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Free download Cherry Bomb ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ ❮EPUB❯ ✽ Cherry Bomb ✸ Author Kathleen Tierney – Meet Siobhan uinn—Half vampire half werewolf and retired monster hunter Or so she thoughtThree years have passed since uinn turned her back on Providence Rhode Island’s sNtally in possession of a hellish artifact that could turn the tide of the war all the while being hunted by depraved half ghoul twins intent on taking the object and ushering in a terrifying Dark AgeEspecially when you’ve fallen in love with the woman who got you into this mess and you ain’t nobody’s her. 35 stars

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Dless parade of horrors But a dead girl who uarrels with the moon can’t catch a break and on the streets of Manhattan uinn finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place AgainWhat do you do when you’re stuck in the middle of a three million year old grudge match between the ghouls and the djinn accide. So this was the last Siobhan uinn book I guess That's a pity; I'll miss the werepire and Mean Mr B I'll also miss the seagulls I think my main issue with Cherry Bomb was how uneven it is The first half of the book is really slow all about how Selwyn and uinn met and the second half is so full of plot that 200something pages are not enough to fit everything in I liked the writing I liked the story and the new characters I liked seeing old characters return and I got really confused with all that Charlee business I mean I get view spoiler why him being a Djinn should be a surprise and all but I don't really get why he should pretend to be a vampire after initially pretending to be a wizard This felt kind of unnecessary hide spoiler

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Cherry BombMeet Siobhan uinn Half vampire half werewolf and retired monster hunter Or so she thoughtThree years have passed since uinn turned her back on Providence Rhode Island’s seedy supernatural underbelly walking out on Mr B and taking a bus headed anywhere She hoped her escape would give her some peace from the en. 4 Stars Cherry Bomb the third book in the Siobhan uinn series is a satisfying bloody mess to this uniue urban fantasy series Caitlin Kiernan is one of my very favorite authors and although she started writing this series as a joke and a stab at the romantic urban fantasy pop genre she ended up creating a fabulous twisted protagonist and a cool ass world uinn is not likable per se but she is consistent of character Through the course of the trilogy we are treated to many cool baddies gholus vamps Wolves and other creatures that make things go bump in the night Cherry Bomb does a great job at showing how our undead anti hero chose to make it through living The book uickly sets up the new stakesand we are off I enjoyed her playful relationship with Selwyn and how uickly things spiraled down The action is fun and plentiful and no holds barred Cherry Bomb has a couple of nice twists that make the ending all the satisfying I loved the ending it was a fitting way to conclude this characters storyI am glad the Kiernan decided to write these books as they are refreshing in their nastiness I love Caitlin Kiernan and if you have not read anything of hers before you are missing out on one of today's greatest horror writers Pick up her stuff