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DOWNLOAD ô Under the Big Black Sun Ý ❰Read❯ ➵ Under the Big Black Sun Author John Doe – Under the Big Black Sun explores the nascent Los Angeles punk rock movement and its evolution to hardcore punk as it’s never been told before Authors John Doe and Tom DeSavia have woven together an Under the BHares chapter length tales from the authors along with personal essays from famous and infamous players in the scene Additional authors include Exene Cervenka X Henry Rollins Black Flag Mike Watt The Minutemen Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey The Go Go’s Dave Alvin The Blasters Jack Grisham TSOL Teresa Covarrubias The Brat Robert Lopez The Zeros El Vez as well as scencesters. One could make a pretty good argument that the LA punk scene of the late '70'searly '80's was every bit as culturally influential as the London and New York punk movements if not so Besides the music SoCal popularized the DIY ethos gave us the art of Raymond Petttibon and the documentaries of Penelope Spheeris It's fairly crying out for a good book about itUnder the Big Black Sun is not that book What is it A collection of short essays about LA in the late '70's written by several of the musicians and scenesters from those days It's pretty hit or miss Most of theses pieces follow the same narrative and tell the same stories to wit1 I came here when I was 16 and met others like myself who didn't fit in2 The parties were crazy Tomata du Plenty made gross appetizers the Disgraceland Party and we smoked pot with Tony Curtis There's a lot of name dropping going on here3 The music was great The first PlugzWeirdosGerms show I went to was like nothing I'd ever experienced It was so raw4 Drugs and Orange County skinheads came and ruined it for everyone so I moved on There's not a lot of insight into what made punk music from that time and place so powerful The best part of the book is Mike Watt's story of the birth of the Minutemen Written without capital letters and strewn with teenageisms prolly dealio Watt's essay is a tender paean to his best friend and bandmate D Boon who died in a car accident just when the band was about to take off It's funny and heartbreaking

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And journalists Pleasant Gehman Kristine McKenna and Chris Morris Through interstitial commentary John Doe “narrates” this journey through the land of film noir sunshine Hollywood back alleys and suburban sprawl the place where he met his artistic counterparts Exene DJ Bonebrake and Billy Zoom and formed X the band that became synonymous with and in many ways defined LA pu. Fabulous This is an amazing punk rock history I enjoyed it in both formats as an audiobook and as a print book I recommend both formats they each offer different appeals The audiobook was everything I have always wanted from a music biography audiobook each chapter was read by the author of that chapter and there were musical excerpts in between chapters But of course the print book offers a better way to pore over the lyrics and also has great photos We were lucky enough to go the book signing in Austin and we had a chance to chat with John Doe and thank him for this book He was charming as always and also said he hopes to do a follow up book Can't wait

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Under the Big Black SunUnder the Big Black Sun explores the Big Black Epub #222 nascent Los Angeles punk Under the eBook #201 rock movement and its evolution to hardcore punk as it’s never been the Big Black MOBI #245 told before Authors John Doe and Tom DeSavia have woven together an enthralling story of the legendary west coast scene fromby enlisting the voices of people who were there The book s. This is the best audiobook I have ever listened to