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DOWNLOAD Lit by Mary Karr í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø [Reading] ➶ Lit ➽ Mary Karr – ¿Es posible reírse a carcajadas mientras lees un libro ue trata sobre el Amor el Alcoholismo la Depresión el Matrimonio la Maternidad y Dios Por supuesto Iluminada es un buen ejemplo el mejor ejemp ¿Es posible reírse a carcajadas mientras lees un libro ue trata sobre el Amor el Alcoholismo la Depresión el Matrimonio la Maternidad y Dios Por supuesto Iluminada es un buen ejemplo el mejor ejemplo Pocas memorias con el ritmo de una gran novela están a la altura de estas páginas La joven ue pasó su dura infancia en Texas en el seno de una familia mucho más ue peculiar vive durante su primera madurez un infierno del ue uizá sólo puedan salvarla además de la literatura y la fe la ayuda de otros ue pasaron antes por lo mismo ue ella sin o. Like Ron Rash and Thomas Hardy Mary Karr writes dense image rich language with a poet’s flair This is not stuff you speed read past Slow down take a sip from whatever you’re drinking Maybe read that paragraph again Make sure there are no visions left behind The language is a major part of the great value here The other is the content of the story Mary Karr image from her site Lit refers not only to Karr’s affection for the written word but to her level of sobriety Her memoir shows us a life lived under the burden of a growing alcohol abuse problem There are degrees of course as she descends from occasional use through steady use to can’t get through the day without addiction There is a family history of course depicted in greater depth in her prior memoirs The core element of this story is how she hit bottom then found the strength to survive her ordeal and then crawled out from under her load with the help of fellow substance abusers and a belief in a “higher power” whatever that may be That was uite a journey for someone who had been a devout atheist Whatever one’s view on the existence of such “higher powers” Karr’s road to such a belief is a compelling one Like Kaylie Jones’ memoir Lies My Mother Never Told Me Karr’s story is compelling for the things she learned the people she met and the journey she traveled It is also a luminous piece of work by a top notch writer at the height of her powers Lit indeedPublished 11309 hardcover92915 Trade paperEXTRA STUFFLinks to Karr’s personal FB Twitter and Instagram pagesItems of Interest——A fun upbeat item by Karr from LitHub Mary Karr Thought Her Whiting Award Call Was a Prank and Hung Up——Promo vid for the book

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Lvidar el amor por su hijo algo ue la inunda al mismo tiempo ue la confunde como a tantísimas madres«Iluminada» está escrito con la implacable honestidad de Mary Karr ue se analiza a sí misma sin escrúpulos y con un humor irreverente y nos habla de ello sin pelos en la lengua sin sentido del ridículo y con una prosa visceral ue tiene un grandísimo poder de seducción «Iluminada» es un libro apasionante e inclasificable sobre cómo crecer y cómo encontrar nuestro lugar en el mundo Hay en él pasajes divertidísimos y pasajes estremecedor. Karr's hard edged poetic voice made The Liars' Club one of my favorite books In Lit the voice is just as searing and lovely but perhaps not as consistent The childhood digressions nods to her previous works were the weakest portions of the narrative but they were brief; over they were easily forgiven when bookmarking transcendent scenes such as one in which a group of illiterate women remind the author of the universality of good poetry I highly recommend this book to all readers but notably writers and anyone consumed by art This is a book for writers and artists from a poet known for her prose

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Lit by Mary KaEs pura vida«Iluminada» por la literatura iluminada por lo espiritual iluminada es decir intoxicada hasta perder la noción de realidad por el alcohol La pena y el sacrificio se convierten en humor y promesa de futuro Karr demuestra en cada página ue está en verdad comprometida con la literatura como una forma de arte no sólo conmovedora sino también motivadora liberadora Si hay un libro ue pueda ayudarnos a comprender ué fuimos ué somos y ué seremos antes y después de atravesar algún desierto es éste emocionante como una resurrección. A big messy book with a lot of good things and a lot of annoying things Karr overwrites with a vengeance throwing 2 metaphors into one sentence when none would have been a lot better There's a this is me warts and all stream of consciousness thing that she does that is apparently engaging for a lot of readers but I tended to find her on the narcissistic side Somewhere in this 400 page monster is a great 200 page memoir dying to shed some poundageWhat I did like about the book was her honesty about her struggle to deal with God as a necessary entity in her recovery and that her struggle had a positive outcome After all the legalistic and sour atheism at the top of best seller lists it was nice to read about someone talking about prayer and belief in a non disparaging way Karr does do an annoying thing where she almost continually apologizes for her belief and for praying but I realize I do the same thing myself so I learned something as well