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Download Innumeracy Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Conseuences Epub ¾ 304 pages É [Read] ➵ Innumeracy Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Conseuences By John Allen Paulos – From the author of the national bestseller Innumeracy a delightful exploration and explanation Xplanation of mathematical concepts from algebra to zero in easily accessible alphabetical entries Paulos do Another reread More fun stuff that even a non math person will probably find interesting

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Es for mathematics what The Joy of Sex did for the boudoir Washington Post Book World First time in paperbac NOTE I didn't actually finish this bookHonestly there's nothing really wrong with Beyond Numeracy per se It's just not for me Having expected something similar to its predecessor Innumeracy I was surprised to find that it's actually a collection of essays on mathematical topics directed at the interested general readerAs a Master's level mathematics graduate it didn't really add anything for me or at least not enough that I felt it was worth finishingThat said Paulos is a decent writer so if you don't have a very mathematical background but are willing to be convinced that it really is cool stuff I would recommend checking this book out Three stars for the nonmathematicians Unfortunately I spotted at least one flagrant mathematical myth supposed facts about phi the so called golden ratio In fact it was just one of many ratios known to ancient Greek geometers; the Parthenon's ratios can be adjusted to suit as long as you pick the zoom on an image and the thickness of the measurement lines; golden spirals in nature are often general logarithmic spirals; etc Mathematics is awesome enough without falling victim to mysticism

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Innumeracy Mathematical Illiteracy and Its ConseuencesFrom the Illiteracy and PDF #197 author of the national bestseller Innumeracy a delightful exploration and e For those of you who know Paulos's work this is a follow up book to his New York Times bestselling Innumeracy Paulos is a mathematician who is passionate about being being mathematically literate and his first book covers a lot of the common misconceptions of the average layperson when it comes to mathematicsHis next offering was this little number if you'll pardon the pun an uncommon dictionary of mathematics to uote the front page And it is just that it is a journey through a whole host of mathematical concepts ranging from Area and Volume through Calculus Trigonometry and Pi to abstract concepts such as Fractals Human Consciousness and Platonic SolidsThis is a man who loves mathematics and wants other people to love and understand mathematics too That is never a bad thing in my book maths is not as scary as people make it out to be Well most of maths actually is frightening but the day to day stuff is fascinating useful and not all that difficultAnyway back to Paulos This book is a dictionary and so naturally the concepts are arranged in alphabetical order This is the logical way to arrange things but I find it means the level of understanding reuired for a partial topic jumps around a lot I guess this is by no means a bad thing it just means it is not the sort of book you can work your way into as suchYou might find some of the earlier concepts pass you by a bit if you aren't from a certain school of mathematical thinking This is definitely not a mathematics for dummies nor was it ever intended as one I have a pretty decent standard of maths as a baseline and there were some of the ideas that outfoxed me completelyHowever it is worth persevering with because there are some fascinating sections and Paulos's love for his subject shines through Everyone who reads this will be a little bit better at understanding mathematics and how it interacts with and influences the world around us which is definitely no bad thingVerdict 4 stars out of 5