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Epub à Little Criminals ô à [PDF / Epub] ☄ Little Criminals By Gene Kerrigan – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Justin and Angela Kennedy have money love children and a limitless future Jo Jo Mackendrick is a pillar of Dublin gangland society; a man determined that nothing will endanger his hard earned supremac Justin and Angela Kennedy haIfe for small change Kidnap could be the first step on his climb to a better life and he knows just the kind of dangerous men to make it happ Little Criminal Minds August 16 2008 Once in a while you come across a book that delivers a blow to the guts and very occasionally a kick to the arse as well Gene Kerrigan's LITTLE CRIMINALS is such a book WR Burnett Harte's Cross a small town outside of Dublin is the home to a small time hoodlum Frankie Crowe Frankie has always wanted the easy way it seems He left home after his family reported him to the local Garda Ireland's National Police Service Ever since he has been on the lam or loosely involved in someone else's capers Now he has decided that he wants to commit a large enough crime to set him up for life He sets his sights on kidnapping a prosperous lawyer Justin Kennedy Frankie has old friends who join his 'crew' and the plans are set Frankie who has a short fuse settles differences with Jo Jo a criminal mentor when JOJO disagrees with Frankie's plans This sets in motion a plan and plot that interests the garda As all plans go awry when not well thought out Frankie discovers that the better plan is to kidnap Kennedy's wife Angela One thing leads to another and one of the most exciting and well written crime novels moves ahead Gene Kerrigan gives close attention to his characters They are brought to life with exacting detail and we get to know them To like them is another matter but we care Besides his crew we learn about Frankie's ex wife and child some of the towns people and most of all the police The upper echelons and the lower ranks Caught in the middle is John Grace an honest detective He had mastered the methodical routine of detective work and was sure of his abilities as a supervisor of those beneath him on the ladder Those talents got him to a respectable level at which he lingered Because Grace knows Frankie he is brought into assist the police in an in depth analysis of Frankie and his crew The rest of the book plays out the story of the kidnap from the viewpoint of all the gang members and those affected by the crime It is a mesmerizing glimpse into modern day Ireland where the Church has little say and the young 'want what they want' as uickly as possible paying little attention to the customs of yore Past tragedies and dreams collide and we have a glimpse into the world of the criminals and those lives that they shatter Highly Highly Recommended prisrob 08 16 08

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Little CriminalsJustin and Angela Kennedy have money love children and a limitless future Jo Jo Mackendrick is a pillar of Dublin gangland society; a man det Little Criminals is a cracking read and a lesson in how write all tell and no show using tight sparse expressive prose There isn’t a single sentence that doesn’t propel the story forward Rather than following one person Kerrigan shifts the point of view telling different elements of the story from the perspective of a handful of characters principally the main criminal Frankie Crowe his reluctant sidekick Martin Paxton kidnap victim Angela Kennedy and copper John Grace The characterisation is excellent with each character's back story neatly and efficiently set out with a series of wonderful scenes and realistic dialogue The plot is tight and gripping There is no real mystery element to the story nor unlikely coincidences or melodrama instead it simply charts how the Crowe’s attempt at making the big time unfolds which in and of itself is highly compelling The whole book is wonderfully evocative of Dublin before the crash colliding together the worlds of criminal gangs and the corporate elite Overall an excellent tale very well told Highly recommended