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DOC Ù READER In the Demons Company Demons Assistant #2 » DOGSALONBRISTOL ¼ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ In the Demons Company Demons Assistant #2 By Tori Centanni ✐ – There’s a new demon in town and my boss Azmos isn’t happy about it I guess he doesn’t like cTo demon’s apprentice I might actually be able to do something useful Of course my boyfriend Cam wants me to stay out of it and for once Azmos actually agrees with him Sorry but I can’t just sit around doing homework while a demon is leaving a trail of bodie Check out this review and much on my blog and don't miss the review of book #1 The Demon's Deadline Tori has become one of my favorite YA storytellers My page turner check marks go to ✓writing and ✓premise39 starsTori’s writing has gotten even better in this second book I really like her writing style It is witty funny unadorned but still crafty and fluid It makes this YA book enjoyable for adults as wellThe same way Tori’s writing “grew” in this second book so did other elements However I would have liked to see the wonderful seeds planted in book one The Demon’s Deadline grow Let’s start with the characters The story is again told from Nicolette’s perspective I loved Nicolette from book one She is not your stereotypical YA heroine at all she is not a wallflower nor the ueen bee She is smart intuitive and inuisitive but she also has her flaws As a typical teenager she makes many uestionable choices that I didn’t understand like getting a job with a demon but hey I’m not a teenager I can’t understand them any Even Nicollet is aware of it as you can see in this uoteHe doesn’t understand my desire to keep associating with demons when my life doesn’t literally depend on it But it’s not like I can forget they exist I can either deal with them directly and learn as much as I can about what’s lurking in the shadows or I can spend my life looking over my shoulder in fear of what might be there It might be a choice but it’s not necessarily a good oneSo I still liked Nicolette in book 2 but I didn’t see a significant change in her as you would expect in a seuel Also this second book is still too centered in Nicollete and you get to know very little about the other characters despite all the wonderful potential seeds I did love what I learned about them though they are so Tori’s Edgy uniue unexpected and so is the relationship between them real layered imperfect and diverse there is one MM romance and hints of a second oneSo many seeds in character development that I hope to see growingThen there is the world buildingTori introduced us to an awesome world the demons’ realm the “cracks” forming in between that realm and the human world and the different kind of demons with the different kind of powersWe have the power to make ourselves gods Long ago my brethren did just that performing miracles and convincing whole tribes of your species that they were gods and saints and healers and saviors We still hold that powerTori mingled reality and fantasy so seamlessly that you feel like oh well but of course demons walk among us I bet my neighbor is one but sometimes that was at the expense of world building I felt reality took over too much and the fantasy got lost in translation Tori introduced plenty of Gothic elements to give the book a fantastic atmospheric and mysterious tone and being the great writer she is I feel she could have crafted amazing imagery to bring all that to lifeThen finally the premise and plot I have mixed feelings about themIn my review of the first book of this series I gave my check parks to writing and plot I didn’t think the premise wa

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There’s a new demon in town and my boss Azmos isn’t happy about it I guess he doesn’t like competition in the soul binding business I want to help People I know are getting hurt because of the other demon's deals Now that Az has promoted me from errand girl Wow loving this seriesIn the Demon's Company by Tori Centanni is so good What a fascinating world with great characters and amazing plot line I see why the author had the short book 15 to introduce Gabriel because this psychic plays a big part in this book Now I have to get the next book

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In the Demons Company Demons Assistant #2S all over town Besides I’ve got my own posse now Okay I’ve got an ice cold death demon a tortured psychic and a pink haired demonologist to help me Together we’ll figure it out and I’ll prove I’m ready to be a full fledged apprenticeor I’ll die tryin I received this book for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal on GoodreadsWow What can I say? This is the second instalment in this series and what a roller coaster ride it has been Nicki has been working with her demon Azmos for a while now and whilst her boyfriend Cam isn't happy about it he is there for her through thick and thin But trouble is around the corner in the shape of failing school grades which has her dad pulling the parent card to get her back on track Easier said than done when Azmos' long lost sister shows up wreaking havoc Nicki is too entrenched to stand back and this action has serious repercussionsThis book continues the story from book one along with the added bonus of Gabriel and his pink haired demon boyfriend we met in 15 novella 'Gabriel's demons' In my opinion this series gets better and better and if you haven't read them yet you need to add them to your TBR pile You won't be disappointed