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read The Phoenix Rising Destiny Calls kindle ´ Kindle Edition à ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ The Phoenix Rising Destiny Calls ✮ Author Phenice Arielle – Have you ever felt like you’ve been preparing for something bigger?Do all your friends think your dreams are just plain crazy?CAfficking ring operated by a large scale poaching operation She flees to a refuge called Ipharadisi There she meets the majestic menacing ueen Zaina and a handsome doctor named Erec”“With its emphasis on South African politics and current events Arielle's novel is a refreshing departure from the well trod ground of paranormal romance stories The constant athletic competition among donga fighters will remind readers that despite the prevailing desire for peace this is a warrior culture that must remain battle ready Kay's narrative voice as written by Arielle is Oh WOW Where do I even begin?? Towards the end of January I got an email through Goodreads from Phenice Arielle whom I'd never heard of asking if I would read her book and review it for her So apprehensive I went to the book's info page and after seeing the cover I was like I don't know then I read the synopsis and I thought okay I'll give it a go And boy am I glad I didThis book The Phoenix Rising Destiny Calls isit'sI don't even have words The story starts with a disturbing Preface click here to read that leaves you thinking that our MC is being tortured for the memories that become our story Nanyamka or Kay for short is a beautiful African American college student in NYC who has been awarded the chance of a lifetime a one month internship in South Africa for the NY Times What journalism major could pass that up? Well if you could predict the future you would At the airport in Cape Town there's an explosion and Kay is kidnapped and forced into a poacher's slave camp At the camp another slave rescues her and the others that are imprisoned there and takes them to her tribe Ipharadisi which translates to paradise Here Kay learns about herself and what she is capable of doing for those she loves I loved these characters Kay is so relatable in terms of her transformation from a normal American college student to a moral leader The things that she encounters love loss being kidnapped all contribute to her development and I must say when faced with those atrocities she handles them well She appropriately breaks down but then she picks herself back up Then there's the two men in her life Callum her American not so much boyfriend but definitely love of her life and Erec the doctor in the African tribe she takes refuge in This is not a typical love triangle scenario instead put yourself in Kay's shoesshe's been kidnapped probably is thought dead no hope of returning homeI'd move on to the sweet attractive doctor too And I can't write a review without mentioning Beth and Tuki Beth was Kay's college roommate and best friend then the whole kidnapping thing happens Tuki is the slave who saves Kay from the poachers and in turn becomes her best friend I loved both of these characters so much They bring the best out in Kay just like friends shouldThe writing is phenomenal I loved each and every aspect of the plot and the imagery of South Africa I felt like I was there experiencing what Kay was feeling hearing and seeing Told in first person POV we get to see inside Kay's head and not only experience things as she does but also feel her emotions What a roller coaster this book was I was laughing out loud crying and my heart warmed with some of her experiences This story has a little bit for everyone Mystery suspense romance and a bonus it's a clean read I don't think I read a single foul word in the book Though my guess Kay is 21 or 22 this book can be a YA or NA read with themes that I think teenagers will learn from Caution though there is a cliff hanger Can't wait to find out what happens to our Kay and the rest of the characters in book two I received a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Well suited to a promising young journalist and she comes across as witty and observant but self conscious and vulnerable smart Kirkus ReviewsIf Kay can survive she may just become the kind of PEACE seeking hero her classmates would never believe Kay might even stumble through homesickness and loneliness into a surprising loveOf course our brave girl may instead discover the answer to something she never wanted to know the answer toWhat happens when you die#Hold on to life#Fall in love#And FACE YOUR FEARSBook 1 in the SeriesYour journey begins here Answer the cal So first I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of her work for me to read and review It was truly an honorNow where do I begin with this novel I loved it I hated it It made me laugh cry wand to pull my hair out scream and or throw my hands up in their air I've never had so many emotions come at me from reading a book full force before An enchanting story about a young woman trying to find her way in the world when things don't go as planned Haunted by dreams and visions she can't explain destiny calls and takes her on a wild ride and life journey she can and will never forget Kay the main character is everything I love and hate about female leads She is strong and independent yet gullible and so naïve about the world around her that she winds up making so many bad decisions that just wind sup leading her into turmoil danger and peril Throughout the book I'm screaming at her to just accept her gifts and just work with it Accept her destiny all of it and work with it yet no matter what even when you think she accepts it or at least one aspect of it she fails at accepting other aspects of her gift her journey ands her destiny Not to mention I'm really not a fan of that love will save us crap Not that I don't believe love isn't powerful but when a man has a loaded barrel of a gun pointing at your head and you know for certain her will not hesitate to use it on you your friends your family and will never stop coming after you why do you then try to save his life? I'm sorry I'm a realist Some lunatic is coming after me and my loved ones and the authorities are corrupt yeah I'm killing that person But hey that's just me Besides that I absolutely loved reading this book and am extremely excited to read the seuel so I know what happens to Kay seeing as the ending was angrily predictable sigh But barable knowing there is to Kay's story

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The Phoenix Rising Destiny CallsHave you ever felt like you’ve been preparing for something bigger?Do all your friends think your dreams are just plain crazy?College student Kay Morowa goes up against warlords poachers and human traffickers in The Phoenix Rising – Destiny CallsFind out what Kay must sacrifice to help somehow familiar strangers bring about peace From Kirkus Reviews“After her parents reveal that they haven't been honest with her about her past Kay leaves for South Africa feeling bitter and anxious Her excitement on arrival is cut short when she becomes a victim of a human tr I received this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed the story and Kay’s mission for peace This book is really long but it’s uite good There were some slower areas in the book that weren’t too interesting but for the most part it was full of action I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys the fantasy world and although it has a bit of love in it I don’t think I could really recommend it to those into love stories Many fantasy stories have big love scenes; this one just isn’t one of them But that does not take away from the enjoymentThere is fighting action in it so if that’s what you seek you should give this book a shot I really enjoyed it