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characters Coal River ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB é [Download] ➾ Coal River ➹ Ellen Marie Wiseman – In this vibrant new historical novel the acclaimed author of The Plum Tree and What She Left Behind explores one young woman's determination to put an end to child labor in a Pennsylvania minLs as paid Though Emma's actions draw ire from the mine owner and police captain they lead to an alliance with a charismatic miner who offers to help her expose the truth And as the lines blur between what is legal and what is just Emma must risk everything to follow her conscience An emotional compelling novel that rings with authenticity Coal River is a deft and honest portrait of resilience in the face of hardship and of the simple acts of courage that can change everythi. It pains me to give less than a three star rating But to do otherwise when the sum total of a book's strengths and weaknesses falls short of average would be dishonest False praise is a cruel facade that benefits no one There is great value in Coal River I applaud Wiseman for bringing to light the atrocities of early twentieth century coal mining the Breaker Boys' experiences in particular Prior to reading this novel I knew nothing about these unfortunate little boys It breaks my heart to think of children as young as six forced to work in such deplorable and dangerous conditions; losing arms legs innocence and ultimately their lives all for a few lumps of coal and a pocketful of gold in the star bosses pockets In addition to credible subject matter there are moments of credible and enthralling storytelling Unfortunately they're weighted down andor shredded by bursts of unpolished prose melodramatic histrionics excessive cliches and emotive sensationalism Not to mention an over abundance of 'lip biting' hair tucking' 'fist balling' 'foot stomping' and other such theatrics Which is okay for fans of melodramatic writing styles typical in dime romances cozies and chick lit I simply prefer less theatrics and pragmatic prose Emma is a spitfire heroine and for the most part is a strong force within the novel By far she's the most fully developed character She's experienced the recent loss of her parents and is still reeling from the loss of her brothers drowning accident several years back And she's horrified by the poverty and injustice within Coal River Thus she sets out to right a few wrongs offering charity and hope by sleight of hand and cloak of darkness for the impoverished and grief stricken families in the mining village Only everything starts spiraling out of control like curly hair on a humid day With a bit polish and development by the author this could have been a much substantial and credible novel Even the author during an interview at book's end states she needs and greatly desires time to hone and polish her craft Hopefully she'll have opportunity I think she has great potential to write something substantially amazing Here's what really derailed this book for me taking it from a weak three to a two star rating over the top indulgence of implausible Emma heroics; eye rolling dialogue; the Albert 'channeling' story thread was out of sync with the rest of the story as was the unrealistic romance scene Too many spices spoil the soup Maybe what I'm trying to say is there were too many contrasting genre elements thrown together I love chocolate and I love lemonade and I love fish and I love hummus but not pureed together If that makes any sense Of course my perception of what is or isn't praiseworthy need be taken with a grain of salt It's simply my opinion Everybody has different tastes Moreover no two people approach life with identical life experiences andor worldviews mental processes emotional wells spiritual valuesGreat in spurts Fair for the most part TWO Melodramatic Heavy Prose Simplistic Historical Fiction STARS

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N the company store There miners and their impoverished families must pay inflated prices for food clothing and tools while those who owe money are turned away to starve Most heartrending of all are the breaker boys Emma sees around the village young children who toil all day sorting coal amid treacherous machinery Their soot stained faces remind Emma of the little brother she lost long ago and she begins leaving stolen food on families' doorsteps and marking the miners' bil. Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman is an extremely well written historical novel of a fictional coal town in Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s This is the author’s third novel and now I know why others are talking about her Through the eyes of her main character Emma Malloy she witnesses and relates to us the strife and horrors of coal mining in a small town owned and run by a man who is powerful greedy and cares nothing about his workers lives Her main focus is on the breaker boys who sort the coal from slate as it is pulverized Even though Child Labor Laws have been passed in the period of this novel they are all broken by this company as well as Safety Laws for the miners Emma is a strong female character who has experienced much tragedy in her young life and yet still has strength and courage to try to go against a system she finds extremely unjust She puts her own life in danger to bring light to the injustice This character also I feel stays true to her options in her times All the secondary characters are interesting and complex in their own right The plot flows to a suspenseful conclusion that was very surprising and satisfyingThank you so much to Kensington Books and Net Galley for allowing me to read this ebook in exchange for an honest review It was worth every minute

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Coal RiverIn this vibrant new historical novel the acclaimed author of The Plum Tree and What She Left Behind explores one young woman's determination to put an end to child labor in a Pennsylvania mining townAs a child Emma Malloy left isolated Coal River Pennsylvania vowing never to return Now orphaned and penniless at nineteen she accepts a train ticket from her aunt and uncle and travels back to the rough hewn community Treated like a servant by her relatives Emma works for free i. There was so much injustice in this story I was getting sick The year was 1912 Coal River Pennsylvania Mining Country Children were working in those mines as young as 6 years old They were injured disabled starving and fucking abused Author Marie Wiseman is a beautiful sensitivewriter absolutely terrific storyteller she didn't need to use profanity I just couldn't find another word to express my anger forgive me I was MAD I wanted to kick somebody in the balls myself one minute 'andor' break down crying the next There wasn't always a time in history when people said things likechildren should be allowed to have a childhood This book is a clear reminder that before Industrialization when families tended to work their own land children were sent to work as soon as they were able They were apprentices to their parents I'm sure some parents treated their children with dignity and respect taught them great values hard work without damaging them but we had nomonitor measurement of such I remember my own daughter different times working in adult theater euity actress starting at the age of nine I remember thinking I was thankful to the 'Jackie Cooper' Law Yet around the corner in Children's Theater even sports I knew for a fact kids we're not protected by child labor laws with too many demands on them in a given day with full time school and after school competitive activities We are 'still' abusing children we're just coy about itbut it this story it's so IN YOUR FACE we see it and feel it I'm still left thinking about our kids 'today' This author woke something up in me We 'have' child labor laws now yetI'm stillworried for today's children Seems the world they are being born into the fast pace is almost abusive in itself There is much a reader can take from this story many levels like peeling an onionThe true champion of this story is a young girl name Emma Is it any accident the author chose this name I'd love to ask her Haven't we had other strong lovely female souls in our books in the past named EmmaThe Breaker Boys will break your heart will melt your heart will have your heart THIS IS A STORY TO REMEMBER yep another one another reminderWE DON'T GET TO ABUSE ANYONE And certainly NOT OUR CHILDRENNOTE I did not want to details away but if any of my friends need information send me a private message Excellent book club choice Lots to discussThank You Kensington Books Netgalley and Ellen Marie Wiseman I've much respect for this author