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Last Wolf Standing free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Last Wolf Standing By Rhyannon Byrd ➲ – That a woman who was his perfect match even existed And that he'd find her in a bustling cafe Yet just the scent of sweet mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving eSon now faced the ultimate challenge Did he have the courage to cross the line by sealing the blood bond that would make Torry his alone a disloyalty few of his kind ever survived or would he live an eternity without lov. Torrance is the human mate of Mason who is half werewolf half human A Bloodrunner This shifter romance in particular stands out from some in recent memory The author takes time to not only flesh out the main characters but provide entertaining secondary characters and an interesting background for the wold of the werewolfA hundred pages in your wondering who is going to be in Book 2 there is teaser at the end D The story is so evovling you want I liked that Torrance Tor tried to be strong and make a stand against what Mason proposed Being mated wo love Of course that would never work I liked that Mason got it from all sides His friends family and even a dream visit from his dead brother The conflict of Bloodrunnning hunting rogues added to the plot It was not distracting or time consuming You got the sense that being a Bloodrunner was every bit apart of Mason as him being mated to Tor

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That a woman who was his perfect match even existed And that he'd find her in a bustling cafe Yet just the scent of sweet mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would n. I can't believe I'm going to say this but why have I wasted so much time with vampires when werewolves have been right THEREThis was fun very INSTA all around alpha hella sexy and exactly what I needed Well I would have done with steam but hey

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Last Wolf StandingEver sanction Worse the rogue werewolf he'd been hunting had sensed that attraction and made Last Wolf Kindle Torry his prey Forced to safeguard her from this ruthless assassin who already posed a threat to his pack Ma. Rhyannon Byrd's Last Wolf Standing stars Torrance Wilson and werewolf Mason Dillinger Torrance is minding her own business getting lunch at a cafe when she meets Mason Their eyes meet and it's instant magic Mason is busy trying to feed his friend and catch a rogue werewolf at the time but when he catches the delicious scent of his mate he's instantly on the prowl Desperate to get to her but unsure of how to approach her he does the only thing he can think of to get her to stay and talk with him Thinking fast he employs a foolproof plan and trips her Gallantly he comes to her aid but his intensity unnerves Torrance and pretty soon she's fleeing him Unfortunately the rogue werewolf Mason was tracking caught the whole spectacle and follows Torrance to her home and attacks her Luckily for her Mason was hot on his mate's heels and was able to thwart the attack He takes her up to the mountains to protect her and to also hopefully lay claim to the woman nature has decreed as his mate Due to the hierarchy within the werewolf clan Mason and his family have dealt with prejudice all his life and because of it he's afraid to love and to trust believing it will make him vulnerable Torrance is willing to mate with Mason and accept the strange and frightening new world she's been thrust into but she won't do it without his love Mason is going to have to learn to let go of his own pride and let his little mate into his heart if he's going to win her The introduction of Mason and Torrance was extremely fun I've never read about the hero grabbing his heroine's attention by tripping her His near frantic attempts to make Torrance believe that he was harmless was so funny to read about especially after he starts freaking her out with his intensity Unfortunately once the fun of their first meeting passes it all goes downhill The rogue werewolf that attacks Torrance is a barely fleshed out one dimensional bad guy He's angry that Mason killed his brother 5 years ago and has just now found a way to get his revenge After that we don't see the villain again until the end but he does pop up every now and again through lame phone calls where he passes along his dire threats The worldbuilding of the werewolf clan and their hierarchy was not very informative or imaginative and the whole pace of the book was slow Rhyannon Byrd really doesn't do anything with the story except have the the hero and heroine go back and forth on why they can't love each other The villain pops up every now and again with his telephone tough guy act while the heroine bemoans the fact that the love of her life won't love her back and the hero stresses that his mate can't get past the fact that he's a werewolf The sex was also boring I thought I was surprised that a Rhyannon Byrd novel would have such tepid lukewarm love scenes There was only two sex scenes in the book and they were pretty yawn worthy All in all I was disappointed with the Last Wolf Standing and can't recommend it It didn't have any interesting characters that I would want to revisit the sex was nothing to write home about and the pace of the book was as riveting as watching paint dry