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Wild Kingdom Bringing Back Britain's Wildlife Read & download ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ [Reading] ➿ Wild Kingdom Bringing Back Britain's Wildlife By Stephen Moss – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Britain’s wildlife is in trouble Wild creatures that have Flying over the Metro centre in Devon beavers on the River Otter and in London peregrines – the fastest living creature on the planet – which have taken up residence in the capitalElsewhere in the British countryside things are changing too What were once nature free zones are being ‘rewilded’ giving our wild creatures the space they need – not just to survive but also to thriveA. I've followed Stephen Moss's writing with interest over the years getting to know it first through his Guardian columns on birdwatchingThis book is about wildlife About birds certainly but eually about all the other wild creatures animals invertebrates fish and so on which call Britain home He examines all their possible habitats in turn farmland woodland moorland water and wetland seaside towns and cities He discovers how our imperative to produce ever increasing uantities of cheap food is destroying and impoverishing the habitats of so much wildlife not just on farmland increasingly turned over to agri business but also on moorland the sea and wetlands He illustrates his arguments not only by drawing on research and statistics but with anecdote and personal stories This is a very thorough and convincing account of the perilous state that much of the wildlife we think of as part of our natural heritage is in Though he's careful to point out that every creature even if not cute and well loved like the hedgehog and red suirrel has a part to play in ensuring the health of some other creature in the food chain And he writes too about success stories the re introduction of the red kite the egrets which now that our climate is generally warming are making regular appearances on UK waterways are just two examplesHe writes this book as a warning wanting everybody who reads it to become part of the fightback in a cause he regards as too important to lose His style is informal very easy to read Even when he's making known the results of various studies or sharing dismal statistics the information is easy to absorb and I continued to read with interest and attentionNevertheless little of what he writes about here is unknown to the averagely well informed and concerned reader Though I really enjoyed reading this book I'm not sure I learned a great deal that at some level I didn't already know about I'd like to think that if I gave a copy to someone who doesn't yet think too hard about environmental matters they'd find it an approachable and worthwhile read and one which might change their viewpoint a little I want this book to find a wide audience

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Britain’s wildlife is in trouble Wild Bringing Back PDFEPUB #191 creatures that have lived here for thousands of years are disappearing Wild Kingdom PDFEPUB or because of pollution and persecution competition with alien species changing farming and forestry practices and climate changeIt’s not Kingdom Bringing Back Epub #222 just rare creatures such as the Scottish wildcat or the red s. Ever since William Blake wrote the words ‘Englands green pleasant Land’ in 1804 it has always been considered one of the best descriptions of the British countryside For millennia humans have been changing the landscape in this country and the wildlife co existed with us and the habitats that were formed Now days only green could be considered correct; decades of industrial farming has wreaked untold devastation amongst the wild creatures and flowers that had once made our countryside so pleasant Headlines scream at us from the papers about how our native wildlife is in trouble and the facts about what has been happening are frankly terrifyingIn amongst the grim news there have been some success stories species have been dragged back from the very brink of extinction or have been part of successful introduction programmes; these should be celebrated for good reason But while we have been concentrating on the rare and the spectacular our once common animals house sparrows and the hedgehog and others have suffered catastrophic falls in numbers Moss decides to find out for himself just what the state of our nation's wildlife is Starting with what is the largest land area in our country farmlands we go on a whistle stop tour through our woods seashores and mountains As wildlife is as much a part of the urban jungle nowadays especially with the fox living off the waste that humans leave behind and peregrines hurling themselves from skyscrapers in the very centre of our capital The countryside is being exploited by self appointed minority interest pressure groups whose claims to be the guardians of the countryside would be amusing were the conseuences not so seriousThis is another superb book from Moss but importantly is it timely too The state of the wildlife in the country is at a tipping point after decades of pummelling from chemicals and dramatic loss of habitat There have been some reintroductions of natives like beavers and the cleaning up of the rivers has seen the spectacular return of the otter that can be claimed as successes and there have been places where farmers and landowners have taken it upon themselves to re wild the land which have proved successful The points that he is fairly forcefully making are being echoed elsewhere too most recently in Bee uest by Dave Goulson and The Running Hare by John Lewis Stempel guys with their pulse of the countryside This is a book to read if you care about the very future of our countryside and importantly this should be a book that all politicians should be made to read

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Wild Kingdom Bringing Back Britain's WildlifeUirrel that are vanishing Hares and hedgehogs skylarks and water voles even the humble house sparrow are in freefall But now at last there is hopeAuthor and naturalist Stephen Moss has travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to see just how Britons are fighting back to save the wildlife they love In Newcastle he sees otters that have returned to the river Tyne and red kites. I read this slowly a chapter at a time in between reading other books It was a book designed to be read this way as each chapter will make you think deeply then want to go off and find out about that topic before moving on to something else A well researched and important book acting as a call to arms before some of our most beloved wildlife is beyond saving Brilliant introduction to rewilding and introduces debates about the introduction of foreign species and re introduction of former species Acts as both a warning about how much damage can be caused by humans and a reassurance that changes can be made to protect this precious wildlife Fascinating read