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Luke West Bend Saints #3 kindle ¿ Paperback ï sabrina paige ï ❮Reading❯ ➷ Luke West Bend Saints #3 ➯ Author Sabrina Paige – Luke SaintFk being good I won’t be tamedThere are three things in life I’m damn good at fking jumping out of planes and chasingEvery pore bad boyI’m a mom A businesswoman I have responsibilities The last thing I need is to get laid and played by Luke SaintHe thinks that just because he saved my orchard from a fire he can tell me how to run itHe thinks he knows what I need what I craveThe problem is I think he might be right And I'm not arrogant I'm just honestThis was my absolute favorite of the West Bend Saints series so far I'm such a sucker for an older womanyounger man romance Luke Saint and Autumn Mayburn don't get off to a good start when he confronts her about the fire caused by her foreman's drunken neglect He's a twenty something arrogant hothead she's a working single mother of a young daughter To say these 2 are opposites is putting it mildly but there's no denying the attraction when they get togetherLuke the book is funny hot sweet and steamy The chemistry between Autumn and Luke the character is off the charts I couldn't get enough of these 2 I can't think clearly when this man makes me drunk with lust shuts off the rational part of my brain the part of me that makes smart decisions I've never had a plan for jack shit in my life and Autumn was sure as hell not a part of my non plan Luke's not one to settle down and nothing in his life prepared him for Autumn I'm the guy whose idea of commitment is a second beer I'm not the guy who's cooking dinner for some girl playing with her kid not wanting to leave in the morning after I fuck her senseless But like it or not Luke has found something in Autumn that he wasn't even looking for and he realizes that she means to him than he ould have ever imagined This is what I want she is what I wantI just adored this coupleNot only do we get Autumn and Luke's wonderful love story we finally get the full story on the mystery surrounding the Saint boy's parentsand what has been going on in the town and with the mining companya very satisfying conclusion to that storylineI received an arc in exchange for an honest review but I bought my own copy as well because I just lvoe this series Sabrina has become one of my favorite authors and is now an automatic one click

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Older than me? There are a million reasons I shouldn't touch herFk all of those reasonsThe single mom with the smokin’ hot body and the sass to match is going to be mineAutumn MayburnThere’s nothing on this earth I despise than a bad boy Especially an infuriatingly cocky womanizing oozes sex from 15 So I am sad to give so few stars but this book had SO much potential with the mining company story line and characters that should have been better developed Instead we get an allegedly well educated heroine a Wharton graduate no less who instantly wants to rip all her clothes off at the first sight of the hot tattooed bad boy I think I've read that before but where?????? Said heroine has a past that is explained in the prologue and then it is completely glossed over Again IMHO lost potential The bad boy hero who supposedly has a new bed mate every night becomes obsessed with her magical vagina Oh no will he change his ways for her? Not a huge shocker here Oh the sex sceneswell written but let's change it up a little I'll just say there is an order to things and I started skimming after the third order Lastly the author just explains away what she doesn't want to detail The bad men will be taken out by the mob while they are in prison No charges no trail just a prison hit This book was supposed to wrap up the mysteries of West Bend with the last brother getting his own stand alone I wouldn't call this a wrap up glossed over lost potential

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Luke West Bend Saints #3Luke SaintFk being good I won’t be tamedThere are three things in life I’m damn good at fking jumping out of planes and chasing forest firesSettle down? Yeah right And definitely not with someone like Autumn Mayburn She's uptight smart mouthed and hell she has a kidDid I mention she’s ten years The whole West Bend Saints series is now going for 099 onlyBook #1 Elias is about a war vet with a busted leg and a Hollywood starBook #2 Silas is about an underground fighter with a con artist who is also his first love Silas was my favorite of the seriesI enjoyed both the books it had the lovely small town romance theme full of sexiness and low in drama The kind of books that you can just sit back and relaxAs for why I rated Luke only 3 stars I admit is totally the issue with me because I never like younger man and older woman theme The reason I read Luke without even looking at the blurb was because I need to the resolution for the Saints Brothers regarding the mysterious death of their mum Is not a big story arch per se but the issue had been hanging over their head since Book 1 so I just need to knowNow that I got my ending I wonder will Sabrina write about Killian Saints On a side note I'm also interested in the Tempest's team especially Iver