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FREE READ ¹ Unwrapping the Castelli Secret Ó [PDF / Epub] ☉ Unwrapping the Castelli Secret By Caitlin Crews – An heir for Christmas Five years ago Lily Holloway walked away from a car crash turning her back on the forbidden passion she shared with her stepbrother Rafael Castelli Nothing could make Lily reRaction that still simmers between themBut he’s found her and she knows Unwrapping the PDFEPUBRafael will soon discover her greatest secrettheir sonSecret Heirs of Billionaires There are some things money can’t b. This is a tricky one to write because I really don't like a hero who is a CHEATING DOUCHEBAG MANWHORE Granted as far as we know this is five years in the past when his totally selfish slutty behaviour drove his step sister and SECRET LOVER into having a car accident and when she walked away she KEPT ON WALKING I may be a bit yelly about thisThere is an enormous amount of BAD history between Lily and Rafael Castelli She was his DIRTY LITTLE SECRET shagging her in closets and dark corners and seedy motel rooms while he continued to SHAG his public girlfriends without making any attempt to hide it from Lily The amazing thing is that it took so long for her to walk awaySo Here we are Five years later Rafael was so shaken up by Lily's DEATH that he reformed his selfish MANWHORE life and took RESPONSIBILITY by taking on the Castelli company CEO job from his ailing fatherAnd then haunted by his memories he sees one woman that reminds him of LILY And it is Lily This time she is real Not just a figment of his guilt ridden imagination Only she denies it YOU GO GIRLTrouble is Rafael wont leave it at that and he finds out that when she walked away she took with her an even bigger SECRET Yeah No way he's going to leave her behind nowSoshe has to go back to Italy To Venice So it isn't all bad Contemplates Venice So cheaty manwhorecough Rafael is determined to make her pay for stealing five years of the SECRET and also for making him feel bad FOR NO REASONSeems like all that MATURITY he got from her DYING and so on just walked out the doorAnd the whole I want to do you in dark corridors thing That hasn't changed eitherAnyway this is a romance so the pair of them have to work DAMN HARD see what I did there to get to a happy endingThis was a very angsty read for obvious reasons At times towards the end they seemed to get a bit mixed up about who was at fault but when you think about it MANWHORE DOUCHEBAG was TWENTY FIVE when he started his selfish little games and she was NINETEEN So I know where most of the blame OUGHT to goIt was still a really good read even though I never really got over Rafael's slimy behaviour and I did like that I could imagine him spending that five years with his manbits locked in a CAGE with SPIKES so he didn't get to USE it


Ible Italian’s demanding worldNow when their paths cross again Lily is desperate to retain her freedom and claims amnesia has blocked her memories of him Yet all deception is uickly burnt away by the incredible att. Long and short she was his dirty little stepsister He took her v card and then fucked her up by keeping her hanging Then she finds him in bed with another and get this he is madWait a fucking minute here SHE FINDS HIM HAVING SEX WITH OTHER WOMAN AND HE IS MAD AT HER Because according to him he says don't even remember her name baby WOWHe is such an asshole and this is not romance The sex scene were in poor taste this is romance not fifty first hook ups here She was stupid to get married to him She should have been telling him that he can go fuck himself or better yet do it with all the other women Also I am sooooo mad she did not do at least one revenge fuck Cause hell why not Let's make this a complete anti romance book Come on He was always sleeping with others while she stayed faithful It killed me and the things he said to her was an all new low He was so mean and she kept taking it all in until she could not any longer He deserves to be killed for the way he treated this sweet innocent This is beyond human endurance If you are going to write about cheating why can't the guy be the one that has to forgiveWhat Is that too much for your macho mentallySafety he is constantly fucking others while with her and she is faithful Loads of OW and she needed to find herself another man He uses condoms when he feels like it And he treats like a whore he can pick up for some kinky taboo stepsister sex not love making here

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Unwrapping the Castelli SecretAn heir for Christmas Five years ago Lily Holloway walked away from a car crash turning her back on the forbidden passion she shared with her stepbrother Rafael Castelli Nothing could make Lily return to the irresist. 25 starsThis book is filled with “uber” drama deception betrayal and two of the most unsuited hhI couldn’t get past with both Rafael and Lily had done to each other I disliked Rafael intensely His behavior towards Lily when she was a teenager was so despicable Sleeping with loads of women in between seducing Lily in coat cupboards and other sneaky places I totally got that she would want to get him right out of her life To love someone so selfish and self centered was just not healthy for herHowever the way Lily left her life and Rafael behind was something I could never understand She was being as selfish as himThe cruelty and disdain they had for each other was really not a good thing to see I actually didn’t believe that the two could ever overcome their past and find happiness togetherI did think the plot was pretty good and different from the norm and the story was well paced I loved the settingsin particular Venice The vivid imagery was really well written And this is why I rounded my review to 3 starsI am sure there are many readers who will like this book a lot but for meit was okayPSDoes anyone name their child Arlo these days I found Lily’s son’s name a bit hard to chew on