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read reader ✓ Wild Hunt ✓ Ð ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Wild Hunt Author Lori Devoti – Alongside his hellhound brethren Venge Leidolf was summoned to start the Wild Hunt anew But in this dreaded pursuit of souls Venge sought to free himself from his infernal bondage by claiming the hear Alongside his D so close made Geysa doubt her every instinct To stop the Hunt the two blood born enemies would need to cast aside old vows and allegiances Only then could no one uestion the strength of their uni I really enjoyed the plot going on in this book and the leads were great

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Alongside his hellhound brethren Venge Leidolf was summoned to start the Wild Hunt anew But in this dreaded pursuit of souls Venge sought to free himself from his infernal bondage by claiming the h Right now at this exact moment in time Venge would have taken on an army of ale crazed dwarves just for a few moments in her armsThis was a good book By the time I was half way done with it I couldn't believe how many things had happened already And I couldn't imagine all the things that would happen before the endGeysa is a Valkyrie Venge is a hellhound Risk's son Risk was the hero in Unbound Venge is filled with hate for his father and wants to kill him He wants the ErlKing's horn so that he can control all the hellhounds and send them to murder his fatherGeysa is posing as a barmaid along with her sister and her aunt Her mother was slaughtered by the ErlKing in the Great Hunt She and the other Valkyries are determined to get the Horn and hide it away so that no one else will dieA Valkyrie and a hellhound They've always been mortal enemies But Geysa and Venge start having feelings for each other even though both are hiding huge secretsFun fun fun Devoti weaves Norse mythology into a modern world It's very entertainingThis book is exciting fast paced and full of twists and turns Geysa and Venge both have their dark pasts and Venge's murderous dark intentions are rather frightening Geysa has this very curly red hair and I was just picturing her in my mind Venge is a redhead too well auburn reallyHow's the sex CarmenSighThis is the one place where I felt the book could have done better It's not as if Devoti can't write good sex She OBVIOUSLY has the tools and skills to do so The problem is she lacks follow through For instance the characters will start kissing Yay I settle back in my chair ready for some good kissing but then the kissing just abruptly ends before it even really started and they are having sex oO I flip the page back and forth Did I miss something Where is the extensive kissing Where is the foreplay Now If you just want to fuck and you are just going to skip some of the fun stuff that's okay I completely understand Sometimes things just go this way But this is not 'sometimes' this is a pattern with Devoti I like slow intensifying buildup with lots of foreplay Devoti tends to skip this and get right to the not very described penis in vagina sex That's not satisfying or thrilling to meIf Devoti fleshed out her sex scenes a bit we could potentially have a five star romance on our hands She's certainly got the plot excitement and world building down pat However this is the third book of hers that I've read and I think I can confidently say that she's got a pattern and it's not one I particularly enjoyNow is the sex BAD No it's not BAD Nothing bad happens It's not stupidly written and nothing upsetting happensTl;dr A wild book that moves at breakneck speed Devoti is excellent at weaving Norse mythology into a modern setting With longer and slowly paced sex scenes this book could potentially be a five star romance As it stands there's something missingFOUR ROMANCE STARS THREE REAL STARS

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Wild HuntEart of a fierce ValkyrieGeysa never uestioned the alluring gifts that set her apart from the other Valkyries or her hatred of hellhounds until Venge fell under her spell Drawing the alpha hellhoun I don't know what it was about this book maybe it's that I've always been rather a fan of fantasy and I love Valkyries but I really enjoyed this book It was my free book from Harleuin to try out the Paranormal Series and I'm pretty sure Im going to subscribe to the series now The characters shockingly were believable and the relationship between them was realistic within their world I really enjoyed this book and hope to read by the author