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Free download D DAY Through German Eyes 2 ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Read] ➬ D DAY Through German Eyes 2 ➵ Holger Eckhertz – The first book of ‘D DAY – Through German Eyes’ has fascinated readers around the world with its insight into the German expN testimonies from the same archiveThese newly translated eyewitness statements by German veterans show the defenders to be determined but psychologically insecure often deluded in their thinking and D DAY PDF or all too human in their sho. This book is actually a continuation of the first book and deserves the same 4 star rating The first book only used 5 interviews while this one uses 8 and I can see why these interviews were not used until after the success of the first book was demonstrated Much of the same ground is covered in this book as was done in the first but the second book reveals matters not generally known and which may have proven embarrassing to people peoples and nations One thing some of these German veterans repeat is that popular information about D Day is incomplete and that there is another story to be told The veterans in these interviews used this opportunity to tell at least part of that other story While the ordeal of Allied troops on D Day is well known and documented I couldn't help but sympathize with some of these soldiers that were just trying to do the job their government demanded of them after filling their minds with propaganda that they were not euipped to uestion To begin with it was clearly revealed that duty on the Atlantic Wall was regarded as a cushy assignment in the German Army and certainly preferable to the Eastern Front There was no combat living conditions were ideal and food was both plentiful and delightful Conseuently Germany sent their least able bodied troops to man the beach defenses These troops were part of the Static Infantry and were composed of burned out vets from the Eastern Front disabled and unfit for regular duty people and surprisingly a large contingent of Russians that switched sides after being captured in the East This Russian contingent is mentioned several times and only speculation is offered as to their fate after they were captured and returned to Russia The general opinion was that the Allies returned them to the Russian military who then took them home to be executed These were the types of soldiers that the Allies faced on the beaches of Normandy on D Day While their weapons were devastating their general ability and morale was uestionable The German Army clearly regarded them as expendable and knew that they would be overrun when an invasion came Their job was simply to slow down the invasion warn of the invasion's commencement and give the regular Mobile Forces time to plan and execute the counterattack The interviews used in both of these books is primarily with these Static Infantry expendables and what they endured on June 6 1944 and it was just as horrific as what was endured by the soldiers storming the beaches and maybe worseThe scale of the invasion was clearly unanticipated as was its location The German Army assumed that for an invasion to be successful the Allies needed to capture a port city to insure the necessary chain of supply an invading force would reuire For this reason the beaches of Normandy were never regarded as a likely invasion point and much of the defenses there were incomplete and lacking planned for guns or guns at all Most of the major defenses were distributed to the primary invasion sites around the Channel port cities like Calais The troops at Normandy were therefore lacking in expected support and reinforcements but there is even a uestion if such support was ever intended since the beach forces were only needed to delay the invasion and not to stop it Stopping the invasion was going to be the task of the Mobile Army in a counter offensive which ultimately faltered and failed because of the massive scale of the invasion and the resources devoted to it Clearly these German soldiers are correct in stating there is another story or at least another side to the story of D DayNow why these particular interviews were initially omitted in the first book is interesting because the reasons add another facet to the story of that day and indeed to that war Some of these soldiers reveal how cooperative the French civilians were with the German forces The French had no problem selling the Germans food wine etc and then socializing with them The French were also helpful with giving the Germans information The German soldier was under the misunderstanding that they were in France to protect it and the notion of Unified Europe from the corrupt forces of England and the US who were being manipulated by Stalin Under this belief the average German soldier viewed the cooperating Frenchman as a believer in this concept of a Unified Europe and didn't uestion the motivations of these French Of course as an occupied people that didn't know when or if liberation would come it can be understood why these civilians would do what was necessary to survive the war Nevertheless such revelations could have proven rather shameful to a French reader of the book so these interviews were omitted It is also revealed in these talks however that some of these old soldiers still harbored traces of National Socialism and national superiority to their conuered populations None of these soldiers ever uestions Germany's assumption of the position of Guardian of Unified Europe or the fact that neither France nor any other conuered nation asked Germany for this protection These were enlisted personnel and junior officers and not upper echelon members of the German Army or government so their opinions and beliefs lack a depth of understanding and experience These opinions however could certainly have hinted at an undercurrent of beliefs held by the German people at the time of the interviews and thus not helpful to Germany's war recovery The reasons for their omission is understandable but reading them is certainly interesting and enlightening and does add a different perspective to a pivotal event of Western history

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The first Through German MOBI #242 book of ‘D DAY – Through German Eyes’ has fascinated readers around the world with its insight into the German experience of June th Now Book contains a completely different set of astonishing Germa. Book 2 of the German viewpoint follows on Book 1's interviews except where book 1 covers each invasion beach book 2 covers other miscellaneous stories from all over It has the same A style which I rather like in these books and most of these stories brings something new to the series The stories are not as good as the first book's stories though The real problem which I have with this book is the last story of the officer with the so called wonder weapon Taifun B I can understand that in 1955 the original interviewer could have fallen for such absolute rubbish told by a chancer but I cannot understand why the publisher of the book would have included this in 2015 when the book was brought out when it was known that such a story was fabricated which brought a great series of stories to a very disappointing end

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D DAY Through German Eyes 2Ck at the onslaught which they facedThese uniue interviews with German soldiers are a historical treasure trove of new insights heart stopping combat stories and glimpses of wartime psychology which will absorb anyone with an interest in W. I've been looking for a book that gave insights into the German mindset of the war for some time and stumbled across this oneThe interviews were conducted in the 1950s by the author's grandfather He has translated and assembled them but offers no analysis letting interviewer and subject speak for themselves There are some interesting themes esp that they considered this a fight for a united Europe against the forced of communism The coments about relations with the french were interesting as well and varied from they were collaaborators to they were all in the resistance Definitely worth a read I am going to read the first one now