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EBOOK Õ EPUB Tom Clancys The Division ã 9781452148274 ´ ➽ [Download] ✤ Tom Clancys The Division By Alexander C. Irvine ➲ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk New York Collapse is an in world fictionalized companion to one of the biggest video game releases of 2016 Tom Clancy's The Division from UbisoftA full city map to a used transit card Retrace her steps through a destroyed urban landscape and decipher her clues to reveal the key secrets at the Tom Clancys eBook #195 heart of this highly anticipated ga This book complements the videogame The Division presenting a realistic survival guide combined with fictional notes of a survivorI bought this some time ago when I was playing the game while you play you can find pages of this guide and it describes an important part of the plot Since The Division is set shortly after the outbreak of a deadly disease it's easy to find similarities with the global Covid19 pandemicI guess the guide is at least partially inspired by combined with other events like Hurricane Katrina It describes common prepper knowledge such as bug out backpacks and survival tools and adds some New York specifics to the mixThis is not a real survival guide It's written in universe replacing US agencies with their game counterparts disguising game clues as real data and following the game plot as the main narrative However since it follows real sources and keeps a realistic style it's easy to find many resemblances to the Covid19 crisis the main difference being that the guide describes a full collapse due to various cascading effects that haven't taken place in realityDepending on how badly the current crisis has hit you this might not be your cup of tea However if you still like apocalyptic and post apocalyptic fiction and have played the game read this I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't played or if you played and didn't enjoy it

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Ollapse lies a mystery a handwritten account of a woman struggling to discover why New York City fell The keys to unlocking the survivor's full story are hidden within seven removable artifacts ranging from In 2013 JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst released S a piece of metafiction that consisted of a reproduction of a character's copy of a book that exists within the project's fiction The multi layered story was told through the text of the book the book's footnotes the notes written in the margins of said book by the two people reading it various scraps of paper stuck between the pages and even some stuff on the Internet It was a fascinating original approach to storytelling and a love letter to the printed wordIn 2016 Ubisoft or some partner heavily borrowed from this conceit to create a product tie in for their newest video game The Division Or Tom Clancey's The Division if you want to be technical Unsurprisingly this product tie in doesn't stand on its own two feet as well as the book that probably inspired it But New York Collapse still ends up being far enjoyable than it has any right to be considering that it is unambiguously first and foremost a piece of merchandiseTo understand the book it helps to understand the game it's based on The Division is set a couple of months or so into a catastrophic pandemic that has ravaged New York city A terrorist of some sort has infected a number of dollar bills with an engineered virus and released them in Manhattan on Black Friday to be uickly and vigorously circulated death by consumer culture Within weeks the city has descended into complete chaos The government has uarantined the island and further uarantined certain neighborhoods; all public services and infrastructure have started to come undone; most people who haven't escaped have died; and various criminal and government turned criminal factions have laid claim to pieces of the city Violence ensues and a mysterious government organization springs to action deploying its agents that's you to uell the violence restore order and try to get the ball rolling on some sort of recovery Mostly you kill people and collect better and better gunsAs you play the game as with many games generally and Ubisoft's especially you find various collectible objects throughout the world that provide additional fragments of narrative to flesh out the world beyond the game's core plot For example cell phones with voicemail messages that when pieced together recount various New Yorkers' final days in mid apocalypse Manhattan There are various sets of collectibles one of which is a series of pages torn from one woman's journal These journal entries are written not in a blank notebook however but in the pages of an oddly specific survival guide for life in a catastrophe ridden Manhattan The woman is named April Kelleher the survival guide is called New York Collapse and you are holding her copy in your hands The pages that were torn out and strewn around Manhattan for the video game player to find have been restored; try not to think about itThe primary text of the book guide for how to survive a society destroying pandemic in Manhattan is naturally less engaging than the novel within a meta novel that served as S's primary text but it's still pretty engaging Because the guide is describing the world April Kelleher is living through with bizarre prescience and specificity it almost functions as the text of a novel albeit less flavorful The guide describes the situation and April's margin notes contextualize that information by relating it to her own life and offering specific anecdotes These notes are written again like in S in various colors to signify different points in April's journey and conveniently she keeps a tally of days in one of the first pages so you can easily reference this to know when exactly she eg lost the black pen and started writing in pencilIn addition to merely trying to survive in an imploding society April Kelleher is trying to solve a number of mysteries First she's trying to find out why and by whom her husband some sort of biotech researcher was killed before her eyes in the early days of the outbreak Second she's trying to figure out what's up with the guide's pseudonymous author Warren Merchant Given the book's eerie accuracy and narrow focus it seems plausible that Merchant perhaps knew that plans were underway for an attack of this sort and April has uncovered a number of hidden messages in the book that add weight to this hypothesisPart of the fun of the book is unraveling these puzzles Secret coded messages are scattered throughout although they seem to come in only two flavors already partially solved and easy to finish and so obtuse that you're not sure it's a puzzle As such the puzzles fail to draw you into an ever deepening rabbit hole; instead you'll just solve the easy ones as you go and not bother digging deeper for any As the puzzles suggest there's a bit of a mystery in the book a circling around a conspiracy that keeps you engaged Unfortunately all this hinting and elliptical storytelling never amounts to much There is no big denouement no payoff for all the hints and puzzles and vague references I guess this book's creators borrowed that from JJ Abrams as well The Division's world is an interesting rich setting for mid apocalyptic stories; April Kelleher is an interesting relatable character; and the book tantalizingly skirts the edges of some sort of Big Secret throughout its brisk 176 pages But after all that it just sort of fades out unceremoniously Perhaps the big reveal is being saved for the inevitable tie in for the game's seuel Of course given the nature of the book I can't say that for sure Maybe there's some big reveal hidden in an undiscovered secret message or on some website the book was nudging me towards But if there is I didn't find itI can't say how much you'll enjoy this book if you haven't played the video game I've been playing the Division on and off for two years and am fairly immersed in its world April Kelleher's story takes place largely before the events of the game so the book serves as an interesting preuel fleshing out the pandemic's heretofore hinted at early days It also provides a deeper focus on the catastrophe's human component as opposed to the tactical considerations eg where to stand to safely kill a bunch of Bad Guys that occupy most of your mental space while you play the gameI got this book against my better judgement it's a video game tie in mostly because I'm so enad of S and it's meta fictional construction and books of this sort are few and far between Given my expectations the gamble has largely paid off A piece of great literature New York Collapse is not but it's a thoroughly entertaining read especially for someone already familiar with its world

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Tom Clancys The DivisionNew York Collapse is an in world fictionalized companion to one of the biggest video game releases of Tom Clancy's The Division from Ubisoft Within this discarded survivalist field guide written before the c So Tom Clancy's The Division New York Collapse is really a two for one deal The basic book is a survival guide to a long term collapse of society It goes through amazing details about how to survive what to use where to go and what to think Wow it was a true eye opener If I haven't mentioned it before I'm a prepper Yep I take emergency preparedness seriously probably why I like all those end of the world and dystopian books So the guide alone would have been something I would buyThe interactivesecond part of the deal is a personal journal written by April a woman living during the collapse of New York City Her husband was a biologist killed for his germ research She carries the survival guide with her using it to record her journey and to unravel what exactly happened in New York She also leaves little puzzles throughout the book in case it ever falls into the wrong handsThe journal is written in several colors of ink Each color represents a different period of time So when reading you often find yourself reading notes that involve different time periods of April's survival She also leaves different maps transit cards and other interactive products within the pagesThis is a really fun book I give it 45 stars and that's only because it is a bit hard to follow smoothly