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年代、NASAの科学者たちは、小惑星帯を突破し、木星を観測し、ついには太陽系を離脱する史上初の人工物である宇宙探査機パイオニア号に働いている未知の力を探知した。その原因に関して諸説が入り乱れた――ダーク・マターなのか? テンソル ヴェクトル スカラー重力なのか? 重力子との衝突なのか?――。この現象にとり憑かれた者たちにとってひとつ明らか. This is a uick and engaging popular science book recounting the history of a challenge to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity which describes the workings of gravity The challenge arose from anomalous data about the travels of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft Kakaes lays out his tale with the clear language and assured pacing of an experienced journalist and in many ways the book felt like a really good piece of long form journalism say from Slate or The Atlantic without all the ads In fact if I have one criticism for the book it is that it could have been longer There were a lot of interesting hints about NASA politics international trends in scientific research and our understanding of the solar system any of which could have been expanded into a chapter The flip side of this though is that the book stays focused It's the first book I've read in an e reader format and seemed pretty ideally suited for it interesting short not convoluted good layout sparing endnotesIf you're interested in astronomy or any popular science topics you will enjoy this book As someone who hasn't studied any physics since high school and avoided most college science I was able to follow most of the text and only skimmed through a couple of sentences So if you're not a science buff but you like learning new things about history policy or exploration you should be able to enjoy it too

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The Pioneer Detectivesだったこと、それは、パイオニア・アノマリーはアインシュタインやニュートンをひっくり返し、宇宙についてわれわれが知っているいっさいを変えてしまうポテンシャルを秘めているということだった。 著者は、確かな筆力と、専門家の正確さによって、この謎を解明しようとした者たちの足どりを追い、科学版の警察捜査小説ともいうべき作品に仕上げた。広範な?. Keeping this one short as befits a short e book I read this while waiting for an interminably delayed flight to take off from San Diego International Airport fully expecting to have to give up on it after a bit and seek lighter reading To my surprise I found myself engrossed and uickly at thatThe Anomaly with a capital A it was that Anomalous was simple the Pioneer spacecraft had been found to be accelerating just slightly faster than predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity The book is the story of the Anomaly and the people surrounding it how it was discovered how it shaped careers and lives and how anticlimactically it was ultimately resolved by building an elaborate thermal model of the spacecraft that showed that the Anomaly arose from the fact that one side of the Pioneer probe was slightly hotter than the otherKakaes has a firm grasp of the science exhibited through lucid easy to follow explanations woven in throughout the book However what really brings The Pioneer Detectives to life is the fact that Kakaes is eually gifted at telling the stories of the people whose lives the Anomaly touched Perhaps the one flaw of the book is that it left me asking for disappointed with the conclusion; in the real world it turns out stories often conclude in a less than poetic way But of course this is arguably the world’s and not the book’s fault

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The Pioneer Detectives Summary à 2 Á [Reading] ➿ The Pioneer Detectives ➶ Konstantin Kakaes – 1980年代、NASAの科学者たちは、小惑星帯を突破し、木星を観測し、ついには太陽系を離脱する史上初の人工物である宇宙探査機パイオニア10号に働い 年代、NA?ンタビューと文書記録のリサーチに基づき、アノマリーの発見から、数十年におよぶ科学者たちの研究を経て、最終結論にいたる。現代における最大の科学的ミステリのひとつ、パイオニア・アノマリーの謎に挑んだ、決定的な記録だけにとどまらない、科学知識がどのように得られ、どのように捨てられるかに関する決定的な記録でもある。気楽に読め、なおかつ痛?. The Pioneer space probes launched in the early '70s appeared to travel infinitesimally slower than Einstein's theory of general relativity would predict Was this evidence that Einstein's theory was wrong If not what was causing this strange anomaly Pioneer 11 surprisingly remained in communication with scientists on earth decades beyond its predicted death Kakaes describes the painstaking efforts of dedicated scientists who accumulated and analyzed the sparse and often corrupt data sent faintly from well beyond Neptune far beyond the limits of our solar system Finally in 2012 the researchers published their results An engrossing book relatively short I read it on one long sitting today I can't claim to understand all the physics or explanations; I'm just not geeky enough But anyone with only a slight familiarity of physics will get some benefit Written for the general reader who is curious about how the world works