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kindle Winterwood Rowankind #1

Winterwood Rowankind #1 kindle ↠ Kindle Edition ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Winterwood Rowankind #1 Author Jacey Bedford – Set in 1800 in Britain Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued to the death while in every genteel home residSet in 1800 in Britain Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued to the death while in every genteel home resides uncomplaining rowankind bondservants who have become so commonplace that no one can recall where they came fromMeanwhile Rossalinde Tr This could have been so much than it was The premise is lovely and the prose is readable so why then did I fail to connect with the characters? The protagonist is very flat one dimensional even and her actions and thoughts often fail to have a sense of process and come out absolute and without any sense of internal conflict For instance the magic box she is given by her mother A normal person would show some curiousity spend some time trying to open the box but she doesn't In fact she throws it into the ocean without knowing that it would follow her it does but she didn't know that when she threw it The other characters are flatter than she is The romance is sudden and forced The whole business of the dead husband's ghost hanging around is unsettling The fact that she's the only female character of any importance was what made me throw up my hands and call it a day In fact she's the only female character except for some transitory characters who make brief appearances Maybe other people will like it It certainly wasn't my cup of tea

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Emayne is satisfied with her life as a cross dressing privateer captain on the high seas But a bitter deathbed visit to her estranged mother changes her life completely when she inherits a magical winterwood box Now not only is she confronted with a newly discovered brother and an annoyingly handsome wolf shapeshifter R Winterwood is a good solid read A delightful blend of historical fiction fantasy shape shifter and romance Rossalinde Tremayne Ross is a young woman who has been widowed from her husband Will She eloped with Will taking one of her father's ships as a dowry for their marriage Will unexpectantly dies leaving Ross to captain their privateer ship Will's ghost however continues to hang around Ross' mother is ill so Ross goes to pay her a visit The relationship between Ross and her mother is very contentious to say the least although her mother gives her a mysterious wooden box made of Winterwood Ross doesn't know what to do with the box As she is leaving her mother's house the place is goes up in flames which attracts the attention of the British soldiers stationed in Plymouth Attention that Ross does not want Ross happens to be an unregistered witch and she has other issues with the law She also discovers in her escape she has a half brother DavidThe story has many facets to it There is the mystery of the box a person that chases them a pirate who happens to fancy Ross Ross grieving for her lost husband family and friendship and not the least of which is the class struggle of Rowankind They are the lowest of the low There are a few surprises as well but I don't want to provide any unintended spoilersI found the characters to be interesting Ross is a refreshing heroine because she knows her own mind and acclimated to leadership by being captain of her ship While she can be tough she leaves her heart open to new people As she travels with David she grows like him and even to love him The supporting cast of characters are interesting and create tension as the story unfoldsI thought the book was well written and liked the author's writing style as the story is written in the first person from Ross' perspective This is a fairy tale for adults and possibly older teens I thought the story kind of lost something toward the end of the book but I can't uite say what that something happens to be Perhaps the story didn't go uite as I expected it to go Overall though I found Winterwood a fun and enjoyable read I plan to look into the next book in the series

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Winterwood Rowankind #1Ossalinde has to decide whether or not to open the box to free rowankind and right an ancient wrong even if it brings the downfall of BritainThis brand new series is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Bear DB Jackson and Marie Brennan as well as readers of historical fiction who are looking for an accessible gateway to fanta After I read the opening of Winterwood I thought I was going to love it but I soon found myself bored by it It's not that nothing happened; it's just that what did happen didn't interest me and I wasn't invested in the characters I loved that Ross was a privateer captain respected by her crew but there was very little characterization and the investigation in the story wasn't that compelling even though I had been looking forward to reading about Ross digging into old family secrets from the past There were some intriguing parts but this just wasn't to my tasteFull Review