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Read õ The Risen 102 é [Read] ➭ The Risen Author David Anthony Durham – From the author of the widely praised Pride of Carthage the superb fictional rendering of Hannibal’s epic military campaigns against Carthage’s archenemy Rome comes the perfect follow up an eually From the author of the widely praised Pride of CarthaOman senator and commander saddled with the unenviable task of uashing an insurrection of mere slaves and other players in a vast spectacle of bloodshed heroism and treachery     In the pages of The Risen the term the slaves in revolt have adopted for themselves an entire teeming world comes into view with great clarity and titanic drama with nothing less than the future of the ancient world at stake No one brings verve intelligence and freshness to the novel of the classical age than David Anthony Durh. It was all going good enjoyable read You get to part three and it starts to get a little boringI felt like the last three chapters were somewhat unnecessary and they dragged on Then we have a character that was tortured and crucified in the 2nd last chapter but who then is fine and alive in the last chapter Not only was that super confusing but there was no explanation for it whatsoeverChapters were also a little lengthy mostly in parts two and three If you count single page they're like 15 20p long but back to back it becomes 30p longBut I really loved how each chapter was a different characters perspective it was kind of like getting everyone's side of the story for once I enjoyed that

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From the author of the widely praised Pride of Carthage the superb fictional rendering of Hannibal’s epic military campaigns against Carthage’s archenemy Rome comes the perfect follow up an eually superb novel of the legendary gladiator Spartacus and the vast slave revolt he led that came ever so close to bringing Rome with its supposedly invincible legions to its knees In this thrilling and panoramic historical novel we see one of the most storied uprisings of classical times from multiple points of. I chose to read this book because I loved the Starz version of Spartacus and I also appreciated the fact that is history I have never read David Anthony Durham but his storytelling was engaging and riveting I imagined myself in the story at times because the writing was so visceral The only thing missing was the Spartacus Speak Move to Purpose Apology Gratitude etc I had grown to love on the show In this account Spartacus was humanized much than the show We were shown pain suffering resistance strength vulnerability shrewdness anguish hope and ultimately defeat There were so many different emotions and components to the manlegend as well as his compatriots What I loved most about his story is that this is the first time that I have experienced Romans who were conflicted or even sympathetic to “The Risen” or the rebels In addition in the cable television show Spartacus Blood and Sands through War of the Damned was motivated by the loss of his wife but in this book Spartacus was mostly moved by the injustice of the captivity What a study in leadership comparing Crassus to Spartacus I was moved by the struggle for liberty and Spartacus inner turmoil with his own fears but needed to exhibit courageous strength for his followers I still hated Crassus because of his ruthlessness and ambition I loved Spartacus and his generals Castus Crixus Gannicus Ullio etc It was so sad but I found myself hoping WHAT IF I knew The Risen wouldn’t be triumphant but I couldn’t help wanting the impossible “Whatever fate awaits youit’s mine as well as yoursI am free to choose and I choose to fight with you I want the best life or death for us all I swear it” Everything felt so authentic from the planning to the escape individual plights within the rebellion I felt their elation with each battle won as it was a sign to them that they were favored by the gods I felt their despair with their defeats as it was one step closer to the unavoidable end There was horrific violence in this book but it didn’t bother me because it was disturbingly factual This was an entertaining read for those who love historical fiction I highly recommend this book to those who love Spartacus and also accounts of the Roman Empire Special Thanks to Double Day books via Netgalley for this book received in exchange for an honest review

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The RisenView Spartacus the visionary captive and gladiator whose toughness and charisma turn a prison break into a multi cultural revolt that threatens an empire his consort the oracular Astera whose connection to the spirit world and its omens guides the uprising’s progress Nonus a Roman soldier working both sides of the conflict in a half adroit half desperate attempt to save his life Laelia and Hustus two shepherd children drawn into the ranks of the slave rebellion Kaleb the slave secretary to Crassus the R. I just finished beta reading this so I cannot attest to the final published form but trust me people This will be among the best historical fiction novels you'll have read Very well researched with characters delicious and diverse And no spoilers from me