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Longbow GirlA stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen the Longbow Girl travels back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Henry VIII to save her ance One of the coolest things about Longbow Girl is that while the events happen in present day one character lives in an actual castle and another on a working farm; so it feels a bit like it is set in the past A pretty groovy way of lending an authentic feel to a story entrenched in history When an old tomb is inadvertently uncovered Merry discovers an old book that appears to be one of the tomes from the Middle Welsh collection known as Mabinogion Although some folks believe whole heartedly that the narratives are filled with truths many others insist there are only myths Either way there is no argument as to the value of the text Merry’s find may be the very thing to save the farm that has been the life and heart of her family for than seven hundred years Of course there are challenges with having the artifact authenticated and obstacles in the way of proving it was found on her family’s land Weighing heavier than the legal red tape is the unshakable feeling that disturbing the grave will exact a higher price than the book could bring Nothing about this “solution” is sure or easyFortunately Merry is vibrant fierce cunning and strong Often a heroine struggles to come to terms; drum up courage to conuer that which seems insurmountable Merry does not It’s not that she’s oblivious For her doing the right thing is intuitive She is aware of the risks and possible loss personally; but that is of small conseuence when compared to the potential greater good for the masses Longbow Girl is a spectacular smash up of Historical Fiction Action and Adventure Mystery and Suspense with a shot of Science Fiction that features heroes heroines and horses and touches on relatable social issues family feuds and friendships And that’s just a few of the things that I dearly loved about itThis review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore


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DOC ò READER Longbow Girl à DOGSALONBRISTOL º ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Longbow Girl Author Linda Davies – A stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen the Longbow Girl travels back in time to the autocratic kingdomStorsSteeped in history ancient lore and crackling with tension between the central characters Merry and James Longbow Girl explores the themes of who we are and who we can become when fighting for those we love and for o A great stand alone story The world Linda Davies builds really drew me in and Merry was a great character it was easy to stand with her and get behind her on her adventure little bit of a spoiler here I do like a good romance story but most books with a female protagonist really tend to over do the whole star crossed lovers thing and this book handled the romance subtly and as a sub plot which really appealed their friendship their heritage and the story came firstI'll definitely be re reading this it already feels like an old favourite

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Ur very lives Are we prisoners of our history or can we break free? Can we become all that we need to be to meet the ultimate challenge of life and death in the King’s Tournament and in the dungeons of the Black Castle? I really really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons the main being that Merry is amazing but another is that it took place in Wales The author did an amazing job describing the scenery and introducing you to the folk lore and history Merry was a great character she was badass fearless but willing to admit when she was scared She took chances but properly prepared for them before just jumping in She learned from her mistakes and cared for her family and friends Also she is a BAMF with the longbowAlso thank god for a normal romance that didn't at all take over the narrative yay for being friends first