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READ Never Too Real 107 ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Never Too Real Author Carmen Rita – “Rita skillfully reveals the depth of her characters” New York Times bestselling author Jacueline SheehanIn Carmen Rita's savvy scandalous and wise new novel four close friends who've earned the b “Rita skillfully reveals the depth of hPper class family background until a revelation she never saw coming threatens to be the one legacy she can't afford Now all four women will have to face the truths that make them vulnerable and the failings that give them strength to discover who they really are and what real happiness means“The summer's smartest sexy beach readBut it's the love friendship and breathtaking honesty between these literary amigas that will stay with you long after the last delicious pages are done” New York Times bestselling author Veronica Chambers. A lot of people and happenings but a good and uick read Will definitely read the next one if I come across it

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Eer crashes and burns she's got to figure out which dream she wants to keep alive the most her own or someone else's Gorgeous venture capitalist Magda defied her traditional family to make her own way in her personal life and her career but an unexpected crisis could finally shatter her chance to resolve the past As a therapist sensitive supportive Gabi has all the answers But when her own world falls apart can she turn her compassion and her trademark tough love on herself And proud wealthy Luz thought she knew everything about her u. This is a light summer beach read It is a time of discovery for the four main characters Cat Magda Gabi and Luz These characters make for an enjoyable read There are some funny moments Some parts were rather challenging I received this book free from Goodreads Giveaways for a review

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Never Too Real“Rita skillfully reveals the depth of her characters” New York Times bestselling author Jacueline SheehanIn Carmen Rita's savvy scandalous and wise new novel four close friends who've earned the best of everything are forced to decide what they can afford to loseCat Magda Gabi and Luz They've helped each other up the ladder with unshakable encouragement and raw honesty since forever But lately trouble is throwing everything these formidable women thought they knew Never Too PDF or into doubt When outspoken Cat's high flying TV car. This review was originally posted on www125pagescom Never Too Real by Carmen Rita is one of those group friendship books Where everyone's life falls apart at just about the same time no one tells the others about said falling apart because they can handle it on their own and then they realize they cannot and turn to their friends which fixes almost everything The reason there are many books and movies and TV shows following the same plot is that it really does work At times you get frustrated with the characters but the bond they share is so great that it makes you overlook the If you just told someone they would help issue In this work four friends  Cat Magda Gabi and Luz are all powerful and proud women But then surprise surprise shit starts headed south with each of them Their carefully created veneers begin to crack and they may have to worry less about appearances and about just getting through the next dayI have read the plot of Never Too Real before But as I said in the first paragraph it works and that's why it's used I enjoyed the writing of Carmen Rita She was able to intertwine multiple story lines and characters in a believable way and have you root for them even when they are being just stupid I did have issues with the pacing There were a few unexpected time jumps back showing hoe the main characters met but it did not transition as a time jump It took me until the next chapter to figure out that we had just been in the past It did hinder my enjoyment as I was confused for a bit on what was going on The world built was sparse but that was okay as the attention was predominately in character development and their feelings and thought and less on locations There were some great emotions in this read Any book that centers on four women friends will be chock full of the feels and this did not disappoint The characters were half and half for me I loved two of them was meh about the third and disliked the fourth I understand they were all in times of flux but good lord the whining and self involvement of a few just turned me offNever Too Real was a good read but not a deep read Once I had the characters down and understood the lay of the land I knew exactly what would happen and I was right That did not really bother me as I enjoyed the writing style of Carmen Rita and did enjoy the emotional journey of the women This was a good book but not one I will return to in the future as I know I will have others with the same premise come around soon enough Favorite lines My American Dream does not live in that house in my dee luxe apartment in the sky I think I was chasing fulfillment through accomplishment But what if accomplishment true accomplishment was a result of fulfillment—happiness—instead of the other way around “Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” What if we were to do things that made us feel fulfilled which would make us better at what we do—which then brings about raises promotions recognition even that house Many of us who were the hope of our parents grow older and come face to face with a scary uestion Whom did I do this for Was this really for me Is it okay that it wasn’t Biggest cliché As long as appearances look fine so am I Have you read Never Too Real or added it to your TBRThis book was most likely received free from the publisherauthor in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review