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Going Home Nugget #1 Review µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Going Home Nugget #1 By Stacy Finz – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The small mountain town of Nugget California has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over—and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy BreyeCare for his ailing father He’s got a big city promotion far away from this place that never accepted him He does not need a sudden crime wave to solve Or one leggy case of heartbreak stirring up all kinds of trouble and challenging his rules Which might explain why he’s suddenly finding it hard to leave. I got this book free from Firstreads This is my honest reviewThis was such a fun and diverse read It was part romance part mystery and part history It took place in the fictional town of Nugget California which is based on the present day place where the Donner Party got stranded in huge snow blizzards on their trek west in 1846 Fortunately nobody eats anybody else in this story but there is someone who is attacking people connected with an old Victorian mansion that is being refurbished into a BBMandy Breyer has left her wealthy philandering husband to start up the BB but not everyone in town is happy about this and she has to diplomatically deal with these folks while avoiding someone who is attaching her Actually she is hoping to help renew the town after the recession that has closed down many businessesDetective Rhys Shepard is a local who left this town as a young man and has found much success in the Houston Police Department Unfortunately his crotchety father is suffering from Alzheimer's and needs Rhys to help him but only till Rhys can figure a better plan for his father's care or so he thinksI really enjoyed all the characters in this story and also all of the difficulties and problems that everyone faces The historical connection to Donner's Crossing added depth along with the issues that faced everyone in this small close knit town The different kinds of love that blossomed spoke of hope and healing along with some strong passions Sure looking forward to reading about people and situations in Nugget California

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Ating a decrepit mansion into a bed and breakfast might help her and this Going Home PDF recession hit town finally turn things around But the mysterious new sheriff is the kind of lawbreaking temptation that’s an even bigger challenge to resist Detective Rhys Shepard is only back in Nugget long enough to. Overall I liked this book I will admit in the beginning I wasn't a big fan The author gave Rhys so much to deal with Then it took him and Maddy too long to get together Thankfully in the end it all worked out Everyone was finally happy

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Going Home Nugget #1The small mountain town of Nugget California has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy Breyer needs to prove she can make her own life after betrayal blew up her previous happily ever after Staying totally focused on renov. Maddy is renovating an old mansion and turning it into a bed and breakfast She's just ending her marriage after her husband has been cheating on her and she's focusing all her energy into opening her bed and breakfast Rys is the interim police chief when he moves home to take care of his father I enjoyed these characters and really was hoping for a HEA for Maddy and Rys I enjoyed this book but thought it was a little slow and had so much going on it was hard to follow at times I would've liked Maddy and Rys I still really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next book in this series ARC provided in exchange for an honest review