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Rewind Author William SleatWhen Peter is hit by a car he is given the ultimate do over go back to any point in time before that fateful moment and alter the events leading up to his death Do Not Let Your Children Read This I'm not one for censorship but if this book could be unwritten I would consider that a public good This is JF fiction not Hegel and the messages this book is presenting to actual children are legitimately harmful to their sense of self And I cannot for a second imagine an actual eleven year old picking up on how deeply fucked up these messages are only that they might identify with the protagonist's thought process and in turn possibly cause themselves harm by acting accordinglySo look I usually love William Sleator but when I read this last night I was horrified and not in the good way Rewind is the story of Peter an 11 year old boy who is killed by a car crash and is given the opportunity to return to a point in his life to try and alter his life such that he doesn't get hit It also turns out that he is adopted and that his adoptive parents are now expecting a bio baby Peter spends most of this book trying to convince his parents and himself that he is worthy of being lovedFirst and foremost holy victim blaming Batman Every facet of this book is geared to establish that Peter is wrong Peter's actions and feelings caused his demise Peter is to blame for all the bad things in his life Peter is ELEVEN GODDAMN YEARS OLD and is killed in turn by a speeding car by a DIFFERENT speeding car and then by a car that loses control hops the curb and RUNS HIM OVER ON A SIDEWALK Neither Peter's emotions nor actions caused these things Idiot drivers did It's incredibly troubling to me that this Juvenile Fiction has such a clear message of victim blaming as a central plotpointVictim blaming the second Peter's parents are one dimensional emotionally stunted horrible excuses for parents and for people They are utterly incapable of seeing the good in ANYTHING Peter does and give him completely conflicting mixed messages of what is expected of him leading to Peter basically having an 11 year old's crisis of how do I please these people and in pleasing them get them to show me that they love me His parents are either liars or simply acting and raising him in bad faith They provide him with cryptic flawed information and expectations and when he an eleven year old acts towards those goals he is punished His father at one point in the story uncharacteristically helps Peter and when the mother complains his father then BLAMES PETER FOR UPSETTING HIS MOTHER Even though it was the father that prompted and executed the upsetting actions WHAT THE SHIT PETER'S DAD NO WONDER YOUR KID DOUBTS YOUR DEVOTION TO HIM Protip don't toss your kids under the bus for your own actions Not in real life not as a trust exercise not as a metaphor Don't do itThere's a teeny tiny kernel of a good message in here they idea that you should learn your audience and try to craft messages that will resonate with them But it's so far buried in the protagonist being surrounded by emotionally abusive stunted cardboard cutouts of characters that I cannot recommend that ANYONE read this or god forbid let their kids read this

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Rstand him the school jock is out to get him and no one appreciates his own talents This may be his last chance can Peter cheat death or will he be lost forever I Love pretty much all books by William Sleator and this one looked very interesting so I had to try it This book is pretty short It only took 1 hour to read It starts out good in the beginning but it gets a little boringdull when you get farther into it But overall I liked it I would recomend it if you're looking for a good uick read

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Download Rewind Author William Sleator Doc ✓ 128 pages è William sleator Ç ➶ [Read] ➲ Rewind By William Sleator ➾ – When Peter is hit by a car he is given the ultimate do over go back to any point in time before that fateful moment and alter theIf he fails he will die again this time for good Now Peter's racing against time to save his own life but what should he change His adoptive parents don't unde Decent read I liked the idea of this kid being given the chance to prevent his own death I also like how he was able to see the ways that a change in his own attitude and behavior could influence others His ability to read the future seemed a bit of an odd distraction from Peter's main problems It seems a bit unbelievable that everyone would just forget about his prophetic abilities after the issue of his death is resolved