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characters Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo 108 À [Epub] ➝ Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo Author Christiane F. – Transcriere după înregistrări audio de Kai Hermann şi Horst Rieck Christiane F este un copil inteligent şi plin de personalitate care creşte într un cartier nou construit din Berlinul de Vest D Transcriere Stianei întregind perspectiva ei asupra evenimentelor cu relatările mamei şi ale altor persoane care i au cunoscut pe tinerii „davişti“ din Berlinul anilor ’ A ieşit o carte îndrăzneaţă tristă fascinantă care respiră vitalitate prin toţi poriiVolumul a fost tradus în peste cincisprezece limbi şi a arătat lumii întregi cum ajung nişte copii să şi ducă viaţa între heroină şi trotuar Ecranizarea din a fost de asemenea un succes internaţional Ediţia de faţă conţine o serie de fotografii cu prietenii Christianei şi cu locurile unde îşi petreceau timpul narcomanii din Berli. Having never read a book about any type of addiction before I have to say this book was pretty hard to read but in a good way At times Christiane F's story feels like a train wreck I didn't want to watch but I couldn't tear my eyes awayI should start off saying that the fact that this story this girls life is influenced by drugs so early in life is heart wrenching and at several moments very frustrating Despite the time gap it is set in 1970's Berlin Christiane F is very descriptive of all the things going on around her and influencing her I might never visit Germany but I can most definitely picture Zoo Station her schools and the different housing projects she lived in At times I was drawn in and dragged around Christiane's ups and downs I understood her need to feel accepted in school to be part of a group but I could not and still can't understand her fascination with local drug addicts The lure and awe she describes having when she sees in the older kids at school is understandable to a certain extent with a home life that is less than desirable her father has huge anger issues and is very abusive to his wife and two children I wouldn't want to go home either Christiane F's voice is raw it doesn't apologize or try to make excuses for her turn to her drug addiction she's honest and blunt and she doesn't hide anything from readers; which at times is difficult The translation makes it a little hard to get through at times but you can see who she is nonetheless Her battle with heroine addiction is exhausting taking the reader on a roller coaster of ups and downs relapses and getting into the mind of someone who really does need constant help to avoid addiction but can't seem to find it in a place where there is no help for minors makes you feel desperate for her to find some sort of salvationIf you have a friend or family member who has a drug addiction problem this is a good book to read It gives you the ability to see and understand what might be going through their mind while they are going through withdraw relapses and attempting to go to rehab It might even help you open up a honest dialogue and finding a resolution I'm glad I read this book it helped open my eyes to another world and I think I'm better for it

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Transcriere după înregistrări audio de vom Bahnhof Kindle #216 Kai Hermann şi Horst Rieck Christiane F este un copil inteligent şi plin Wir Kinder PDFEPUB or de personalitate care creşte într un cartier nou construit din Berlinul de Vest Detestă betonul din jur suferă din Kinder vom Bahnhof Kindle #208 cauza atmosferei tensionate din familie Dar vrea să şi trăiască viaţa din plin şi cu timpul se refugiază tot mai mult în mijlocul găştii Cu cei de vârsta ei Christiane se simte liberă Se îndrăgosteşte de muzica lui David Bowie încearcă haşiş şi LSD La treisprezece ani ia pentru p. The most impressive book I've read before I was twenty years old My parents made me read it whe I was 13 or 14 years old and it made ​​a VERY deep impression on me It is the story of an ordinary girl that ends up due to circumstances in a group of friends who smoke pot and are drinking After a while of sticking to these two she slips further and further down Especially the nearly clinical description of her life and the things that happen has always stayed with me Since then I've always been afraid to try drugs I do not like it when I lose control of myself to be dependent on somethingThis book has certainly made ​​sure I never even have been around drugs in any form whatsoever So as a warning it has worked very well for METhis book an oldie about taped together is going to be read by my son when he'll be old enough Hopefully it'll make a terrible impression on him too

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Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof ZooRima dată heroină La paisprezece ani face deja trotuarul ca să aibă bani de droguri Începe o viaţă nebună într o permanentă hăituială Dar deşi suferinţa cotropeşte prematur ingenuitatea copilărească n o poate risipi cu totulCând a ajuns să depună mărturie la tribunal Christiane F a fost abordată de jurnalistul Horst Rieck care s a arătat interesat să afle mai multe despre ea Timp de două luni adolescenta şi a spus cu totală sinceritate vibranta poveste de viaţă La transcrierea înregistrărilor Rieck şi colegul său Kai Hermann au înţeles să păstreze nealterată vocea Chri. ''We Children from train station Zoo'' were children hooked on heroine in West Berlin during the 70s They used to 'mingle' on the Zoo station to sell sex to buy heroine This book is based on a true story of 14 years old Christine F prostitute and a junkie As kids my friends and I were dealing this book like a drug It was shocking and spectacular as Christine didn't tell us imitating Mr Mackey from South Park ''Don't use drugs drugs are bad mmm kay'' but she really poured things like they were – brutal real and scary It’s not really right thing to say that this book maybe saved some lives or that it made few people addicted to drugs as I don’t know that but I can definitely say that I loved it Generations of us loved it It was a window to a different world as in that time I didn’t realize that Christine's world is all around Not maybe as dark and cruel like hers but all around yes But that realization came with growing up