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review Lawman author Diana Palmer Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù ➥ [Epub] ➟ Lawman By Diana Palmer ➯ – By purchasing a ranch in Jacobsville Texas FBI agent Garon Grier hopes to put his tragic marriage behind him While he is working on the case of a child predator who recently escapeFrom prison he encounters Grace Carver the only child to escape alive from the deadly convi. UPDATE Re read March 2018 Added comment and highlightsUPDATE Relido em 25 de junho de 2016ogro doormat Our hero is ashamed of our heroine and has only negative things to say about her He thinks she's ugly and uneducated At no time did he redeem himself in my opinion He was always comparing her to other women and finding her with less ualities than the others He never had anything positive to say to her only offensive and sarcastic thingsI think it was weird his first marriage being so perfect and his wife wonderful and in the end he start pointing out defects in the dead wife and seeing that nothing was as good as he imaginedShe will always be a second bestI feel sorry for her The first time I read the book I really hope our heroine kicks him to the curb and falls in love with RickCash had disowned his family over his father’s remarriage just days after his beloved mother’s death from cancerHe’d lost his one true love to cancer It had eaten the heart out of him Now at thirty six he was resigned to being aloneThe granddaughter wasn’t much to look at She wore her blond hair in a long pigtail and went around mostly in loose jeans and a sweatshirt She was shy around Garon In fact she seemed to be afraid of him which was curious Maybe his reputation had gotten aroundShe had green eyes very pale and an oval face She was plain except for her pretty mouth and exuisite complexionMiss Carver was the sort of woman he’d never found interestingHe loved roses and during his brief marriage he’d grown several varietiesOW Jaui Jones Easy to remember and her figure was than enough to make her memorable in addition to her momIt didn’t take second sight to know that she was available and interested So was he It had been a long dry spell“She’s only been in town two months and she’s already got a reputation Put her hand down Ben Smith’s pants right in his own office”His little mother had been a saint No he couldn’t have pictured her being available to any man except his father—until his father had cheated on her and hastened her deathThe girl was doing all she could for her grandmother who seemed about as loving as a pythonGaron glanced at her She wouldn’t win a beauty contest but she was a fast dresser he thought with admiration“Nothing And that’s all I want to know I did her a favor tonight but I am not in the mood to take on dependents Especially spinsters who look like juvenile bag ladies”He didn’t like having her as a responsibility longer than he had to“It’s only breakfast I’m not proposing” he added sarcastically“No ambition to go to college or learn a profession” Garon asked“You’re nasty I’m nasty” she returned “If you ever develop a pleasant personality I’ll even smile at you”“I’m amazed you’re not a number in a home for the unbalanced” he said under his breath“You go to a job looking like that” he exclaimedHe shook his head “The women in my office wear pantsuits and makeup”“You’ll never be alone in Jacobsville We’re your family Grace All of us”“Don’t tell me she’s afraid of the dark” he laughed“There are four brothers” he replied “Cort and Parker are the other two Cort runs our West Texas ranch with our father Parker’s in law enforcement”He didn’t want any contact with her than necessaryHe didn’t want to know intimate things about her either He only felt sorry for herIt made him angry that this frumpy little woman looked at him as if he were a rapistIt fascinated her that some of the town’s leading lights thought so much of old Mrs Collier and she mentioned it to Barbara “Don’t be silly” she chuckled “It’s you they’re fond of Grace” she added OW I just wanted a look at you” the woman chidedShe laughed coldly “I can’t believe I was worried about the competition” she added carelessly and walked out without another wordHe wasn’t interested in a relationship with his neighborGaron glared at him “I’m not in the market for a frumpy girlfriend”“Never mind” he said when she didn’t reply “It isn’t as if I’m interested in you that way” he added almost as an afterthought and with a cold faint smile “Good night”“That niece of Mrs Tabor’s brought food to the house” she said “She told me that she’d worried I was some sort of competition until she saw me She was very insulting”Before she realized his intention he brushed his hard mouth over her lips in a shiver of contact that made her heart jumpHe bent again This time he brushed her lips apart with slow sensuous motions and caught her upper lip between both of his in a sensuous nibbling motionHe was no longer teasing His mouth was demanding masterfulOW Garon felt oddly out of place with these people Especially with Jaui who rubbed against him at every opportunity almost panting with desire He didn’t like public displays of affection and it showed in his faceOW “As long as you aren’t running after your little neighbor” she chided “God that frumpy woman And you had her staying in your house I hear”“She’s a loser like most people around here” she said carelesslyShe reached up dragged his head down and kissed him with her whole mouthShe’d heard at work about Garon’s attendance at Jaui Jones’s partyBefore she got the words out he had her up in his arms and he was kissing her as if there wouldn’t be a tomorrowHe had a sudden urgent arousal that he couldn’t control“Open your mouth Grace” he bit off against the taut line of her lipsHe drew away from her He looked as shocked as she didShe was good company for a shy and damaged spinsterI became a lawman He made it sound like a holy cause In some ways I guess it is We speak for victims who can no longer speak for themselves”“You’re good for my ego Grace” he murmured “But I don’t think I’m good for you”“I was in anan accident when I was twelve” she said “A bad accident I got cut up especially my stomach So I can’t have children”She’d suffered enough already at the hands of one man She didn’t need Garon to put nails in her coffin But Barbara knew she couldn’t stop this train wreck of a relationship from happening“Relationships don’t stagnate Grace” he said uietly searching her wide gray eyes “We either go forward or we stop seeing each other I’m too old to settle for a platonic relationship”It had been too long since he’d had a woman He was dying for her He couldn’t stop“Grace you were a virgin weren’t you” he asked after a minute She stopped breathing She hesitated “Well yes”“Grace you do understand that I’m not in the market for a wife” he asked uietlyShe’d been such a fool He didn’t want to marry her He just needed a woman and here she was waiting eagerly for himWithout missing a beat he lifted her in his arms and kissed her as if he hadn’t seen her in a year Moaning helpless she yielded at once He turned and carried her down the hall to the bedroomGaron was still uncomfortable with their scrutiny and getting cold feet Colder by the minuteHe loved Grace in bed but he wasn’t going to marry her because of itShe was seeing him as a prospective husband but he didn’t want her for keepsHe was bad tempered and impatient since he’d stopped seeing Grace because he knew it was going to hurt her when she realized that he was ending their brief relationshipShe hadn’t gotten the message he realizedGrace was a sweet woman He liked her But she wasn’t the sort of woman who normally appealed to him He liked aggressive confident powerful women; women like Jaui A uiet clinging woman who couldn’t relate to him intellectually wasn’t going to fit into his world“You don’t take hints do you Grace” he asked coldly “I tried to do it the easy way but you’re persistent So let’s get it straight I don’t want to see you again I don’t want to hear from you Don’t call and don’t come here again”“You’re a small town spinster Grace with few talents and minimum education” he said firmly hating the words even as he forced them out “We don’t have anything in common except physical attraction and it doesn’t last You need some steady cowboy who wants a domesticated little woman to keep house for him”I’m tired of having people gossip about us That’s over I don’t want you Grace Go home”She went to the bank the following Friday and there he was standing in the next line He looked at her and glared as if he thought she’d followed him thereHe turned and saw her standing behind him and his eyes flashed with fury He threw down the reel and strode to her“I told you I wasn’t interested Grace” he said through his teeth “Following me around isn’t going to get you anything Didn’t you get it I don’t want you”OW BUT THE FOLLOWING Friday there was a performance by the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra at the Jacobsville High School Auditorium Garon invited Jaui to go with him She dressed in a scanty little black number that emphasized her lush figure and she clung to him like glue“Again” he asked curtly “Why the hell can’t you stop following me around” he demanded “What does it take to convince you that I’m not interested”“Stalking is against the law Grace in case you didn’t know” he added icily “I could have you prosecuted”She grew paler and thinnerOW Grace felt her heart sink Before she could speak there he was just coming in the front door with Jaui hanging languidly on his arm“Good God not again” he raged “Do you have radar Every damned place I go you turn up How did you know I was coming here Do you have someone spying on me to make sure you don’t waste an opportunity to ruin my day”“No you don’t understand” he snapped moving forward “You’re thick as a plank Grace I don’t want you in my life How many times do I have to say it before you believe it”“It’s no loss the food here sucks anyway” Jaui tossed over her shoulder “I’m sure the food isn’t everything that sucks around here” Barbara told the other woman with a smug demeaning smilethe older woman added with a cold gleam in her eyes “He’ll wish he’d never moved here”He scowled “She turned up everywhere I went after I told her flatly that I didn’t want to take her out again”he’d seduced her and then pushed her out of his life like a man discarding a used towel“DNA” He stared at Cash while the truth drilled a hole in his heart “DNA” His teeth ground together The son of a bitch had raped GraceHe’d knocked her back savaged her verbally and emotionally He’d frightened her so badly in the café that she’d backed away from him shaking like a leaf“She doesn’t hide her assets” he admitted “She likes having men around her” She gave him a cold smile “Lucky girl not to have my history”She was a strong independent intelligent woman We both knew on the first date that we’d be together forever”“When she was five months pregnant she started feeling tired all the time“The oncologist diagnosed it as non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma”“That was ten years ago I decided that I’d never take that risk again“But you don’t want to marry me” she started again “No I don’t” he said honestly “But it’s only for eight months” he added “After the baby comes we’ll make decisions”She’d never expected him to want her permanently Nobody ever hadIt had been a long time but he still remembered the joy of his first wedding He was fond of Grace and he wanted the child but he couldn’t separate himself from the past“Grace if you don’t eat properly you could hurt the baby” he said in desperation She felt part of herself die every time he said things like that But all of it everything was for the baby She had no illusions about his feelings for herOW Jaui had phoned her unbeknownst to Garon to remind her that as soon as the baby came Grace was only going to be a footnote in Garon’s life Jaui insinuated that Garon was sneaking around to see herShe didn’t tell Garon about the phone calls She knew he wouldn’t care unless Jaui’s harassment was endangering the baby of courseHe’d told her they’d only be married until the baby came He’d probably forgotten saying that but Grace hadn’t She was just marking time feeling like an insignificant incubator in his house“You’ve lived in an open grave since you lost your wife and child” she said simply “Don’t you think it’s time you lived in the present You have another wife and a child on the way It isn’t fair to them to make them second best after ghosts”“Obviously Jaui is the sort of woman you admire” Barbara said her eyes growing cold “Once the baby’s born you can get a uiet divorce and saddle up with your ideal woman With any luck Grace will realize that Rick is far her style than you are Excuse me I have to get ready to open”“You can speak Arabic” the agent exclaimed “Yes What do you want to know” she asked “Come right in” the agent invited smiling“Well it looks like you had a good time” Her eyebrows lifted “Yes you can sometimes take me out in public I can talk and walk” she replied“Anyway” she added fastening her seat belt “I guess getting to know me better doesn’t really concern you Once the baby’s born I’m going home”“You’re working part time at menial labor jobs I thought you wouldn’t be able to handle a sophisticated level” he pointed out curtly“Garon” he said gently “Grace has a bad heart valve It’s gone critical If they don’t operate very soon she won’t make it”“Then I took her to work with me and left her in the waiting room When I came back she was happily chatting away in Arabic to a Jordanian murder witness translating for him She speaks several languages”In a way he’d resented the fact that he had to marry Grace because of the child

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Rriage behind him While he is working on the case of a child predator who recently escaped. This book does not even deserve to be a DP book It was gross and it was vile I can't even review all the horrible things that happen to the heroine and all the crap the hero does to the heroine Oh and the far far fetch plot and characterizations Wow learning to speak a foreign language in two second flat and many other silly things I will not go back here It was not worth my time How could this book be so bad I wanted it to be awesome Just so disappointing

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Lawman author Diana PalmBy purchasing a ranch in Jacobsville Texas FBI agent Garon Grier hopes to put his tragic ma. 25 stars and I'm not rounding up on principle The extra 12 star was for the heroine who I did like and who really told the H what a POS he was Unfortunately she did forgive him but this is a romanceThis is no than I deserve I was given some recs for some older Diana Palmer books that I may enjoy I wanted to give her another try since she's so popular often with friends I tend to agree with and I'd only read 2 books by her in the past one of which I saw potential in Unfortunately those recs weren't readily available on Scribd and I didn't want to pay for one of her books at the moment So I picked up this mess all on my own I will track down one of those older pre 2K recs since people were nice enough to make a list before I give up on DP completely and permanently consign her to the 'not for me' binWhere do I startI've been kicking around the idea of a hero tstl tag for some time This book sealed the deal Dude was dumber than a box of rocks on so many levels I can buy the otherwise intelligent man who's an idiot when it comes to a woman but he was just an idiot all around This guy is an FBI agent No wonder the federal government is a mess Also the investigation part and banter between the cops was like the low budget pilot for a crime show that didn't uite make the cut Lots of the hero throwing out things DP had probably heard on CSI and then failing to interpret those pearls of wisdom he'd literally JUST spouted when the real thing was right in front of his face It was actually comical Almost like a satire but I think it was supposed to be serious It was like an SNL skit Barney Fife does CSI Just for kicks I'm going to highlight his most idiotic moments with spoilers and a trigger warning for severe childhood sex abuseview spoiler The hero Garon was an FBI agent who decided to slow down a bit and take a job in DP's absurdly exciting TX town of 2000 residents There's far crime there than in my relatively small city of 14K His main focus is bank robberies but a much smarter local cop approached him about what he suspected was a serial murder of a little girl and he got involved in that case As it turns out Garon's new next door neighbor was 25 year old Grace She was a life long resident of the town and much loved although she didn't get out much She was afraid of men and never dated and tended to underplay her looks with baggy clothes and no makeup etc This was because she was the very first victim of the serial killer 12 years before She had survived barely but had been kept blindfolded by him for 3 days and God only knows what she actually went through She was rescued after the sicko had stabbed her in the stomach multiple times and tried to strangle her but he got away and she never saw his face Small town politics had buried the case but some in town knew parts of the true story and everyone was very protective of herGaron became involved with her after her hateful old drunk of a grandmother had a heart attack and Grace had to go to his house to ask him to call an ambulance her phone was down and car wouldn't start Anyway after that he kind of inserts himself into her life She doesn't ask him to But he keeps turning up to help her out and insult her taste in clothing choice of lifestyle etcHe doesn't think she's pretty or intelligent or up to his standards at all but he wants her So he seduces her However it took Mr Lawman almost half the book to realize why she didn't want him to touch her and shied away He was so insulted that the 'frumpy little spinster' would dare not be attracted to the wonder that was him He finally had a Eureka moment and realized she must have had some trauma in her past which explained her shyness with men and playing down her looks DUH I thought an FBI agent who'd worked with profilers and on serial killer cases would have at least a tiny clueAfter two days he decides she's getting too close and probably getting ideas And even though he knows he was her first lover he callously tosses her aside by avoiding her and not even giving her an explanation She's not an idiot she gets it after he doesn't call for a week or two and she doesn't try to call him But it's a small town and everyone knows Grace and were happy to see her with a man and maybe moving on with her life so there was talk Well Garon didn't like that talk Then he sees Grace at suspicious places like the bank the town diner and events that the entire town turned out for He publicly humiliates her several times loudly accusing her of stalking him WTF How do you avoid running into a person in a town that smallOne thing I did love was that the town turned against him and refused him services for being such a giant ass However Grace was embarrassed and traumatized enough to leave town to stay with a cousinIn the meantime Grace tells the local policeman working the child murder case about her childhood experience since she'd heard mention of a clue that was far too similar to her case She'd tried to tell Garon but he just accused her of stalking The local cop manages to dig up the suppressed file on her case and they realize they have a living victimGaron is ashamed as well he should be and realizes that the news of what actually happened to her will likely get out and put her in danger so he talks her into returning to town She gives him a great chewing out too Turns out Grace is pregnant with Garon's child and they enter into a MOCMeanwhile Garon has found out who the serial killer is Problem is any reader with half a brain knew who the serial killer was very early on It was SOOOO obvious And the reader doesn't know anything that he didn't know so it's not a case of the reader getting a different POV and therefore having inside knowledge The local cop was even suspicious of this guy but mighty FBI Agent Garon poo poo'd his suspicions Not the sharpest knife in the drawerAnyway of course there's a HEA where he saves her from the serial killer and realizes how much he loves her Blah blah I guess if Grace wants to put up with his stupid ass I'm happy for her hide spoiler