our modern society loveless marriages kids who have everything yet nothing etc but no one was likable enough for me to care very much Also the small element of fantasy was confusing and wrapped up in a pat sort of way The whole ending was just blah So I guess I'm giving it three stars because I loved it so much in the beginning and had such hopes for this novel I thought it might be sort of an Anne Tyler style But it left me cold

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Download The Dogs of Littlefield kindle ´ 288 pages ¸ Suzanne Berne æ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Dogs of Littlefield By Suzanne Berne – A “brilliantly done” Sunday Times London comedy of manners that explores the unease behind the manicured lawns of suburban America from t Gs don’t happen in LittlefieldWith an element of suspense satirical social commentary and in depth character portraits Suzanne Berne’s nuanced novel reveals the discontent concealed behind the manicured lawns and picket fences of darkest suburbia The Dogs of Littlefield is “a compelling poignant yet unsentimental novel that examines life love and loss” Sunday Mirror This book was pretty meh I struggled to get into it at all and even the mystery surrounding the dogs wasn’t the main part of the book In fact the dogs only play a bit part and the main character according to the blurb isn’t the main character The book instead seems to be focusing primarily on one rather unhappy marriageTo me the only exciting part was when a teenage girl almost fell through the ice Sorry but this one isn’t getting a recommendation from me

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The Dogs of LittlefieldA “brilliantly done” Sunday Times London comedy of manners that explores the unease behind the manicured lawns of suburban America from the Orange Prize–winning author of A Crime in the NeighborhoodLittlefield Massachusetts named one of the Ten Best Places to Live in America full of psychologists and college professors is proud of its fine schools its girls’ soccer t I think I may have set my sights a little high for this one; I'd had my eye on it since it's publication date was announced last year and I was really hoping for some super snarky reading about this idyllic fictitious upper crust Massachusetts neighborhood where the residents are consumed with first world problems like the mystery of several dogs being poisoned So please note that this may be a great book for many of you; it just wasn't what I'd expected What I Really Liked The beautifully descriptive writingHouses stop signs bicycle fenders all wore a precise gleaming look a clarity brought on by the cool dry weather and in the evenings the light turned gold as it was gathered into the harleuin trees caught within nets of branches and leavesSome of the characters especially the secondary charactersSomeone last winter saw a black bear though the bear turned out to be Mrs Beale head of the Baldwin Park Garden Collective examining the chicken wire fencing in her old mink coatThe author's perspective on the human condition she had stumbled onto the most unbalanced people of all they were afraid of everything They projected their fears onto everything Everything they could do nothing about but had the wit to recognizeWhat I Didn't Like Some of the aforementioned descriptive writing seemed a little forced as if the author was reaching to overcome a slow plot and a disconnect between the mingling story linesThere were so many characters; I realize that this is a story about a community but I would really have enjoyed a little depth Some of the characters were delightful and I would've enjoyed reading about them; isn't that what a character driven novel is all about?The mystery of the dog murders was so lightly touched upon that I almost forgot about it; it was sewn up very neatly at the endingWhile I considered giving up on this one it is certainly not without merit; I think that the dog mystery is oversold and if you take that away there is some entertaining comedy and lovely writingjust not uite enough to pull it all together for me