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Free eBook Ù ePub Sweetheart Sweetheart ç Ê ❰Download❯ ➵ Sweetheart Sweetheart Author Bernard Taylor – David Warwick an Englishman living in New York has a sudden premonition that his twin brother Colin is in danger He returns to England and learns the shocking truth both ColinD as one of the finest horror novels ever written This edition features a new introduction by Michael RoweMy favorite ghost story at once manages to be both moving and extremely unsettling there isn't anything that beats it Charles L GrantIngenious and well crafted a most satisfying chiller Grand Rapids PressA slow burning invisibly seductive ghost story Kirkus Reviews starred revi 45 Stars Take a candle with you you'll need the light because what's waiting for you in the darkness doesn't want to leave Ever Michael Rowe Sweetheart Sweetheart begins as an innocent but engrossing who dun nit mystery that slowly turns threateningand deadly with an evil apparition exhibiting loads of guileThis classic style ghost story first published in 1977 appears to be a sleeper on GR so DO NOT miss out While not super scary for me or filled with blood and gore it is one fine read with one hell of a ghastly end checkout GR friend Charlene's review and you'll be sold too

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Seems to promise peace and comfort to all who dwell there But as David tries to unearth the facts of what really happened to his brother and his wife he has no idea of the horror and evil that surround him or the terrible fate that may be in storeA chilling story that builds slowly and inexorably towards its shocking climax Bernard Taylor's Sweetheart Sweetheart has been recognize Glorious Gothic 1970s style This ticks off all the boxes for gothic must haves haunted house mysterious deaths deformity Mrs Danvers esue housekeeper roses ghost performing fellatio on a living person family secrets w w wait back up ghost doing WHAT Yeah you read right You did I was surprised to discover that this 1977 gothic novel has its share of erotic preoccupation Those scenes were written pretty well actually aside from the fact that I kept getting flashes of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze on the pottery wheelFull of atmosphere this book boasts a rather over the top plot that you'll forgive because there's a ghost who performs fellatio on a living person of the intriguing mystery It's creepy Not Shirley Jackson's calibre but still Bernard Taylor should be on people's shelves35 stars

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Sweetheart SweetheartDavid Warwick an Englishman living in New York has a sudden premonition that his twin brother Colin is in danger He returns to England and learns the shocking truth both Colin and his young bride Helen have died ghastly deaths deaths that no one in the village wants to talk aboutNow David has inherited his brother's home Gerrard's Hill Cottage a lovely house with a lush garden that ”They say the dead die not but remainNear to the rich heirs of their grief and mirth‘Clouds” Rupert Brooke David Warwick starts to feel strange His twin Colin has recently written to inform him that he is blissfully married and in the process of moving to a beautiful cottage in the English countryside Why does David feel so strangeSomething tells him that he has to go home The pain in his head and the rising anxiety levels are driving him back to England His girlfriend Shelagh is not happy with him and certainly doesn’t buy the idea that his homeland is calling him back This is not going to prove to be a rainbows and unicorns visit His sister in law Helen is dead from a misadventure His brother has passed away from a horrendous car accident Now David has inherited the cottage in the countryThis is a lot for him to wrap his head around and fortunately he doesn’t know it but he has only landed in the middle of crazy There was plenty of crazy before and there is plenty of crazy yet to come A white rose appears on his pillow each night As he starts to look into the circumstances surrounding the deaths he begins to understand that the cottage has had a fair number of strange occurrences ”My house before me stood drenched in sunlight Looking as it did it was difficult to associate it with the tragedies that had occurred there Margaret Lane had died horribly in the burning summerhouse; Bronwen had been struck down and left dying from a broken skull dying deserted and alone And then Helenand then ColinWas it possible I wondered for a house’s past history to influence the lives of its inhabitants”He starts getting threatening phone calls from someone who mistakes him for Colin To complicate things Shelagh surprises him by arriving on his doorstep He is happy to see her of course but the escalation of strangeness has left him pensive and wondering about his own sanity ”The thought came to me through the fog of my ecstasy that perhaps I was going mad; what was happening to me couldn’t be happening None of it nothing not one thing could possibly be anything but the product of my mind and still touching the caressing continued The thought wavered through my brain that if I was not mad that I was being driven to that state and I made a last desperate clutch for rationality a final desperate attempt to hang on to reality and flung out my arms wide and shouted with all my force into the sweet fogged rose scented room‘NO’”CrikeyThat isn’t Shelagh by the way that is a bloody spectre It is scary enough with the thought of phantom fingers giving one the odd reach around but the real cause for fretfulness is that David kissed a ghost and he liked it This is a classic ghost story with some really well written scenes of menacing scary uneasiness With the arrival of Shelagh there are avenues opened for many unexplainable dire occurances to add to the already confusing muddle of David’s investigation into the deaths of his brother and his wife The townspeople are reticent about what they know and what they do choose to share is ambiguous and frustratingly sparse on detail Who is the ghost Who killed who A twisted gothic romance with a healthy dose of erotic obsession Bernard Taylor has written twelve horrorsuspense novels and given my vast enjoyment of this little gem I will be working my way through the rest of his oeuvre Somehow this writer has been working uietly along without fanfare I plan to do my best to bring him out of the shadows and into the light of day If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at