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Download ✓ Rufus Drake Dangerous Dukes #4 109 ✓ [KINDLE] ✽ Rufus Drake Dangerous Dukes #4 By Carole Mortimer – A tantalizing bargainWhen innocent Anna Bishop finds herself in a compromising position the only person who can save her is Rufus Drake notorious rogue new Duke of Northamptonshire and A tantalizing bargainWhen innocent Anna Bishop finds herself Dangerous Dukes PDFEPUB #190 in a compromising position the only person who can save her is Rufus Drake notorious r. I rated this against other novellas I've read not against other full length regency historicals and I loved it It was short and lovely The hero is such a sweetheart He has his alpha characteristics but in this little story he is always loving and wonderful towards the heroine Rufus was a great hero and he didn't stomp about and prance arrogantly or scowl and sneer like one would expect the conventional duke H to do There's not even any OW in this story because of its short length It was focused entirely on the insta lust that grew uickly to love between these MC's who have a chance encounter in the woodsThe heroine Anna has been swimming in a pond near to the H's ancestral estate when she hears the sounds of an approaching horse She rushes out of the water haphazardly pulls on her dress and climbs up the nearest horse chestnut tree to hide from the rider It's the H and he has also decided to have a uick swim in the same pond He manages to undress himself and is down to his underwear when Anna shrieks in alarm because she hasn't seen a naked man ever Rufus is charmed by the adorable heroine who is stuck up in the tree and the insta love begins The romance develops rapidly because Rufus goes out of his way to meet Anna and to invite her and her brother to his home for dinner There's only one seduction scene though and it doesn't lead to sex Actually the novel is so short that there's no sex I wish Carole M had included at least their wedding night scene but the lack of sex did not detract from my enjoyment of this sweet little novella Rufus's proposal of marriage was very romantic and his avowals of love were so intense and passionate I admired his gentleman's code and chivalry when he asked her brother's permission to marry her I wished the author had expanded this into a full length novel because these were two delightful characters and I would have loved to read a lot about them They were an unlikely couple the duke and the parson's sister who found love by the shores of a cool pond in summer Why 4 stars It was just so sweet and filled with goodness and love and lacking in angst and negativity It's exactly what is needed at this time of year Sometimes a simple beautiful and old fashioned romance without erotica and angst can bring a huge smile to my face It was also great to see in the epilogue for Christian Seaton Duke of Danger that Rufus and Anna are having a baby

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Ogue Rufus Drake PDF new Duke of Northamptonshire and the man upon whose lands she's trespassing But the duke's help comes with conditionsThe deal a single kiss in exchange Dra. Very short enjoyable read

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Rufus Drake Dangerous Dukes #4Ke Dangerous Dukes Epub #180 for his assistanceThe complication that one kiss unleashes an insatiable desire and suddenly a single taste can never be enoughfor Rufus or for Ann. 35 starsI really liked this novella especially the beginning scene at the pool I have been buying Carole's books probably since she started writing for M B many years ago In this story however I thought that there was a little too much inner dialogue from both the h and h and not enough actual talkingA lot of authors now use spoken dialogue almost constantly and I suppose I am getting used to that I will continue to real Carole's books as they are beautifully written and romantic