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Ll his type It isn’t exactly love at first sight for Jalen Smith either but lust just might push them in an unexpected direction If only their secrets weren’t even twisted than their sheets threatening to cost them the win and each oth. This one went over my head I admit I had doubts about this one since the very beginning despite the great reviews But one thing is to suspect it and another thing altogether is to experience it in personMy main and only problem with this book is this simple fact it’s extremely boring Apart from a detail or two I got a little upset about this is the only objection I haveThe writing style doesn’t agree with me I struggled with each passing chapter hoping for a ray of sunlight to appear to no use There were a few hints where I realized this story would take off at some point However I was let down again and again And again I felt I was at the same landing strip the whole way waiting for some signal to begin the trip I was expecting to fly and I was on the ground insteadWhen I saw that this book would never improve and that it would get 2 stars being generous I decided there were better things to invest my time in It was becoming homework to me and that’s not fun43% it took that long for me to realize it wouldn’t start up At first I got the impression Jalen was a Latino but when they said he was “brown” the uestions began This is what happens when authors are ambiguous in their descriptions I NEVER get it right I just want authors to play fair and don’t beat around the bush because feeling stupid upsets me endlesslyAt least it wasn’t like that time when I found out the MC was black when they chose to display a black model on the SECOND book cover in the series or when the author says AT THE END of the book that the guy was born in Nigeria It’s like “Hey now that you got to 95% of the book I forgot to mention I’m black before you get to the 100% you know That’s all I wanted to say goodbye” My face is pricelessWhy is it so difficult to mention an ethnicity in so many wordsI don't really care what color his skin is If the author says nothing about the appearance of the characters I'm okay with that But if you are going to describe them do it properly please Above all when you are going to show aspects related to it like marginalization and racism There is a tendency in using euphemisms and I believe it’s eventually counter productive To sum it up just don't bring up a vague reference to skin color and then never explain anything Yes I know I’m a littlePlease don’t get this wrong all of this was to simply show that I want to know where my characters come from not only in a geographic sense but culturally speaking and the like because that shapes someone and makes him grow into what he currently is I want to understand them better I want to get to know them And above all I want to have a proper and faithful image of them in my head It’s not a criminal reuest rightAnd authors tiptoeing around it is not the best way to do that in my humble opinion I value it when someone says it naturally in a book But I didn’t get that impression here unfortunatelyApart from that the media stuff and music show bullshit was getting on my nerves I felt I was watching some kind of Big Brother and it was unbearable I realize the author did a good job portraying the falseness and stupidity of this kind of competitions I don’t know how to call them sorry but it didn’t make it less painful to readDefinitely not for me Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Love Me TenorThere’s no way he’ll shake this offTrevor Daniels is feeling aimless A recent college grad he’s not sure what to do with his useless degree and his family all but abandoned him after he revealed the truth about himself But a friend?. 35 StarsI think that anyone who enjoys Albert who loves music and also liked Perfect Harmony will have no problems with this second installment Love Me Tenor segues into Lucas’s best friend Trevor who’s newly out and newly disowned from his family He has no choice but to sign a contract to be in a singing contest with already made groups seeing as how Trevor currently has no other options for room and board However there’s a catch Trevor’s group is labeled as “boys in love” and he has to pretend to be in a relationship with his complete opposite the seemingly straight Jalen Totally easy peasy right WrongGoing along the same vein as Perfect Harmony this NA romance nicely showcases all the painful ins and outs of growing up mostly by taking responsibility going after what you want and owning up to your mistakes Both Trevor and Jalen are not without baggage and forced uarters and “fake” situations allow them to slowly let down their guard inevitably falling for one another while gaining confidence and perhaps winning an amazing chance of a lifetime Beware uite a bit of self shame and hate and an awful terribly bigoted family There is plenty of nice sexual awakening and UST as this author never fails on the smex with an added dash of pain and dominance kink thrown in for good measure I may not always like these sorts of tough topicstropes but Albert is consistently relevant and delivers a reliable heartfelt romance regardless

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Love Me Tenor Summary ✓ 106 È ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Love Me Tenor Author Annabeth Albert – There’s no way he’ll shake this offTrevor Daniels is feeling aimless A recent college grad he’s not sure what to do with his useless degree and his family all but abandoned him after he revealed There’s no way he’?s suggestion that he take his chances on a reality show aimed at finding the next big boy band strikes a chord Love Me Epubwith him until the show’s producers convince him to act like he’s in a relationship with a guy who’s not at a. 35 StarsReality shows boy bands first love kink for days and a dash of hurt comfort yep there was plenty to like about this oneTrevor is a fresh college grad Recently kicked out of his religious family for being gay and just diagnosed with adult onset diabetes he has no money to his name nowhere to go and no idea what to do with his life now he’s finished school Fate intervenes when Trevor is approached to be part of a new reality music show where several newly minted boy bands will fight for victory Although he doesn’t crave the spotlight Trevor loves singing and enjoyed his time on an a cappella singing competition the year before see book one Plus the promise of free housing food and eventual payment regardless of whether his group wins or not is than enough to motivate Trevor to say yes When Trevor meets his new boy band group members including sexy moody and mysterious Jalen and boyfriends Carter and Carson they don’t mesh too well as a group And to Trevor’s surprise their group’s promotional focus is gay boys in love with Trevor and Jalen expected to play boyfriends for the cameras and hopefully eventual fans Although Jalen and Trevor get off to a rocky start they soon find the lines blurring between fake boyfriends and a very real and palpable attraction On and off the cameras they grow closer and form a deep and meaningful connection that both boys desperately crave and need in their lives but they must overcome some pretty heavy roadblocks before they can find any kind of personal peace and happiness togetherTrevor’s diabetes which he keeps a secret from the show runners expectedly played a major role in the plot as does Trevor’s religious background and his deep seated emotional and mental hang ups surrounding his upbringing and his ingrained but often bullshit beliefs I liked Trevor and Jalen as a couple and I enjoyed their kinky yet emotional sexual explorations Being a massive music lover and long time fangirl of all things boy band related I definitely enjoyed the backdrop of the making a boy band reality show and I loved how music played a major role throughout the story What I didn’t enjoy so much were the heavy themes of religious repression and homophobia forced on Trevor by his extremist family Obviously it's an overarching theme of the series but the religion stuff was just too heavy and too infuriating again for me to truly love this storyAs a fan of stories with great secondary characters this one fell short in that department Aside from Trevor and Jalen themselves I didn’t like a single secondary character present Obviously Trevor’s family were hateful and unlikable but even their band mates Carson and Carter never won me over with their creepy “twin” relationship and Dawn Jalen’s sister and show exec was an insufferable pain in my ass often than not It’s a shame because I really do love reading stories with a full cast of fascinating characters good or bad but this one left me feeling flat in that regard At the end of the day although I may not have loved some of the heavier themes here this was yet another well written deliciously angsty offering from Albert and I look forward to wrapping this series up with All Note Long